Lucien's Children

By Arrwyn Cliona All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Drama


"Yes. The records at the convent confirmed what you told me. I've checked the address you gave and a Lucien Vagler does own the building, but it no longer looks the way you described. All the illustrated stonework is gone." "Still, rather foreboding, isn't it." She said in a tone that said she knew the answer. "As a matter of fact, I did find it to be rather foreboding, though I can't quite say why." "May I venture a guess, Doctor?" "Please." "You found the house foreboding because of the aura of evil that emanates from it. The two properties adjacent to the house are either empty or they also belong to Mr. Vagler and if they have tenants, you can be sure they are members of his coven." "Well, Mr. Vagler appears to be a reclusive financier, outrageously wealthy, He is, by himself, a Fortune One Thousand company." "He is a multi-billionaire, Doctor Cavenaugh, because if it has to do with greed, pain, war or causing suffering, in any way, he is involved." "That's a strong statement to make." "I have the freedom to say what I think to my therapist. I'd never publish a statement to that effect. No one would believe me,

Chapter 1: Bellview

“The surface against which I lay was hard as stone, but it wasn’t that cold. There was a thick smell of murky sweet incense in my nostrils. Somewhere above me, there was a discordant cacophony of music. I concentrated on it and could pick out riffs of AC/DC music and the pounding discipline of Wagner. Then I became mortally afraid.

“Now I could hear voices whispering. They came a little clearer, like they knew I could hear them now and they were chanting louder, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. But I’d heard it before and my fear deepened.

“I tried to wake up. I wanted to open my eyes, either in the dream or in the reality of my bedroom. I wanted to reach for my husband, but all my hands felt was stone.

“Then two lights appeared. Distant and dimly glowing. They moved toward me slowly in a cadence and sway that I knew they were the glowing eyes of some ... thing.

“The eyes came closer and closer. When it seemed they were five feet away and above me I became aware of a new scent and my fear was now choking me.

“Then the eyes lowered. They were only a foot or so above me and at my feet. I felt strong, too warm, soft hands caress my ankles and slowly, maddeningly, progress up my legs. On my thighs, the hands kneaded gently and sharp nails raked the tender inside of both thighs. I realized I was naked with these terrible grey feral eyes only inches above me.

“I felt warm breath against my pubic mound and I wanted to scream but my throat was frozen with fear. The breath trailed up my abdomen and I felt one of those strong, soft hands caress me from hip to hip across my damp, trembling, naked belly.

“A hot, terribly hot, tongue caressed, once, my left nipple then the right and I became aware of too warm, too smooth legs pressed against mine. The eyes were now above my face. I could feel the warmth of the breath in my face. It smelled of ... raw meat or blood.

“Those cold feral eyes looked into my soul and a deep throaty laugh began to drown out all sound. I felt a spot of burning hot softness touch my lower abdomen and slowly slide down toward my pubic hair.

“‘Angelique ... come to me.’ I heard that deep throaty laugh become words ...

“That’s where I wake up screaming. If Dan touches me, I go postal on him.”

“Do you know what the dream means, Angelique? What the meanings of the darkness, the stone and the chanting are?” Dr. Cavenaugh asked gently, of the deeply hypnotised patient.

“I know exactly what all of it means, doctor, and I have no more reason to be locked up in this place than would you. I’m not insane, Doctor.” Angelique replied with a weary tone.

“Then why are you here? Why does this recurring dream terrify you so?”

“Because it’s not a dream. I’m being summoned.”

“Who is summoning you?”

“Lucien Vagler.”

“Who is Lucien Vagler?”

“Not who, doctor, what.”

“Alright, what is Lucien Vagler.”

“He’s a demon in the flesh.”

“Why is he summoning you?”

“I don’t know. I don’t want to know.”

“Let me rephrase that same question.”

The psychiatrist moved uneasily on his chair and looked at the video camera behind the bed where Angelique Sacul was lying in the most severe restraints Bellevue hospital had. He was new to Angelique’s case.

The docket said she was a forty-six year old photojournalist. Had been very successful since she was in her twenties. She was married to Daniel Sacul, who owned a very successful dry cleaning establishment on Long Island and they had one, now grown, daughter and a grand child. A very well adjusted, normal family.

