The Mating Ball

By WriterKittie All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 6

Spencer’s P.O.V.

After Dastan and my parents talked for a while, Dastan finally said goodbye and led me to a room on the upper floor of the vampire castle.

“This is my room while we’re here; then, we’ll go back to your pack house and gather your things before returning to my castle where we’ll move into my parent’s room. My dad will be moving into my room,” Dastan explained.

“Okay,” I remarked, looking around the room.

“Did you bring anything to change into for after the ball?” Dastan asked.

I nodded. “Yeah; my suitcase is downstairs. You probably need to send for it,” I answered.

“Okay,” he said. He went silent for a minute before looking at me. “I just mind linked my second in command to bring it up.”

“Was he here to find his mate too?” I asked.

“Yeah; he didn’t find his mate though,” he answered.

“That’s too bad,” I remarked.

A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

“Prince Dastan, it’s me, your second in command!” A voice called.

“Come in Max,” Dastan called. The door opened to reveal a small boy tugging a suitcase that was much bigger than him.

“Oh my! You’re definitely not an angel,” I exclaimed, running over and taking the suitcase from him.

He shook his head. “My father is an angel. My mother was a fae,” he answered.

“You’re 14, aren’t you?” I asked.

He nodded. “Yes Your Majesty,” he answered, bowing slightly.

I gave Dastan a look. He sighed. “What have I told you about calling me that?” He asked.

“Oh! I only said that because I didn’t know her name!” Max replied sharply.

I began to laugh. “Call me Spencer,” I told him.

He bowed again. “Yes Spencer,” he replied.

I smiled. “Thank you for bringing me my bag,” I thanked him.

He nodded and turned to leave. “You’re quite welcome Spencer,” he responded, stepping out of the room and closing the door.

“Now; I hear that your cheetah wants to meet me,” Dastan purred from behind me as I opened my suitcase. “But first, I want to see you with your tail. I think you look absolutely sexy when you have the ears, teeth and eyes of your cheetah. I can only imagine what you’ll look like when you have the tail.”

I blushed. “Okay,” I said, pulling out a pair of old gym shorts and a ratty sports bra. “Let me change real quick.”

“Okay little one. I’ll be waiting, plus I need to change as well. There’s a bathroom in there if you want,” he told me.

“Thank you Dastan,” I said, before gliding into the bathroom. Once in, I unzipped my dress and stepped out of it, draping it over the tall counter. Then, I took off the uncomfortable strapless bra that I had been wearing and put on the sports bra. I used makeup wipes and wiped off all my makeup and took my hair out of its fancy bun. I took off my stilettos and picked up my old gym shorts. I extended a claw and ripped a hole where my tail would go. I carefully put the shorts on, guiding my tail through the hole and stepped out of the bathroom. When I did, two maids rushed in and took care of everything I had left in there.

“You look good enough to eat!” Dastan’s husky voice purred when he saw me. He was wearing a pair of gym shorts and a cut-off t-shirt.

I blushed a beet red and spun around slowly, showing him my tail. “So?”

“Absolutely delicious,” he told me, walking over and tugging on my tail gently.

My cheetah purred so loudly that it made me start to purr. She loved it when her mate petted her.

“Does your cheetah like that?” He asked, softly petting my head.

I decided to let my cheetah have partial control. She gladly took it and rubbed up against Dastan, purring all the while.

“Such a flirt,” Dastan marveled. He began rubbing my ears and that had my cheetah on her knees and rubbing her scent on his legs. “Interesting.”

A cheetah female will naturally submit to her mate, unless she is the older one of the couple. That was exactly what my cheetah was doing; she was showing Dastan that she completely submitted to him and that he was in charge.

“Shift for me, my beautiful cheetah,” Dastan told me.

I took back control. “May I take off my clothes? Werewolves might have mastered the whole shifting-without-ripping-their-clothes thing, but cheetahs haven’t,” I explained.

He nodded. “You can change in the closet or out here. I don’t mind either way.”

I made my way to the closet. Now, my cheetah wanted to strip in front of her mate to show that she trusted him completely, but I wasn’t completely comfortable with it yet. I trusted him, it’s just no one’s seen me naked yet.

I went into the closet and shut the door over, not shutting it completely so my cheetah could paw it open. I stripped and shifted, allowing the change to happen quickly. I pawed open the door and slipped out.

Dastan’s back was to me, so I went over and rubbed myself up against his leg, putting my scent all over him.

“Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!” Dastan breathed, turning around and seeing me.

Dastan’s P.O.V.

“You look good enough to eat!” I purred huskily when I saw my little mate dressed in an old pair of gym shorts and a ratty sports bra. She had taken off her makeup and took her hair down. She looked beautiful.

She blushed a beet red and spun around slowly, showing me her tail. “So?”

“Absolutely delicious,” I told her, walking over and tugging on her tail gently. It was definitely beautiful.

A purr came from Spencer’s chest. Interesting. I thought to myself. She must like that.

“Does your cheetah like that?” I asked, softly petting her head.

She must’ve let her cheetah have partial control because she began to rub against me, purring all the while.

“Such a flirt,” I marveled. I began rubbing her ears and that had Spencer on her knees and rubbing her scent on my legs. “Interesting.”

Her cheetah must feel like she has to submit to me. That’s nice.

“Shift for me, my beautiful cheetah,” I told her.

“May I take off my clothes? Werewolves might have mastered the whole shifting-without-ripping-their-clothes thing, but cheetahs haven’t,” she explained.

I nodded. “You can changed in the closet or out here. I don’t mind either way.”

Secretly, I hoped that she would change out here, but she didn’t. She went into the closet. I turned around and mindlinked a friend of mine who also had a cheetah as his mate. He would know some of the answers to the questions I had.

All of the sudden, I felt something rub up against my legs.

“Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!” I breathed, turning around and seeing a sleek cheetah. I reached down and ran my hand along her back, causing her to purr loudly.

I chuckled and continued to pet her. She was a tiny little thing; only the size of a regular cheetah. Most cheetahs I knew where at least the size of a horse. She was only the size of a regular cheetah.

I was rubbing her stomach when someone rapped on the door. “Stay there little one,” I told her.

She dropped to the ground and lay on her stomach.

I opened the door and saw my dad standing there.

“What’s up Dad?” I asked.

“Your mother has been giving the vampire guards trouble. I broke my bond with her and I think you should deport her immediately,” he told me.

I took a closer look at Dad. I could see tear stains on his cheeks and his eyes were red and puffy, as sure sign that he had been crying. “Okay Dad. Why don’t you come in and meet Spencer’s cheetah.”

He nodded and sighed. “I’d like that. I’ll watch her for you if you want,” he said.

I shook my head. “I’ll mindlink Max to do it,” I told him, putting my arm around his shoulder and bringing him inside the room.

Spencer took one look at my dad and whined softly before going over and rubbing against Dad affectionately, showing that she felt for him.

“Good girl,” I mumbled, watching Dad smile and pet her.

You’ll regret this Mom. You hurt Dad; you hurt Spencer; you hurt me. You won’t hurt anyone anymore!

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