The Outcast

By Samantha R. Delancy All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi


Pain; Bitterness; Heartache; That's what Princess Kaydence has known all of her life. Yes, Princess. Instead of a charmed life of parties, pink dresses and spas all day, she's an outcast, a black sheep among her own family, among her own kind. A cat among the nightingales. A wolf among the sheep. A demon among the angels. It wasn't always like this. She used to be united with her family. Everyone loved her, especially the press until the demon magic manifested in her at age 10. From then, she's been an outcast. Everyone brands her as a filthy murderer. Her family is ashamed of her, fearing for their reputation. No one loves her. But Kaydence cannot escape: if she leaves the kingdom of Caea, she will be tortured, humiliated, and ridiculed. No, she can only live in Caea, where she is feared and seen as a murderer. At least she's safe. Kaydence has always believed the whispers that she's a dirty demon, until a encounter with another ridiculed demon changes everything. Kaydence believes the words about her, but will she finally stand up for herself and try to escape this life of hers? What will happen after that? Who can she trust? And in the end, will she truly be accepted?


was loved by everyone. The press, my beloved family, by my tutors and teachers, by the royal adults. A perfect angel, they said. Fit for the throne. I was adorably cute, nice to all, talented and polite. I was accepted, ordinary, or even unordinary, but in a good way.


Now I’m hated, by everyone. The tables have turned completely. No longer accepted, called a piece of trash, a disappointment, a witch. An outcast from my family, from every one in the palace.

It’s been 6 years, since this has started. Locked up in the castle I grew up in where I spent happy years in, locked up into the dungeon like a criminal, which everyone thought I was.

The press gave up on me and my delicious story after my parents fed them the story that I had been playing outside and drowned in the river, which was partly true.They even charmspeaked it, used a magic which makes the victim believe what the user says.

How did it change so fast?

Loved, Hated. Free, Imprisoned. Same, Different. Angel, Demon. Accepted, Outcast.


“Kaydence! Kaydence! Did you finish the book?” Charlotte, my twin sister trilled from where she sat down, flipping through a book.

“Yes, and you?” I politely responded, scribbling answers to the math assignment with my quill. “No, not yet. How’d you finish already? Wow, you really are awesome like everyone says!” Charlotte marveled. I blushed then look back down at the math assignment.

Charlotte scooted to look at my assignment then looks through the problems I’ve done. “Kaydence, you’re so fast! I’m jealous, I’m not that good at math.” I looked up.

“Charlotte, but you can speak almost any language! English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, almost every language, and pretty much fluently.” I assured her then looked back to my paper and continued to solve the problems.

There’s suddenly a strong smack noise. “Miss Charlotte, stop dallying and get back to work! This is work time, not social time.” It was Madame Elyse, our English, French and Math tutor, armed with a steel ruler, which she had just smacked Charlotte’s head with.

“I’m sorry, Madame. Please excuse me.” She responded sheepishly before scooting back to her seat and opening her book back. Madame gives her a curt nod before walking over to where I’ve just finished my math assignment and fanning it so the ink will dry.

Madame walked behind me and looked over my shoulder at the problems. “Good job, Miss Kaydence. Very quick, good. But are they correct?” Madame picks up the thick cardstock paper of the math assignment and scans through my problems.

“Oh my. They’re all correct. Excellent job, Miss Kaydence. You will be a educated and liberated Queen, one day. Now, have you finished your French homework and finished reading ‘How to kill a Mockingbird’?”

I nod. “Yes, Madame.” Madame looked surprised then nodded knowingly. “My star pupil in all my time teaching. Perfect. Go and run off and get some black tea and some lemon wedges, and do bring some for me.” I nodded then scurried off, my little heels tapping against the polished wooden floors.

That was what my life was like, fawned over like a little star. That wasn’t even the most part of it. You should have seen the parties where the adults cajoled me to perform some ballet or play violin. They always applauded and then the cameras suddenly showed up and had to take pictures of me.

Was it a good life? Was it a bad life? It depended on how you looked at it. At least I was accepted, by everyone.

But that changed with a single change, something that shattered my identity in half and changed it entirely, destroyed who I thought I was.

I was an angel.

But not after that day.

“Kaydence, Kaydence! Mother and Father, they’re going to dinner in the town. We can sneak out now!” Charlotte whispered to me as we were eating our delicious steak and assorted vegetables. I daintily stuffed a extra large mushroom into my mouth and chewed slowly, considering her words.

“Sure, I guess.” I murmured quietly. Charlotte squealed happily before cramming a giant piece of steak into her mouth and chewing it quickly, dripping the juices onto her muslin dress. It was a good thing that Lady Diana, our etiquette teacher hadn’t been there to see that very “unlady like behavior” as she would have said.