Then suddenly she changed, dramatically. She became paranoid and violent and hyper-religious. She was in Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital, now, because after waking up screaming in terror one night, this one hundred forty eight pound woman threw her six foot three, one hundred ninety seven pound husband across their bedroom from a sitting position. Then proceeded to rip her own body apart with her bare hands.

“What connection is there between you and this Lucien Vagler?” The doctor asked after rethinking his question.

“I’m the vehicle by which he came into mortal existence.”

“Then he is a young man looking for his mother?” The doctor was quite disturbed by the imagery of this concept.

“No. As the vehicle by which he came into the world, he has control of my soul. Not exactly his mother, doctor ... I don’t want to talk about him any more. He’ll hear and find me.”

The EEG attached to Angelique’s head began to click ominously. She was getting agitated, despite the drug induced hypnosis.

“Angelique, you’re safe here. He can’t find you here. You’re safe.” Cavenaugh tried to reinforce his hypnotic suggestion.

Suddenly most of the pins of the EEG went flat line and the pin which measured alpha wave activity began crossing the entire paper, crazily. This went on for a full minute. Then all the needles began moving in accordance with the “norm” of a fully conscious person. Dr. Cavenaugh looked at Angelique’s face.

She was looking back at him with the coldest, sanest eyes he’d ever encountered.

“The drugs have been overcome and the hypnosis broken, Doctor. Please get the electrodes off my face and loosen the restraints. My elbows are aching and my face itches.” Angelique asked calmly.

“How ... how did you do that? You’ve been pumped with enough Penathol to keep an elephant under for a week! How?”

Cavenaugh was beginning to feel the icy creeps that had driven three other analysts from this case.

“I don’t know, doctor. Perhaps it is Luke. He can’t get into my mind or my soul if it is drugged, so he’s cleaning them out.”

“Angelique, do you remember anything you said about him?” The doctor asked as he carefully pulled the probes off and gently scrubbed her face for her with his semi-rough hands.

“I remember everything we’ve just said, doctor. By the way ... how is Dan? Has he asked about me?” She asked calmly.

“Yes, he’s called every day. He sustained only two injuries. A cracked rib and a broken finger. He seems to want to protect you, Angelique, but doesn’t know how and won’t tell us.”

“He is trying to protect me and he also knows he can’t. If Luke wants me, he’ll get me no matter what anyone does.” She replied in a fatalistic calm.

Her calm was, somehow, very alarming to Cavenaugh.

“Angelique, I’m going to release some of the pressure on your arms, but I have enough sedative here to kill you, so if I even suspect you’re getting agitated again, you’re under the needle.” He said just a little too harshly.

“As long as I’m conscious, Doctor, I can control it. It’s the sleeping states that are the danger.”

“Alright ...” The doctor loosened the straps that kept the restraints tied to the bed. Angelique worked her elbows as best she could and shifted a little in the bed.

“You said Lucien Vagler was a demon, how do you mean that?”

“In the Biblical sense.” She replied calmly.

“Does he have horns, wings and a tail?”

Angelique smiled at the doctor’s naivete.

“That is not the Biblical image, doctor.”

“What is?”

“They appear as any other being except their eyes may be more feral. To be in the presence of a demon, allowing any of his demonic power to be evident, will cause mortal people all degree of discomfort from a vague guardedness to abject terror.”

“So were I to meet this Lucien Vagler, I would not know he was any different from an ordinary man if he chose to not reveal himself?”

“That is correct. The same with angels.”

“Do you believe angels walk the earth?”

“Doctor, if one allows that demons walk the earth, doesn’t it make sense that their counterpart do as well?”

“Yes, that would be logical.” The doctor said in a distracted tone, he was considering her words.

“Doctor ... what is your name, anyway?”


“Doctor Cavenaugh, I’m only dangerous when I’m not conscious. Can I please get up? I’ve been tied to this bed for three days. If you’re afraid, have Hanrahan stand inside.”

“I won’t work with that dolt around!” Cavenaugh hissed.

“I’m glad there’s someone else on this staff that agrees with me about that baboon.”

