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the secret killer 1

By mariosithhhh All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Action



Chapter 1

it was 1986 ayman smith was cleaning the cemetery morgue when suddenly a hand reached out of one the coffins and started to choke him. Ayman saw a body come with the coffin it was a killer with a meat cleaver.The killer took his meat cleaver and sliced ayman's head off.The killer open the door out of the morgue.Officer AL was at the cemetery investigating it."freeze man" said AL. the killer tried to kill but before he could a black van showed up from the cemetery."get in" said groundskeeper banks.The van drove off from the cemetery ."wow i'm glad i got there what's your name? "Groundskeeper banks now i'd like you to meet my friends:

officer David, Melissa Ott, and officer Michael."good to meet you Al welcome to the team" said David."hey banks after we kill the secret killer they're having Hawaiian special tonight"."Sure but we kill the secret killer.I gotta plan will lour the killer to the power plant with trail of paper on the bridge David will push him off and he'll fall in to the nuclear fluid said groundskeeper banks. the killer was on the way to the power plant when he saw some paper he kept following til he saw David in the power plant.David started to run his face turned blue his body was sweating he kept running and running til he reached the the end of the power plant bridge over the nuclear fluid the killer almost knocked down David but his hands were still hanging on the ledge his whole body with still sweating. David started to grab the killers leg he pulled and pulled til the killer fell in the nuclear fluid was gone (maybe...)

" good job David you killed him".Now lets eat that Hawaiian pizza. "alright time for some awesome pizza".
but killer was not yet defeated was still alive with a mutated arm.
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