We continued to chew and eat in near silence, until we licked up the last bit of juice on the plates, ate the last piece of food and drank up every drop of water. “Let’s go, Kaydence!” Charlotte laughed excitedly. She was always an adventurer. I was too, but I enjoyed staying in one place too.

We left the table, leaving the plates behind for the maids to pick up and we began to run around the palace while Charlotte’s giggles echoed around the grand halls. Our footsteps could be heard as we ran. We occasionally hid behind vases and under couches when we saw servants coming our way. When the coast was clear, we continued to run.

We ran toward a cellar. We had no interest in the cellar itself, but rather what was in it, a secret passageway outside. We checked the coast, and we entered the cellar. Pushed past barrels of dried meat and boxes of liquor, finally, we made it to the end of the long hallway of the cellar, and we pushed aside a bag of flour.

In my silk pockets were a box of stolen matches. I flicked a match and a ember of fire lit up the dark cellar. Charlotte looked for the secret passageway. When she found it, Charlotte motioned to the me. I nodded, and pried the loose tile of the cellar off, revealing the secret exit, a tunnel outside.

We slipped through easily though we were donned in silky voluminous skirts. Knee over knee through the dark damp tunnel. We crawled on their knees until they reached the end of the tunnel and stood up to climb up. I wriggled out of the tunnel first and then helped Charlotte up next. We grinned and ran toward the river, free.

Life as a Princess was good, at least that’s what everyone thought. It was good, better than my life now. But it doesn’t matter if you are the Empress of the World, or a peasant, you will have trouble in life, because life is cruel.

Ours was that our parents were strict and demanded perfection from us. We knew it was for a good cause; our parents wanted good angel queens to rule the land of Caea, the land of angels, purity, and jewels, gold, riches, and to continue the opposition of Orea, the total opposite of Caea, land of demons. I was in line for the throne, since I was older, but in case something happened to me, Charlotte was also educated, like a back up. Our parents had such high standards, no matter how hard we tried, they never measured up entirely. Even I couldn’t. In a way, life as a princess was good and bad at the same time, but aren’t all lives like that?

This was our freedom. To escape the palace and rough house by the river. If anyone found out, whether it was our tutors or the press, or God forbid, our parents, who knew what would happen. We’d be kept under close watch, almost imprisoned, and forced to work work work. I could deal with that, but Charlotte couldn’t. If I was punished, she would surely be too. So it was for her sake that I tried to keep everything a secret.

Though we had fun, it was dangerous. Other than someone finding out, we could be attacked at any time. Along with the roughhousing they did, it put us in quite a unsafe position. But we didn’t care, and time after time, played with our luck.

Every time we went to the river, we jumped across the river rocks, which were slippery and sharp, so a fall would be fatal. But we did it anyway. It gave us a thrill, feeling like we could fly. Like we were free, which we weren’t.

What happened was much, much, worse than death, than death could ever be.

I didn’t like it too much, being the sensible one, but it was fun and if I was ever hesitant, Charlotte always cajoled her into it. Today wasn’t any different. “Come one, sis, do it! Jump across! I’ll go first!” Charlotte urged, before taking a running start and gracefully hopped over the rocks.

I grimaced, indecisive. I’d never slipped before. Why should things change? I inhaled deeply, then leaped over the first rock. My toes grazed the slippery surface and I easily landed before launching back into the air. I landed safely and jumped again. I could hear Charlotte cheering her from the other side of the bank as I jumped over every rock. When I reached the last one, so close to safety, I jumped into the air then. . . huh? My legs and entire body went numb. My vision was tinged with red and black, crawling up the edges of my vision, until it covered everything.

As soon as it came, the tinges of red and black, it was gone. By then I was already crashing down. I could hear Charlotte’s choked wailing, growing quieter and quieter as I fell into the fast flowing rapids, making a giant splash as my entire limp body dropped like a stone into the water. I was tossed around like a rag doll, the water mercilessly dunking me up and down in a crazy merry go round. All the while I struggled to get to air, my arms clawing against the tide, my legs thrashed against the force of the currents.

I fought hard, of course. But nothing was going to be enough, to be able to fight the current, to swim to the shore and pull myself up. And so I fought, I fought, but it was a hopeless situation. Charlotte couldn’t help me, wouldn’t if she valued her life. She did.

I gave up. Let go. Looking back, I wished that I fought more, but now I know that even if I fought, I wouldn’t have escaped this cruel fate.