“Alright, I’ll let you unrestrained, but if I think you are getting agitated, you’re under again, understood?”

“Thank you.”

Cavenaugh heard the whole story of how, according to Angelique Carlyle Tischler Sacul, Lucien Vagler came into being. He was ashen white when she finished speaking. He gave her a cigarette and watched as she sat, curled around herself, enjoying it.

“Is ... is there any documentation to support your story?”

“The staff psychiatrist at the convent has sealed files on both Kelly and I.”

“What happened to your twin?”

“She became a cloistered nun. She spends all her waking hours in prayer and servitude to atone for my sin of collusion.”

“But from what you say, you can not be held to that. You were a victim not a conspirator.”

“Kelly doesn’t see it that way. Besides, she spends more time atoning for the sin of entrapment. She knew I’d come to her rescue. She was part of the plot.”

“Do you hate your sister for it?”

Angelique laughed lightly and tossed her matted auburn locks from her face.

“Heavens no! She’s my twin, Doctor. Kelly always was a little naive. She had no idea that the coven had the power it claimed or that I wasn’t as strong as she thinks I am. Kelly has always worshipped me a little.”

“Well, I have a lot to digest before we can proceed. What would you like to do now, Angelique?”

“I’d appreciate a bath and shampoo. The opportunity to eat sitting up like a normal adult.”

“I don’t know ... have you seen the videos of yourself?”

“No, but this is the first time since I was brought here that I’ve been fully conscious. And ... I’ve decided to stop fighting Luke. As I said, if he wants me, he’ll get me no matter where I am.”

“So you think that you can be unrestrained in a conscious state?”

“Yes. I would recommend the restrains or a rubber room when I fall asleep, though. I can’t be responsible for my subconscious reactions.”

Doctor Cavenaugh ordered her a shower, change of clothes and a decent meal. She was allowed writing paper and a felt tip pen, as well. When it was time to sleep, she sat quietly for a straight jacket and to be tied to the bed. The position was a little uncomfortable, but Angelique said it was better than spread-eagle, which was the body position of the dream and added to the psychosis.

Her next session with Dr. Cavenaugh was in his patient receiving room. She’d behaved herself for three days. Even to not having any violent episodes at sleep, so they let her up. Without the drugs, she was quite lucid, logical and seemed resigned to the routine of the hospital.

“Good morning, Doctor Cavenaugh. Have you had time to check into my story?” Angelique asked easily as she entered his office and sat down demurely.

“Yes. The records at the convent confirmed what you told me. I’ve checked the address you gave and a Lucien Vagler does own the building, but it no longer looks the way you described. All the illustrated stonework is gone. The house is now one huge featureless black block.”

“Still, rather foreboding, isn’t it.” She said in a tone that said she knew the answer.

“As a matter of fact, I did find it to be rather foreboding, though I can’t quite say why.”

“May I venture a guess, Doctor?”


“You found the house foreboding because of the aura of evil that emanates from it. The two properties adjacent to the house are either empty or they also belong to Mr. Vagler and if they have tenants, you can be sure they are members of his coven.”

“Well, Mr. Vagler appears to be a reclusive financier. He is outrageously wealthy, Mrs. Sacul. He is, by himself, a Fortune One Thousand company.”

“He is a multi-billionaire, Doctor Cavenaugh, because if it has to do with greed, pain, war or causing suffering, in any way, he is involved.”

“That’s a strong statement to make.”

“I have the freedom to say what I think to my therapist. I’d never publish a statement to that effect. No one would believe it, anyway. He’s one of the largest philanthropic contributors in this city. He can afford it, and it’s good for business.”

“You sound as if you know Mr. Vagler well.”

“Doctor, I’m a news magazine reporter. Wealthy men are news. I’ve watched Lucien Vagler since the first time he walked out of that hellhole. It was my way of keeping him away from me and my family.”

“By having your by-line on nearly every story written about him in the last twenty years?”

Angelique looked at the doctor with hard eyes for a moment then she leaned forward.

