Courting Death | Book 3

By aurora yeo All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


She had honest to god tried so hard as to stay out of harm's way. However, Addison's new found friendship with Death himself was enough to force her to make the worst decision of her life: Jump in front of a poisonous dart that could kill off an immortal god-like being just so she could protect the cynical spirit she had fallen in love with. Now stuck in the underworld of hell itself, Addison needs to find her way back to the land of the living. With only one of her best friends, Minnie Hoover, as a companion through this deadly (not so much for her since she's already stone cold dead) mission, as well as the said spirit by her side, the blonde stunner has five days to find her way back to life before she would be shipped off into the reincarnation system. And thus losing herself, and her friends, forever. How hard could it be? After all, Addison didn't need to worry about being stabbed in the back again (in every sense of the word). Perhaps all it takes is the one thing she tried to avoid from the beginning. A kiss from death himself.


LUCIUS MADE SMOOTH calming strokes across the blessed grounds of Heaven, his feet seemingly gliding across the pavement as if all was right in the world. Given, the man walked with a purpose that was unrivaled through many centuries. He wore a confidence in which most could only envy.

Knowing fully well that the dead body of his (once) right-hand-man was still in his study room, Lucius still did not show an ounce of remorse. Not a single twitch that could give away a possible sign of guilt, and the angels who dared to sneak a look at him only shivered in fear and silent disgust. The man whose name meant of the light was nothing but a dark and deadly abyss, sucking everything good and pure away from the world in which the living dwell in.

After all, that was what he had tried to do with Addison Pilediah. A sweet young girl that had died in his hands through all her lifetimes. All while under his supposed care.

“Angels!” Lucius cried out with his arms held wide, garnering the attention of nearby men and women. “It is time to strike back. They have caused the fall of many brothers and sisters. It is time they learned of their place in this world!”

In appearance, all the angels erupted into cheers and applause. Not all of them had agreed with Lucius, seeing that he had killed one of his own in the word of revenge. However, no one dared to oppose their leader. They’ve seen the consequences take place upon the unfortunate Jonah, and no one dared to meet the same fate; no one wanted to.

Taking down the realm of Hell had been something most angels had wanted. They agreed, though some for different reasons, that Death and his brothers were growing too strong to control. And in their books, those out of control will only seek to control others. By no means did the angels wish to become puppets, and so they submitted to an even crueler dictator.

“It is time we brought Death down. It is time we brought all of Hell down to burn! Mortals do not deserve the love of the almighty. So it’s time to take that love back!”

Seeing his fellow supporters’ overwhelming sign of support, Lucius beamed to himself, basking in the great glory of approval. That will always be the first step in a true win; gaining the foolish worship of others, be it by popularity or fear. He had finally done it. The plan was in motion after years upon years of plotting and scheming. Finally, it was possible to bring the great Death down.

He took a step away, retreating back the way he had arrived as the glorious afternoon sun basked against the rich grounds and plains. Colors were blooming in an effervescence, painting the world in an array of hues as flowers bloomed at every corner of the pavement. With all the brilliance in the world, Heaven could not look more beautiful. It was a good day for the angels and Lucius could feel it deep in his bones.

Stepping back into his home, Lucius slammed the door shut, locking it in place. Kicking the dirt off his shoes in an almost ritual-like manner, Lucius looked into the mirror placed by the door. He adjusted his hair, lightly combing a hand through it as he smiled at his own reflection.

‘How handsome,’ he thought to himself, smirking as he pulled at the collar of his top. An aristocratic man mimicked his movements in the reflection. White blond hair and aquamarine eyes, flashing a dashing debonair smile.

After the war, all of Hell was left in havoc. Bodies of the undead were strewn across the once magnificent plains that belonged in the lands of Hell, and this made Wilhelm’s heart shrink in dismay. The war in which his brothers had hoped to be evaded still brought itself to their doorstep, and once again, the life of a loved one was ripped away from their grasp.

Though Wilhelm himself had been the one to oversee many catastrophic events throughout history, nothing will ever hit home as painfully and closely like a war that had attacked his home and his friends.

When Calvin sunkenly made his way over, Wilhelm felt his heart sink further into the depths of despair as the image of a particular beautiful blonde girl flashed in his mind. “How is she?” He asked.

Calvin pursed his lips, eyebrows furrowed heavily as he sighed long and heavy. He took stance beside his brother, eyes scanning across their empire as a wave of sadness torrented across him. “How unfamiliar I am with failure and defeat,” he said. Turning over to face Wilhelm, his eyes darted before focusing on the red-headed king. “It’s not good, Will. Dimitri barely slowed down the process of her reincarnation. In less than a week, she will have to be reborn.”

Upon those words, Wilhelm’s eyes grew pained as he breathed in deeply. The strong metallic scent of blood enveloped the once clear skies, depicting the perfect scene of the aftermath of the war. The world was a dark dread, and Dimitri’s overwhelming sadness was obvious, even in the world of the living. Wisps of darkness seeped into the sky, streaming like banners into the world above as the clouds grew darker and heavier.

“Lucius will be back, brother. We have to prepare to fight.” Though it hurt, Wilhelm forced the words out of his mouth, squaring his back as his beautiful red and gold eyes grew hard set.

“Wilhelm, Addison’s life is in danger. The second she is reborn, both Dimitri and Fabian will not have the chance to ascend the throne in time. Lucius will end us all.” Fury raged in Calvin, causing the spirit to flare as his eyes gleamed a bright electric blue. It returned to his slightly duller original eye color, though his displeasure was still evident.

Wilhelm bit onto his lip. Out of so many years, Calvin had been the brother closest to him. They fought together even in years long before the start of humanity, and now arguing, he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of betrayal.

“In this time of crisis, Will, we have to stick together. Not as four kings, but four brothers.” Hope rushed into Wilhelm’s eyes as he turned to fully face his brother, jaw clenched. “Lucius no doubt will bring his angels back to this realm. If he does, we will bring hell to them.”

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