The current slammed me into a sharp rock with such force that most of my bones shattered. Everything went numb. My vision went dark and my head went blank, and the sounds of the rushing water, Charlotte’s choked screaming, and the tiredness in my body disappeared.

And so did the normal life I had.

I saw Kaydence’s head slam into one of the wicked looking rock, then disappear under the water and bob to surface over and over like a buoy in the sea. Her eyes were closed and blood streamed from multiple wounds. I stared at her limp body, floating in the river. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t blink. I couldn’t even breath.

Then something connects in my shattered mind, and I remembers in the summer the rapids are deadly. My sister would be washed away. If she was dead, at least we should have a funeral with a body. Don’t ask why I was thinking that way, my thoughts were scattered into a million places.

“Kaydence!” I screeched, running as fast as I could to where Kaydence’s limb body was being washed away. Until I catch up and grab onto her arm and pull as hard as I could.

I dragged her to solid ground and tried to get her to stir. She didn’t. I tried to feel her pulse. Thankfully, her heart was still beating. Just unconscious, not dead, like I’d thought she’d been. Bones were broken and poking through her skin, her breathing was shallow, things that were gruesome and disgusting but nothing that was impossible to reverse. But what other damage could have been done?

I had to get her home. But how? It’s already hard enough to get across the river. Dragging my sister across was impossible. That was ignoring the fact that my parents forbid us from sneaking out. How could I sneak in while trying to conceal both of us, not to mention that one of us was unconscious and possibly dying?

It was hopeless. My sister might die, and it was my fault. I’d made her go across. I would have to help her and own up to my own actions. With no options, I left her on the bank and leap back, over the rocks onto the bank we’d started on and ran into the dark woods. Foolishly, I screamed into the woods, my voice shrill and high pitched. I’d been taught under no circumstance do you go into the woods and scream into it. But I was desperate. Wouldn’t have you done the same?

I ran forward, deeper and deeper into the forest until I didn’t know where I’d walked in or where was north. I couldn’t even see the sky because the tall towering tops of the many trees made a dark canopy over the afternoon sky.

I was lost, and the pressure of being lost, Kaydence who was probably dying, and trying to get home without being caught just broke me in half. I fell to my knees and burst into tears, my hands covering my face, my sobs echoing around the empty forest.

It wasn’t as empty as I thought it was.

In the dark haze of the forest, you could hear nothing. But I sensed something. Before I knew it, the something I had sensed was next to me. There was a snap noise then a match lit up the darkness.

It was a boy, around my age, ten years old. He wasn’t a Caean citizen, since his hair was black as the raven’s wing and his eyes were the color of chocolate. He looked at me, with tears coming out of my eyes and the sheer hopelessness in pupils.

“Who are you?” He asked, his voice carrying a slight Oreaian accent, and I freeze and whimper. He looked innocent enough, but I knew that he could turn into a monster. My parents have told me about the Oreans, barbarians, they called them. Orea was the country of demons. What would a demon boy be doing here?

“Excuse me? Caea girl? Why are you here. . . um, and why are you crying?” He asks again, stepping closer to me, until he’s touching me. He pats me on the back awkwardly, almost like he’s comforting me. But I don’t want comfort, at least not from a demon.

“Don’t get near me!” I say, scrambling up and hurriedly brushing the tears out of my eyes. I try to run away, but I end up stumbling away clumsily before landing back on my knees.

He laughs, mischievously, amused at my antics. “I have no intention of hurting you. Why would I? You haven’t tried to kill me, you haven’t done anything bad to me, so why would I? Who are you?”

“I’m the Princess of Caea, Princess Charlotte.”

“Are you daughter of King Trinity and Queen Melanie?” He asks.

I nod, not expecting what happens next.

The change that happens to him is terrifying. His eyes change from the brown color and melt into a red color. His friendly and childish expression morphs into a disgusted and malicious sneer. I cringe back, knowing that his previous words were a big fat lie. “I have no intention of hurting you”, my foot.

As soon as that terrifying face appeared, it disappears in a blink of a eye, melted away back into the kind and mischievous face. Was I actually going insane from the shock of Kaydence slamming her head onto a rock?

“Why would a Caean come here, no less, the Princess?”

I gulp, fearing that his terrifying face will be back again and he’ll lunge at me and rip me open. Forget my parents finding out from him, my biggest fear is that this is the last day I’ll be alive.

“We came here to play. My sister slipped on the rocks and hit her head. Why are YOU here?”

The boy looks at me strangely, quizzically, like he couldn’t believe that I just said that. “The stream marks the border between Orea and Caea. This forest is in Orea territory so you’re technically on Oreaian territory. You are the trespasser. Being the Princess, shouldn’t you know that?”

