Never say goodbye

By Nosherwan All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action


This story is about japanese boy whose name was Zoro. He was obsessed with the idea that the real world is cruel and alway live in Manga and anime world. He was not a social person. Suddenly one day due to his old friend Alice he was stuck in some supernatural problems.

The Beginning

It was the season of winter when two childhood best friend Zoro and Alice were saying good bye to each other as Zoro parents were shifting to another city. ”We will meet again sooner and I will came to see you all the time” Alice said in a sad way. “Yah! We will meet soon enough and then we will play as we used to” Zoro said. “So let’s promise that one day we will be together forever” Alice said and suddenly blush. “Fine for me” said Zoro. They both crosses their fingers and made that promise.

After six year Zoro a person who dislike the real world and used to live mostly in anime and manga. Now he is like cold hearted person due to some reason which he never share with anyone. He is like a boy how is not so much social with others and also have few friends in his high school. But even he don’t know that his life is going to take a kind of turning point which he will never forget.

In the school it was almost time for off. Zoro pick up his bag and as he was about to leave the room, someone call him. “Zoro wait please wait” said by Edward. As Edward is the only friend of Zoro in school and he is kind of a person who can easily stuck in some problem.

Edward was running towards Zoro and suddenly his foot came on a pencil and fell down right in front of Zoro. “Hello Edward what’s up?” said Zoro and leave the class as nothing happen, and poor Edward laying on the floor weeping as Zoro didn’t even try to help. POOR Edward

As Zoro was almost at the exit of school, again Edward was their waiting for Zoro. “Zoro I need your help” said Edward desperately.

“No way leave me alone I have no time for any stupidity” said Zoro in a rude way.

“Please some senior students have taken my bag and now they want to trade it with some yen behind Nagamai Mountain” said Edward.

“So what should I do about this” said Zoro

“Please come with if they do something I will be helpless” said Edward

“I know those senior, first they will give your bag in exchange of money and then they will kick your ass and toss you like a trash in trash bin” said Zoro in a calm way.

“What the crap are you saying, are you my friend or enemy” said Edward in a scared way

“Figure it out yourself” said Zoro

“I am begging you please” said Edward

“You know you are such a pain in the ass, ok fine I will go with you it’s like I have to skip my anime for a little time” said Zoro

“Thanks man you save me this time. Ok after we done those guys then dinners from me” said Edward in joy

“No thanks but those jerks already going to take some money from you so don’t push yourself” said Zoro

“So at straight nine o’clock at the back of Nagamai mountain” said Edward

“Fine ok” said Zoro and then he head back to his home.

As Zoro moves forward, at the top of tree a black shadow of a person appear

“Target has been lower in to the trap successfully, so what now?” said Shadow on a transmitter

“As what you always do” said by the person on the transmitter

“Yeah! I understand straight his head” said shadow

“We didn’t need any excuses, do you understand” said by the person on the transmitter

“You will not regret by assigning me this duty” said shadow

Then with a wind that shadow vanished in air.

As after dinner Zoro was about to leave “Zoro where are you going at this hour of night?” said Zoro’s mother

“Edward and me are going to have combine study for our test, I will be late so don’t wait for me” said Zoro

“Ok take care and don’t get involved in any kind of trouble ok and take care of girl whom you are taking on a date secretly” said Zoro’s mother while smiling in a curious way and went back to her room

“NOOO! It’s not what you think it is” said Zoro in an annoyed way

And then he left home

Zoro arrive at the back side of Nagamai Mountain and in front of the temple. It was pitch black and nothing can been seen properly. Then Zoro meet Edward where they meet those senior students, they were four. “Did you got the money” said by one of the student

“Yes and give me my bag already” said Edward

“How is that other punk” said one the student

“He is my friend Zoro” Said Edward

As they trade from the bag with money Zoro ask Edward

“What really so much important in that bag”

“Nothing but just my secret” said Edward

When both of them were going to went back home, suddenly a strong wind started to blow. It was too intense that even the trees were came out from their roots and toss away like some toys. Then suddenly a lightning strike on the ground. Then the same shadow person appear in front of Edward and Zoro.

“Zoro my name is Elizabeth the finisher and I used to finish my all task which is assign to me, and my today assignment is to eliminate you and remove you existence from this world” said shadow person

She looks like a women with blue killer eyes, with a sword on her back. She was wearing a black cloak like a death reaper with gray long hair. Those senior students ran away and now on the battle ground only Zoro and Edward and that assassin were there.

Zoro was so shocked that he was not even able to move a single step

“What do you want from me? Why do you want to kill me?” said Zoro in a tense way

“There is no reason for hiding as soon you going to be dead so” said Elizabeth.

As Elizabeth move towards Zoro with her long sword to kill him suddenly a yellow flash came in front of Zoro and save him from her finishing blow. Due to the collision of both there was a big smoke spread everywhere due to which Zoro was unable to see who save him.

As the dust settles down Zoro was shocked see that the yellow flash who save him was none other than Edward. But now his appearance was way more different from the before. He was carrying a Kobudo and he was wearing a yellow shirt with many different sign and some Japanese written on his arms.

Zoro can’t believe on his own two eyes when he saw Edward in that way. “Don’t worry your safe now, maybe time to repay those favor which you gave me once” said Edward. “So the yellow king has decided to show up” said Elizabeth. “Yah! It’s me, actually I was being tired up hidden in that human form and also can’t see my best friend died like this” said Edward


Zoro give a flying kick to Edward and Edward was on the ground again. “What the hell is your problem you half minded idiot, is this is the way how you treat a person who just safe your life you dump ass” said Edward in anger. “No this is for hiding your true identity from me you moron” said Zoro. “I will tell you all about everything as we are finished here” said Edward

But when Edward turn his head Elizabeth was not there. “Where is that dam assassin? Oh at my back” said Edward

“Too late” said Elizabeth hiding behind the trees


She gave Edward a kick on his head due to which he fainted

“Noooo! Edward” said Zoro

“Now it’s your turn” said Elizabeth to Zoro. After saying those words she take his sword out ran towards Zoro. Zoro also ran helplessly. “You still didn’t tell me why you are after me?” said Zoro while running. “Because you are having the other half of Divine weapon inside you. Alice is already captured,who was having the first half of Divine weapon, and now it’s your turn” said Elizabeth

As Zoro heard the name of Alice, he was like just stop at one place just like he was stuck in time. “Now your mine” said Elizabeth.

“Moron run why are you standing still” said Edward while dragging his body on ground to save Zoro


Elizabeth stab Zoro on his stomach and sword came out from the other side of Zoro body.

“Noooooooo” Edward shouted

“Your are done Zoro” said Elizabeth

“Maybe this is the end” said Zoro hardly and fall. His whole body was covered with blood, and then he fainted.

In Zoro unconsciousness he saw himself in dark place alone laying on the ground.

“It’s too much dark over hare, where am I?” said Zoro and his voice echo’s

“I didn’t feel anything may be I am dead, but no I can’t be dead now, I have to save Edward and also what she was talking about Alice, I want to know dam it” said Zoro to himself.

Suddenly a light came in front of Zoro. “Do you want to live” said light. His voice was like an old person

“Yes of course I do” said Zoro

“Do you want to became more powerful and save your friends” said light

“Yes I do, I want to protect my friends” said Zoro

“Ok then my boy I am going to unlock the secret seal now it’s your job how you use your power” said the light

Suddenly everything started to light up everywhere.

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