Where Darkness Lies

By Joseph David Green All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Fantasy


{UNDER REVISION} Every one hundred years a pilgrim born of Man and Demon must make a journey to the peak of the Craghorn Mountains to end the spreading darkness that consumes the land of Ferros. Elhym knows this tale. This is his only birthright. He is the child of a Mancy witch and an ancient demon. As a Half-Breed he is shunned by the humans around him, who spite his kind in fear, and at their hands he has suffered. But his suffering has made him strong, and with his old wounds he will walk through the darkened land. As the darkness returns and the land is slowly swallowed whole by its shadow, Elhym begins his pilgrimage towards the great mountains far to the north. To get there he must cross marshlands and fields, deserts and highlands. Eventually he will have to climb all the way to the summit of the mountain, all to find the source of the swallowing darkness. His journey will bare him against many perils, the likes of which most men would fall. But he must join his forefathers at the peak of the mountain if this ancient evil is to be halted once more. But there are questions on his mind: Is Ferros worth saving, and where does darkness truly lie?

Prologue: The Darkness of Ferros

Picture a world shrouded in darkness, a land overrun by shadow and swallowed by a blackened sea. It may be a stretch to consider such a world’s existence, but once, many thousands of years ago, this was a reality for the country of Ferros.

Far to the east, at the edge of a violent sea, sits a kingdom of flooded swamps, rolling hills, scorching desert and perilous mountainside. But more than this, Ferros is at the heart of the greatest source of darkness on the planet. At the peak of the Craghorn Mountains, within the looming caverns of the tallest mountain, lives a demon of darkness. With its reaching arms, this demon once attempted to coat the land of Ferros under a sky of shadow, and very nearly succeeded.

Its attempt was stopped by one being. A pilgrim imbued with the light of the sun god was sent to the mountains to vanquish the darkness at its source. He traversed the land of Ferros, surpassing the darkness at every foothold, until he reached the mountains themselves. There he found the demon, and there he sealed it away.

Unable to escape its prison, the demon perished, and the darkness it had founded shrivelled away under a solar eye. With the darkness now defeated, the pilgrim disappeared into history, leaving those they had saved to grow and prosper in a world now free from darkness.

But darkness never truly dies. All sources of light are forever shadowed by the darkness outside its glow, and that darkness patiently waits for the day that the light’s source finally fades away. Eventually the sun will grow dark, and that is when the darkness will choose to strike at Ferros once more.

…And a new pilgrim will make the journey to stop it.

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