The Mating Ball

By WriterKittie All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 19

Spencer’s P.O.V.

Dastan has a brother?! When was I going to know? Was I going to know at all? These are the thoughts running through my head right now.

“Dominic, what are you doing back at the castle? You’re not supposed to be here for two more months,” Dastan exclaims, snapping his head up.

“Well, I heard that you found your mate at the Mating Ball, and I wanted to come introduce myself. Where is she…or is it a he?” Dominic asks.

“Dominic, meet my mate, Spencer Michalson,” Dastan introduces me proudly, motioning to me.

“I don’t see her,” Dominic murmurs. “Is he made up?”

I huff. I am not made up, nor am I a he! I exclaim indignantly.

My mate chuckles. “Well, first off, Spencer is a she. Secondly, she’s in her cheetah form and therefore is smaller than the island,” he explains.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” Dominic says, walking around the counter. He’s the spitting image of Derreck, though younger and a little bit scruffier. Dominic has short, spiky brown hair, green eyes and tan skin; his muscles are finely tuned, he’s tall (6’3”) and he’s wearing a nice suit. Dominic is Dastan’s polar opposite. While Dominic is dark haired, Dastan is fair haired. Dastan has short, spiky/wavy blond hair, green eyes and tan skin; his muscles are also finely tuned, he’s tall (6’7”) and he’s wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. “Hello, Spencer; I’m Dominic!”

Tell him I say hello! I tell Dastan.

Dastan chuckles. Okay. “She says hello.”

“Why doesn’t she shift back?” Dominic asks.

“She got scared and shifted; now she’s stuck,” he replies.


Well, maybe if you didn’t go booming throughout the house and scaring people, I could greet you in person… I mutter in a slightly pissed voice.

“Oh, well, more accurately, you scared her,” Dastan says.

Why did you tell him?! I screech, nipping Dastan’s leg.

“I’m sorry, Spencer; I didn’t mean to scare you. Please forgive me,” Dominic exclaims, bowing his head.

I walk over and nudge him. Tell him I said that I forgive him. I tell Dastan as I put my paw on Dominic’s thighs and rise up so I can nudge his head up. And tell him not to bow to me; we’re family now.

“Spencer says that she forgives you and says not to bow to her because you’re family now,” Dastan chuckles as he watches me.

Dominic watches me with amused eyes. “Thank you, Spencer. Now, why don’t we go on a tour?” He asks.

I shake my head and turn to Dastan. Is the food ready yet? I ask hopefully.

“Not yet, kitten. Sorry, Dominic, but I don’t think Spencer will go anywhere until she’s eaten,” Dastan chuckles. “C’mere, baby.”

I go over to my mate and rub against his legs, purring as I scent him again. How much longer?

“Probably about fifteen minutes,” he answers, kneeling down and rubbing behind my ears. “Max, are you okay?”

I look up and see Max staring at Dominic with a strange look on his face. I wonder… I trail off looking between the two.

You wonder what? Dastan asks.

I wonder if Max has found his mate… I answer.

“Max?! Where’s Max?” Dominic asks excitedly.

I snort and nod in Max’s direction, wanting to see Dominic’s reaction.

“Hi…Max…” Dominic breathes as soon as his eyes connect with the younger boy’s. “MINE!” He snarls, rushing over and taking the smaller boy into his arms.

“H-hi,” Max murmurs shyly waving up at Dominic, turning red as well.

“Hello, mate,” Dominic purrs. “You’re a tiny thing, aren’t you?”

“Well, I am a fae,” he says, his blush deepening.

I chuckle internally. Oh boy; Max is going to have a fun time corralling this one. I think. Is the food ready now? I ask Dastan.

He chuckles and looks at me as I look up at him. “You’re so eager for food, aren’t you, little one?” He continues absentmindedly stroking my ears. “To answer your question, yes, the food is almost done. Shall I put yours in a kitty bowl for you?” He bursts out laughing at his joke, but it actually offends me.

I narrow my eyes at him and move away, walking around the couple and using them as my shield. That was really offensive, Dastan. I say lowly, growling slightly.

“I’m s-sorry, kitten, but you got to admit, that was funny!” Dastan wheezes.

No it wasn’t. I can’t even believe him right now. Being treated like a common house pet, or even a wild animal in regards to how we eat, bathe, go to the bathroom, etc, is extremely offensive. I know that if I compared him with a cherub, Dastan would get extremely offended. And now, he’s not taking me seriously. We were doing so good… I whisper to Sammy.

She sighs sadly. I know, Spence. I know.

“Dominic!? What are you doing here?” Derreck exclaims as he pads past me. “You aren’t due here until two months from now!”

Dominic breaks away from Max and turns to his dad. “Hey, Dad! I know, but I wanted to come meet Dastan’s mate!” He replies, walking over and embracing his father. “Where’s Mom?” The kitchen goes deathly silent and I immediately feel guilty that Dominic won’t have a chance to see his mother again, so I slink under the table and lay down with my head on my paws. “What? Did I say something wrong?”

“Dominic, Lucinda has been banished,” Max murmurs quietly, walking over and taking his hand.

“What? Why?!”

I whimper quietly at how upset he sounds. I feel terrible, Sammy.

I know, me too. She whispers.

“She disrespected Spencer and tried to set me up with an under-aged vampire! That’s treason!” Dastan booms. “So don’t get angry with me!”

“It was because she thought that Spencer couldn’t be Queen because she was just a commoner, wasn’t it?” Dominic asks quietly.

“It was,” Derreck murmurs sadly.

“It was that damn Rachel and Aunt Charmaine, wasn’t it?” Dominic exclaims angrily. “I told her not to hang out with them so much; that it’d corrupt her kind and loving nature and look what happened!”

“Hey, calm down, Dominic,” I hear Max whisper. “You’re going to scare Spencer.”

At the mention of my name, all conversations cease. “Speaking of Spencer, where is she?” Derreck asks. “I walked past her when I came in here, but now she’s gone.”

“She went under the table when you started talking about Lucinda,” Max replies. “She probably felt bad that she took Dominic’s mom away and he hasn’t seen her in a while.”

Well thanks for that, Max. I was hoping to stay hidden for a while longer.

“Kitten, come on out; Dominic isn’t mad at you,” Dastan coos, crouching down at the table after pulling a chair away and motioning for me to come out.

I shake my head and don’t move. No.

“Yeah, I’m not mad, Spencer,” Dominic tries, crouching down beside his brother.

I shake my head again and still don’t move. No.

Max gets down on his hands and knees and crawls under the table till he’s sitting in front of me. “Hey, Spence; mind if I sit here?” He asks, softly petting my head.

I shake my head and watch him. He better not try anything!

“None of us blame you for Lucinda’s banishment, Spence. We blame Lucinda for being so coldhearted towards you,” he murmurs.

I lift my head from my paws and look at him, cocking my head to the side. I wish I could talk to you, Max. I sigh.

“You need to stop blaming yourself; please, my Queen. You’re hurting yourself, you’re hurting Derreck, you’re hurting Dominic, you’re hurting me, and you’re especially hurting Dastan. Please forgive yourself, my Queen,” he whispers, cupping my face and leaning down so we’re nose to nose.

I whimper and lean forward so our noses are touching. I’m doing my best.

A smile breaks out on Max’s face. “Thank you, my Queen!”

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