“Doctor, the night he let Kelly and I leave, I fell asleep in Dan’s car. At the edge of wakefulness, I saw his demonic face and he told me that as long as I was no threat to him, he’d leave me alone. How better for him to know I was no threat than for myself to be the source of most of his positive press? I know Doctor, I know by the evidence of my own eyes what kind of evil he can do. I know for a fact that ninety percent of the criminal allegations against him are true. I’m keeping myself alive and my family and Kelly safe by being his flag waver.”

Angelique delivered the speech levelly and with a relaxed body, but Cavenaugh saw the fear and hatred in her eyes.

“Well, ... what do you want to do now? Where do we go from here?” Cavenaugh said at length.

“First, you read and photocopy this letter, then put the copy in my file and mail the original.” Angelique handed her folded writing paper across Cavenaugh’s desk.

He read the letter. It was short and to the point.


I’m at Bellevue Hospital. It’s your sub-conscious summons that put me here. Come get me if you want me all that badly. I won’t fight ... yet.”

“What does this ‘yet’ mean?” Cavenaugh asked.

“I will do what I can to not resist him and I’ll do what I have to for the purpose of protecting innocent people, but once the world is clear and it’s his power against my will, all gloves are off.”

“He can’t take you out of here. Only your husband or I can release you. If this man is a threat to you, neither of us will allow that.” Cavenaugh tried to reassure her.

Angelique hung her head and shook it in an attitude of total dejection.

“Cavenaugh, you don’t understand.” Angelique began then raised her head to look at the psychiatrist.

Cavenaugh very quickly felt he wanted to be anywhere but sitting in front of this willowy red head with the penetrating sea green eyes and sad countenance.

“Open your drawer and take out the release papers, Cavenaugh.” Angelique said in a conversational tone. After a moment, she closed her eyes and sank into the chair, rubbing her temples as though she had a tremendous headache.

A deep shudder coursed through Cavenaugh’s body then he looked down at his violently trembling hands. On the center of the desk was a half filled out release form for Angelique, dated for today.

“Wha ... how ...” Cavenaugh looked with frightened eyes at Angelique.

She looked back from a face only death could make more passive. “Cavenaugh, if I can do it, having only been contaminated by his touch, how easily do you think Luke could just walk through here and get anything or anyone he wants?”

“Oh ... my ... God ...” Cavenaugh sank into himself.

After a very protracted silence, Cavenaugh spoke.

“Angelique, when was the last time you talked to a priest?”

Angelique was startled by the question.

“The day I walked out of the convent. I shook hands with Father Ryan and thanked him for his hospitality and his kindness then I turned on the shrink priest and told him to go to hell.”


“Because he didn’t believe me about Luke.”

“He believed the orgy and rituals but not about the demon?”

“That’s right. He was less credible than you. At least you have an open mind on the subject.”

Cavenaugh sat in silence a very long time. When he spoke he, again, startled Angelique.

“I am more than open-minded Angelique, I believe you. I believe every word you’ve told me is gospel truth.” His voice was trembling.

Angelique looked at him hard.

“Are you a religious man, doctor?”

“No, not ‘religious’, but spiritual, yes, very.”

“You have a gift of discernment, don’t you? That’s why you do this kind of work.”

“Yes.” Cavenaugh confessed and was startled that Angelique recognized it.

“Doctor Cavenaugh ... you’re sanity ... your life and possibly your soul are in danger.”

“I feel that too, Angelique, but before we can make a defense we need to know what he wants.”

Angelique sat back in her chair, relaxed, and smiled tightly.

“Then send the letter.”

The response arrived in two days. Cavenaugh received a phone call from Vagler.

“Doctor Cavenaugh, I know who Angelique Sacul is, she writes about me often, but I am puzzled by this letter. Why did you allow her to mail it?”

The voice speaking to Cavenaugh was deeply resonated and had a pleasant timbre. Cavenaugh could understand how the man could so easily influence others but Cavenaugh also felt something sinister.

“Mr. Vagler, she is convinced that something that happened between the two of you twenty one years ago is having an adverse affect on her now. Letting her mail that letter was a step toward alleviating her fear and helping her deal with it rationally.”

“I see. This letter implies that I have been summoning her, subconsciously. I don’t understand what she means.”

“Mr. Vagler, would you be willing to come to the hospital and work with me to help Mrs. Sacul?”

