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Family Reunion

By Ecaille13 All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Horror


The Segreto family is the common and uncommon wealthy family, what better moment than a family reunion to gather all of their tensions and secrets? However, every member has brought their own scheme, but most of them did not planned that something else invited themselves to the reunion, for better or for worse.

Chapter 1: An ill at ease dish

I watched my whole family, smiling softly at the sight of having all of them reunited around this old large table. The same table which greeted generations of Segreto, my brothers, sisters and parents were here, this picture brought me so much joy.

“I think I have enough food, now.” Grunted Oscar, my little brother, his plate full of different types of food, the entrée, the main course and the dessert were thankfully separated.

His older sister and also my twin sister, Alicia, completely ignored him and put her rests on his plate. “Oh great, what we will eat tomorrow? My foie gras?” Complained Oscar, as I lightly laughed, I always wanted to protect him even though he had our mom fiery personality.

Our father remained silent, analyzing all of us, it was different than me. I was just being sure that everyone was happy, but him, he was looking for our weaknesses. I tell you this, my father is a narcissist, maybe because of our wealth, but I think that he was always like that, only Alicia was a little bit like him. Of course it was harder for us, the boys. Me, I always tried to remain silent, only nodding the head, but without being his slave. My older brother, making me the middle child, Stanley, tried every time to impressed him, but always failed, I am not saying that Stanley was deadbeat, he is the best athlete in the family, I am saying that our father could never be satisfied. Then we have Oscar, he pities our father, he even does not consider this person to be his father, he always prefered our mom and it only worsens after our father remarried. Consequently, I was the only one paying enough attention to Oscar, he must be feeling lonely.

“So...” Finally hissed our father. “I heard you failed your recent wedding Edward, what happened to her?”

I gulped, before replying. “She committed suicide.” He knew the answer, he knew but asked even though.

“Oh, and how?” He insisted.

I wanted to punch him in the face, for what he did. For what he forced me to say about Melania. “She slit her wrists...”

Silence, thankfully, Stanley’s wife, Elenore, broke it. “I don’t want to cut this wonderfully morbid talking, but me and Stanley will go on honeymoon just after this reunion, a honeymoon in the Baham...”

“So your husband choose to go in the middle of the forest, in a remote manor, instead of going to a dream destination. It tells a lot about your devotion toward your wife, Stanley...” Cut, dry, our father.

Elenore was left breathless, she glared a little at Stanley as he faked a laugh to show how much of a good child he was. Father’s second wife, Tiffany, not really younger than him yet shallow. Oscar always called her “The Corn Snake Bitch” for being a snake without venom. Since the beginning of the evening, all she was doing was taking diet pills and putting blue blush on her face.

“Tiffany?” Asked, Alicia.

“Yeah?” Responded Tiffany, still looking at her round pocket mirror.

“How are you doing with dad?” She inquired.

Tiffany, thought a little, before focusing on her husband. “Hey, I just remember that I don’t like my necklace anymore, I want another one.”

Father smiled at her and they kissed, Oscar wanted to throw up as he looked away. All of a sudden, father walked away, blood dripping from his lower lip.

“Argh!” He yelled. “Your kiss was a little bit rough, don’t you think?!”

Tiffany stuttered, shocked to see blood sprinkling on her husband’s mouth. “This-his... It wasn’t me, s-ss...“.

Coughing and kneeling, Tiffany began to choke. We stood up and jolted as she fell, her skin turning blue, spitting blood.

Father rushed toward her, urging Stanley to call a doctor as he quickly took his phone. “They say that because of the storm and the dense forest, they can only come tomorrow.”

“You incompetent, she needs help now!” Father shouted.

Shocked by the scene, I notice something wrong with Tiffany’s pills, taking a handful of them, they were tickling my palm, as if they were moving by themselves. Whereas, Tiffany started to convulse and vomit blood. However, Tiffany cooled down, as she moaned in a high-pitched voice, almost shattering our glasses.

Stanley, confused, asked. “Is she having an orgasm?”

“Stanley, I think women generally doesn’t have their periods coming out of the mouth!” Screamed Alicia.

“My... My stomach. IT HURTS SO MUCH!” Wailed Tiffany, as our father lifted her dress so reveal her bloated belly. But it was strange, as if her inside was full of living warts.

Our father, had puke caressing his throat as he swallowed it. “Wh-what is that?”

Suddenly, her belly was ripped wide open as the room was filled by a huge hiss. Her stomach... Her stomach was flooded by snakes, I yelled as I felt a pain in my thumb, I looked at it and snakelet biting it. Slapping my palm, my eyes widened as I realized that the diet pills had hatched like eggshells, giving birth to snakes. Father walked away as the serpents crawled out of her corpse and gave him the answer to what bit his lip when a viper came out of her mouth. Winning back my composure, I pushed the snakelets, with a chair, toward Tiffany’s corpse and covered all of this with a tablecloth.

My father almost pushed me on the snakes as he shouted. “What are you doing?”

“She’s already dead! We have to kill the snakes before they kill more people!” I interrupted him, kind of satisfied to finally shut him down. I could see Oscar smiling as he helped me controlling the snakes.

“What do we do now? Tap dancing on the snakes?” Asked Oscar, happy with the idea of dancing on his wicked step-mother’s grave.

As we could not take the risk to set the house on fire, I grabbed a floor lamp and smashed the tablecloth with this. “Grab long and solid items, we have to make sure that these snakes are dead.”

Oscar grinned as he rushed to take a baseball bat and helped me. “I like your plan!”

Then, I was quickly joined by everyone apart our father, we watched the scene, frozen by the fear. When we finished, the tablecloth was covered in blood, was it more of Tiffany’s or the snake’s, who knew?

“Father.” I called him. “You were bitten by a snake, how are you feeling?” I inquired.

“I’m fine, leave me alone.” He coldly rejected.

Alicia walked between us and glared at him. “You’re not fine, I studied animals, you were bitten by a viper, a venomous snake.”

“GREAT! What do I do now?!” He angered as Alicia calm him down.

“Relax! Breathe. Breathe slowly in and out, in and out, don’t let the venom spread too quickly.” Insisted Alicia.

“Oh yeah! I saw a documentary about this! We have to disinfect the bite.” Noted Elenore.

Oscar came with soap and water, giving it to Alicia. “We’re gonna need a lot of soap to wash this tongue.”

I was expecting our father to shout at him, but he did not, he was afraid and a part of me liked that. Finally, he stopped screaming at us.

Alicia and me held him as we walked toward his bedroom. “We have to made him rest.” She informed.

“Oh! I know how to made New Age remedy for snake venom, Stanley, let’s go to the kitchen!” Elenore urged her husband.

“Wait wait! Don’t split up, it’s a terrible idea!” Screamed Oscar.

“We don’t have the choice, he had to rest.” I replied to Oscar as he prefered to follow Elenore and her husband.

I watched my two brothers running to the kitchen as Alicia called me. “Edward, stop glazing and help me!”
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