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By S. S Breary All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Thriller


Meet Mahki Charturr-Amoretto. As unusual as her name is, so is the person herself. Moving from one town to the next have never been this Complex, especially when the answer to many questions lies 300 miles away. With physical abnormalities and secrets she had no idea were being kept from her, she’s in for a surprise when revelations come bursting through the shadows. As unbelievable as it may seem, most things had been a facade and the lines of reality have never been more blurred. Follow her on her journey to unlock what was hidden, save what was lost, and find what had been buried inside her. Mahki’s life was no twilight but one thing was for certain though, the shadows are definitely among us. We just have to look a little closer to see it.


Rain poured down endlessly from the purple night sky. Billions of heavy droplets washed over the quiet streets of Silver Lake, a place where lost souls fall prey to the dangers that lurked behind every corner. Seventeen year old Lolita Ramirez was one of those victims, though she would never admit it. She was abandoned on the front doorsteps of an orphanage when she was but a few weeks old by a mother who was suppose to love her. Because of that. She found herself jumping from one abusive foster home to the next for most of her childhood. That was proof enough that no one gave a damn about her. She finally decided to run away three years prior after realizing that herself alone was the only person she could rely on. She would rather live on the streets than go back to a place of ill treatment from the very people who should’ve been protecting her.

Lolita stood silently in a dark alley, body soaked from head to toe. her back was pressed up against a cold brick wall as she stared into the eyes of the man who was once having his way with her. He was a tall middle aged Caucasian male around six feet and okay looking. He wasn’t nothing at all like the usual over weight, balled, and unattractive pitiful losers she was use to. This man would’ve probably been able to pull off a date with a decent looking woman if he could just clean himself up a bit, especially if he could get rid of the terrible scent of whiskey he brought along with him wherever he went.

“A pretty young thing like yourself sure do know what she’s doing,” he said, with a barely visible southern drawl. He smiled down at her approvingly, his huge frame hovering over her like a giant insect.

Lolita shrugged, forcing herself to return it. “Lots of practice, I guess. Not something I go around bragging about though.”

“I should hope not. How old are you anyway?”

“Don’t you think it’s a little too late to be curious about my age? She asked, pushing herself off the wall and fastening the button of her jeans. I mean we kind of just, you know.....did it.”

“It was just a question.”

“Yeah, well no offense, but it was a stupid question. I mean, do you really think------.”

Before she could finish her sentence, Lolita was greeted with a back handed slap to the face. It sent her slamming into the wall and falling to the cold wet pavement.

The blow was unexpected

She wasn’t one to be caught off guard so easily, especially in a situation like this where her clients became overly aggressive with her. It was something she was use to when low life pedophiles wanted to feel superior and in control. It’s as if showing a little masculinity towards a five feet two inches, one hundred and five pound teenage girl was going to make them any less of a man than they already were. Still, the fact that she was use to this kind of mistreatment from people in her past made her job a lot easier to tolerate.

“Watch your mouth, bitch, he growled, an angry expression forming on his face. “I asked you a question. There was no need to get all smart about it.”

Lolita nodded in agreement, spitting out blood onto the pavement. “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

The man grabbed her by a fistful of her wet curls. He pulled her to a standing position and shoved her back into the wall. his face was now inches away from hers.

“Damn right I’m right, he barked, letting his hand travel to her neck and curling his long fingers around her throat. He slowly lifted her small body a few inches off the ground. Once his grip tightened around her neck, she found herself struggling to breathe. I really don’t like doing this, but whores like you just don’t know when to show respect to other people.”

Lolita wanted to say something about how hypocritical he was considering the fact that he just screwed a minor. He was practically choking her to death. She couldn’t speak. The words we’re clogged in her throat by the lack of oxygen flowing through out her body.

Before the thoughts of this being the end of her life entered her mind, she conjured up enough energy and swung one of her legs in his groin. He dropped her immediately from the unbearable pain. His breath caught in his throat as he doubled over holding his crotch.

She gave herself sometime to regain her composure, unknowingly doing the same for her abuser. He leaped at her from behind. She wasn’t quick enough to dodge the punch aimed at her face so his fist connected with her nose. Heavy amounts of blood gushed from her nostrils from the impact, the red liquid mixing with the rain water.

“Let this be a lesson to you the next time I want your service again he warned. He lifting her head, staring her dead in the face before letting it fall back hard against the pavement. He picked himself up and stood over her for a moment, fishing around in his pocket for his wallet. He pulled it out, removing six twenty dollar bills and throwing it at Lolita. “You’re such a ---------.”

“I really doubt you’ll be getting her service again for more reasons than one.”

The man spun around to the sound of another voice. He was surprised to find a guy, not much older than the young girl standing in front of him. With a scoff, he pushed the younger man back and pointed a finger at him. “Maybe you should get out of here and mind your own business, huh kid?”

“You really shouldn’t have done that.”

“Oh yeah? The man laughed as if the boy had said something funny. And why is that? What are you going to do about it?”

The boy didn’t answer his question. Instead a twisted grin found its way across his face. He removed a dagger with a silver handle from behind his back. Without warning, he plunged it into the man’s chest, right where his once beaten heart was.

The man’s eyes widen in pain, mouth slightly parted and fell to his knees. He stared at the boy who’s grin never left his face.

“I told you that you shouldn’t have done that, he said amusingly. Now I had to end your life a moment sooner than I intended to, which gives me little time to enjoy my supper.”

Lolita watched in horror as the boy’s human like face turned to that of a grotesque creature, like something you would find in a horror movie. He now had several more eyes all glowing red, pale scaly skin, a wide mouth with sharp teeth and giant black horns that curled down on either side at the top of his head. He could’ve been a creature from hell, maybe the devil himself.

She didn’t look away as he removed the blade from the man’s chest, his pointy green tongue sticking out to lick the blood from his weapon before returning it to it’s rightful place. As if in a trance, she stayed unblinking while the creature used his teeth to rip the man to pieces, the sound of flesh tearing as if it was only paper. Such a sight left Lolita trembling uncontrollably from terror rather than the icy cold rain beating against her skin. She pulled her knees against her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs.

“This can’t be happening to me, she told herself. This is all a horrible nightmare.”

“I’m afraid not my dear, said the creature, kneeling down next to her, blood covering most of his hideous face. This is very much real and you’re very much going to die. But don’t worry I won’t make it as painful as that man who just raped you. Think of what I did to him as a favor and a good bye to you. If I can apologize for anything, I will apologize for the way I acted during my feast. I normally don’t rush through it like that, but my food doesn’t taste as delicious when they are already dead before I feed. Do pardon my bad manners, will you?”

“Please. Please. I’m begging you. Don’t do this to me. Please, I don’t want to die. ”

“My favorite part. He chuckled. I love it when they beg. Makes this game all the more exciting.”

Lolita’s agonizing scream echoed through out the alley. As usual, there was no one there to save her.

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