“Of course. I can’t have my best supporter incapacitated. Let me clear my calendar. When, tomorrow, would you like me to come in?”

“Two in the afternoon.”

“I’ll be there.”

When Cavenaugh hung up the phone, he had the distinct impression of having been doused with something very distasteful. He reported to Angelique about the call. He found her curled up in her bed and looking terrible.

“I knew he’d come. As soon as the two of you are alone together, tell him to cut the bull, that you know what he is.”

“Not on your life, Angelique! As long as he thinks he has to act normal in a public place, we still have control of the situation.”

“Whatever.” She replied with no conviction.

“What have you to report, Angelique? Brooks said you were very agitated last night and when she came into your room to take you to the showers, you were huddled in a corner instead of in bed. Do we need to resort to restraints again ... or is it something worse?”

“I hope not. ... I dreamed again.”

“Can you tell me, consciously?”

“No. I know that, consciously, I’m blocking something. There’s too many gaps in my remembrance, but my body is mortally afraid, so ...”

“I want to hear it. I want to try a slightly different technique of hypnotism.”

Angelique looked at him with almost hysterical eyes. “I’m not so sure about loosing control like that.”

“This way, you won’t loose control.”

She regarded him for a long time before she said quietly, “Whatever.”

Angelique was seated in a very comfortable chair, but she was heavily restrained in that chair. Even her head was tied down to keep her from tossing it around, possibly hurting herself.

Doctor Cavenaugh hypnotised her very deeply but gave her a very strong sense that she was fully conscious to both her surroundings and the “reality” of her dream. It took fifteen minutes to get her ready.

“Tell me about the dream you had last night, Angelique.”

“Firstly, I can see my body, but it seems to be far off. I’m lying in the center of a nine foot diameter circle, with my head, hands and feet roped down to the points of a Satanic pentagram. It’s the house ... Lucien’s house. The house where they ... where I was made the vessel for a demon. I’m in the temple under the stairs.

“It’s totally dark here. I can’t explain why I can see my body, because there is no light. Then the music begins. The body begins to writhe, trying to escape the bonds. From where I’m watching I see robed figures approach. They circle and chant. They begin touching my body sensuously.

“Now I’m not above it, but in my body. I can hear the chanting and the music. I can feel their caresses. They’re making me crazy with desire. I ... I know one pair of hands that are on me. I ... I remember them from somewhere ... no ... from before.”

Doctor Cavenaugh interrupts her recitation because she’s beginning to react to the dream, not just tell it.

“Angelique, you are remembering, not reliving. Keep control of the situation.” He reminded her gently.

She calms and then begins again.

“I know these. Actually, I know more than one pair of these hands. They must be the surviving members of the original coven. Anyway ... after a few minutes, tongues begin to assist the hands and I’m driven to orgasm time and again. I’m nearly senseless and exhausted when candle light flares up all around me. I’m surrounded in a nimbus of fire. The edge of the circle is a ring of fire. Then Lucien appears at the edge of the circle between my feet. He’s wearing a floor length cape which totally conceals his body. Nothing is showing but his head. He speaks.

“‘Angelique, you will renew your acquaintance with terror.’ He said ominously then swept past the ring of fire.

“I was no longer afraid, I was furious! I said ‘You bastard! You promised to leave me alone if I never threatened you. I’ve gone out of my way to make it easier. How dare you do this to me! Let me go, Luke!’

“’I can’t do that, Angelique. I find I actually need you. And ... Lucien lowered himself to his knees between my knees. ‘You have made yourself irresistible to me by being so kind to me. Really ... mother ... your loathing is offensive. You should have more regard for the product of your womb. Look on me, woman, I am magnificent!’ He sneered then dropped the cape to reveal his naked body.

“I have not set eyes on anything more of Lucien Vagler than his head and shoulders in twenty-one years. The sight of him frightened me because I knew what was going to happen, but I have to admit there was much to admire. When I last saw him, he appeared to be a lanky boy of twenty. Thin, but powerfully built. Now, with his fully mature body, he was still powerfully build, but more balanced. Lucien grew to about five feet and eleven inches in height and I’d guess he weighed about one hundred ninety pounds, not a spare ounce of it fat. All his muscles were very well defined. Very well ... especially his dick. God! ... His demon father possessed Szandor Vagler who was hung like a freakin’ pony. Perhaps Lucien inherited some genes from Szandor because he was just as big. I swear, Doctor Cavenaugh, Lucien Vagler’s penis must be seventeen inches long, erect, and at least seven inches in diameter.”

