Tales of Aranea: Of Frost and Ash | Part I

By Amily Cabelaris All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Drama


"They survived the frost. What will they do when everything turns to ash?"



Hello, and thanks for taking a look at my book in its embryonic stage! With help from an accomplished professional, I have undertaken the grueling process of editing this book. I've made some great changes, but those will only be available in the soon-to-be-published copy. I'll be moving on to publishing and marketing very soon. If you're interested in the much-improved version of Evelyn's harrowing story, follow my twitter, @amcabelaris, where I'll be tweeting updates on this complicated journey. The book will hopefully be available to purchase very soon, along with Kindle and Audiobook versions.

Of course, you're free to read this version as well. In the future, it might be fun to compare/contrast both copies.

Thanks so much for your interest, and have a fantastic day!

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