“My God! He’d rip any normal woman apart!” Cavenaugh breathed amazed.

“I’m sure he did. The actual pain I felt in the dream may have had a physiolocial affect. I was bloody when I showered this morning and everything around my pelvic cradle hurts, even now.”

“I’ll have Dr. Cassidy examine you when we’re done here. Go on with the dream, please. In as much detail as you can manage.”

“It gets gruesome here.”

“I think I can stand to hear it, Angelique, if you can stand to retell it.”

There was silence while Angelique geared up.

“Lucien stood and turned slowly so that I could see all of him in the bright yellow candle light. He was absolutely hairless except for the head. He wore a small tight goatee and moustache. His hair was straight and brushed back from a deep widow’s peak hairline to drape to the bottom of his shoulder blades. It is deep mahogany, but in the candle light, it had fiery red highlights.

“Lucien’s fingers are exceedingly long and slender. On a keyboard, he could probably play three octave cords with ease. The hands are actually outside for his body ... like his dick. He even lifted a foot and caressed my stomach with his long toes. His foot was perfectly formed except for the toes being too long.

After his little strut he spoke again. ‘You see, Angelique, I am not loathsome to touch. My body is perfection. Give in to me ...’ He said, then his tone became droning and hypnotic. ‘Give in to me ... you want this perfection to touch you ... to caress you in worship of the physical perfection of your own body.’

“As he spoke, he caressed himself and I felt it! Wherever his hands touched on his own body, I felt a corresponding gentle, but too warm, caress. I was terrified of him.

“‘No ... Luke ... please ... no more demon children ... please ... birthing you nearly killed me ... stop, Luke ... for the love of God, leave me alone!’ I screamed and tried to get away.

“That was the wrong thing to say. His eyes went from a deep shadowed grey to a feral blazing green. He sank slowly to his knees between my thighs, the glans of his penis barely brushing my pubic hair. He said, ‘That insult will cost you, Angelique. It is your bloody, dead god that caused this. I don’t have time to search out a new vessel. I know you can hold a demon child and I will make an army on you.’ He hissed then ran his too warm hands up my sides from just below my hips to my armpits, then down over my breasts, kneading them roughly, then down over my abdomen until he thrust one, then two, then three fingers in my cunt.

“I was screaming in terror of him. Then the chanting began again. Outside the circle, the coveners returned and were swaying and chanting their infernal demands for lust and abandon.

“Lucien leaned forward over my body and his burning hot tongue and lips began teasing my nipples while his maddening hand kept trying to overcome my fear and excite me. ... God help me ... I was succumbing.”

Cavenaugh gently interrupted her.

“Angelique, how long did it take to make you receptive?”

She thought a moment. “The conversion of dream time to real time would have been about fifteen minutes.”

Cavenaugh wrote in his notes then asked Angelique to continue.

“Between the chanting and Lucien’s expert excitation, he had me writhing in desire again. At a point where the chanting became staccato, Lucien’s fingers withdrew and I felt the massive burning glans of his penis touch me. I stiffened in terror, but Lucien began to nibble at my neck and shoulders, my own particular hyper sensitive erogenous zone. I couldn’t help it, I relaxed again. He penetrated quickly with a short, hard thrust. It hurt, a lot. But he lay still and continued to work on my neck and breasts, allowing me to forget the pain between my legs and respond to him.

“He kept a pattern of short thrusts between lavish attention to my neck, shoulders and breasts, kissing me deeply from time to time. I ... I accepted it all, I was so hot for him.

“Finally he began pumping. Pulling out and thrusting back in, slowly. I was so full of him, I felt every minute movement. I could feel his pulse rippling his dick when he rested. I came three times before he began pumping seriously. Don’t ask me how but by the time he finally rocked into me in release, I was taking all of him right up to the balls. His cum was like acid. It burned deep inside and down my ass and thighs, as it spilled out. He was scraping my spine with the last of his thrusts and there was no pleasure - none, at all for me, only pain and terror.”

Angelique quit talking and trembled fiercely.

“What’s the problem, Angelique? Tell me what you see.” Cavenaugh asked softly.

“This is what I couldn’t tell you, except under these conditions, I’m fighting coming completely awake and avoiding the vision again.”

“You are only retelling something you dreamed, Angelique. It is a memory, it can not harm you. Continue on. Tell me what you saw.” Cavenaugh reassured her.

“When Lucien released his passion, he apparently released the illusion of his humanity. I saw him. The fully demonic self.”

“What did you see, Angelique? You can tell me, it will make it less terrifying.” Cavenaugh pleaded, seeing in her rapid breathing and sweating temple the signs that she was coming out of the suggestion.

“He was fathered by Pan, the demon of lust, but lust is not Lucien’s vice.”

“Angelique, you can not be harmed by what you saw. You can not be harmed by telling me.” Cavenaugh reinforced again.

“I saw ... the perfect embodiment of the results of germ and chemical warfare.”

“What do you mean?”

Angelique shivered violently then sighed heavily as tears rolled down her cheeks. She opened her eyes and looked at Cavenaugh, the hypnosis broken.

“Doctor, Lucien Vagler is the rider of the green horse from Revelations - he is the demon who will bring pestilence and death. I saw him. I have looked on the face of the Destroyer’s captain and I’m still alive.”

Angelique was terrified beyond all reason. Dr. Cavenaugh was terrified for he knew, without a doubt, that Angelique spoke the truth.

“Angelique, you distrust the Roman church, right?”


“Do you distrust all clergymen?”

“No. I’m sure even the Roman church has men of true spirit and honor. ... Why ask these questions now?”

“Because you and I can’t fight this in our own authority.” Cavenaugh said, his voice trembling as much as his hands as he unstrapped her.

“No fuckin’ shit, Doc!” Angelique blurted, straining at her straps.

“If you don’t want to remain in a straight jacket for the rest of the day, get control of yourself, Angelique!” Cavenaugh hissed, planting his hand in the middle of her chest. But both of them were equally agitated.

“That son of a bitch intends to use my body to create his legions of hell. I don’t suppose he’ll create more than three or four female demons on me, but birthing him, alone, did me in. I was on a special intensive diet for eighteen months to regain my strength from him. If I’m forced to birth three or four of his kind, it will kill my body. What it will do to my sanity, only God knows.”

Cavenaugh stopped working on the straps at her arms and took her face in both his hands.

“Damned your body, Angelique, don’t you understand that your physical torture and death are not the point? It’s your soul he’s after. Do you realize that his release on the face of the earth means that three of the seven seals have already been broken? Angelique, Armageddon will be within our lifetime!”

“You’re hurting my face.” Angelique said in a very flat tone.

Cavenaugh released her face with a contrite expression. “Sorry. It’s just that I’m scared.”

There was a long silence during which Angelique studied him closely and Cavenaugh finished releasing her from restraint.

When Angelique was standing she turned to Cavenaugh.

“Doctor, if you weren’t afraid, I’d know I was a goner. If this doesn’t frighten the soul out of you, then either you don’t believe me, or you have no soul ... or ... you’re one of his.”

Cavenaugh’s first reaction was to be highly insulted, but then he realized the calm of her voice was deep shock and that Angelique was more frightened than he was. He let it go.

“We have to get you out of here before two tomorrow.”

“What about the Jesuit hospital in Rye?”

“What about it?”

“Doctor Cavenaugh, the Jesuit hospital is a psychiatric facility for those whose psychosis deals with religious issues. It would be perfect for my case. Once we’re out of Bellevue, we can go anywhere. Even there.”

“I don’t trust the Jesuits.”

“Neither do I, but they are the only Romans who still practice exorcism.”

“It’s a shot, just to get you out of Bellevue. We can’t fight him here. It’s too secular. We need holy ground.”

“Where can you find a cracker factory that’s holy ground?”

“I know exactly where I want to take you, but getting there will be tricky. First I want Cassidy to examine you. I want to see how much anatomical impact this ... dream, had.”

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