I blush. “I’ve never been good at geography, that’s my sister’s specialty.”

The boy raises an eyebrow, then sighs. “You need help don’t you? You want to return to the castle with your dying sister, correct?”

I don’t question how he knows, but nod quickly. “Yes. Please, unharmed and quickly.”

The boy thinks for a moment and then nods. “I’ll help you. For a price.”

I gulp, knowing that he was eventually going to ask for that. “Are you going to take my soul like the filthy demon you are?”

His expression turns back to the terrifying one. “Do you want me to help or not?”

I wince, and cower in fear. Not to mention that his voice has changed to a metallic screech. “I sorry, I’m sorry. Yes, but what is the price?”

The boy’s face brightens back up, and it scares me how fast his face changes. “A kiss.”

I nearly pass out, like my sister is right now. My parents taught me to run from demons, and now I have to kiss one of them. It’s for the best. It’s your fault that Kaydence hit her head, so own up to your own actions, I tell myself.

I lean in and he kisses me and I’m surprised at how soft and pillow-like they are. I draw back and the demon boy smirks. “Alright. I’ll teleport you back. Do not speak of this. I hope your sister will survive.” The boy raises his hand, and a red sphere appears, crackling with black lightning, in his cupped hand. He smiles, then blows the match out and the red sphere, still glowing, before I know it is flying at me and slams into me, enveloping me in a static of black lightning.

Everything’s dark before I blink and we’ve, yes, WE’VE, the sphere managed to find Kaydence though I never told the boy where Kaydence was or even what she looked like, we’ve teleported into the front of the palace, with me carrying Kaydence bridal style. At least we’re safe, nothing hurts.

There’s guards standing in front of the giant ornate front gate to the castle. So much for sneaking in. The guards recognize me, and Kaydence. The guards shout loudly, “The princesses! We found them!”

Almost instantly, the doors burst open, the doctor, Dr. Smith and my parents rush out, their faces full of worry and is that anger I see? Should have expected that.

“CHARLOTTE!” My mother screeches, her arms outstretched. I let Kaydence drop onto the floor, and I run into her arms. I hug her tight and inhale her familiar scent, the smell of her La Vie en Rose perfume. There’s a cough noise behind us and I pull myself away from my mother.

“What happened?” Dr. Smith asks, awkwardly, from interrupting our little family moment.

I gulp. “We were playing and Kaydence slipped and hit her head.”

Mother and Father don’t look convinced but they don’t pry. They’ll do that later after.

Dr. Smith examines Kaydence’s limp body. He checks her pulse and looks at her head, where a welt was forming and her shattered bones. “I think she’ll be alright. She’ll wake up within days. In the meantime, bring her to her room and I’ll treat her for her broken bones.”

Mother and Father call for maids, and two rush out to pick up Kaydence. They pick her up and whisk her away. My parents turn to me and my stomach drops. The inevitable. . .

“You are grounded for playing by the river.” My father sternly told me. “Go to your room and reflect on your action and take care of Kaydence.”

I obeyed. I already know they’ve found out. I’ve never been a good liar. I walk up the winding staircase and enter my room, where Kaydence is already tucked in her bed. I pull up a chair next to her and pray that she’ll survive, which I’m sure she will, but that no permanent damage to her body would have taken place.

No permanent damage to her body.

But something far worse.

After a recovery after smacking my head on a rock, I felt fine. Sure, I had a bad headache, and practically all of my bones were broken and I was immense pain while Dr. Smith was trying to put me back together but at least I hadn’t gone into a coma or died.

When I woke up, it was early morning and through the stained glass windows in my room I could see the rays of sun peeking through the window and the sound of the breeze blowing by greeted me.

I saw Charlotte sleeping on her bed on the other side of the room. Our parents probably made her watch after me and redress me, since I’m in a linen nightgown now and my old frilly dress was on the ground, discarded.

God, I’m was sore. Every inch of my body was covered in tight bandages. I stood up and slipped on my slippers to go to the bathroom because after getting smacked on the head, you totally somehow get a full bladder! I past the mirror on the wall on the way and instinctively looked at my reflection but was in for a huge shock. I stare at my reflection but doesn’t look anything like myself.

Instead of my typical golden blond curls that I loved to brush and light blue eyes that all of the royal adults fawned over, this stranger has light brown hair and blue eyes with patches of brown here and there, like a lake with clouds of mud How could this be? I slump to the ground, and cry.

The nightmare wasn’t done. My tears were coal black and inky, like squid ink but thicker... or even tar. It’s only a dream, just pinch yourself and close your eyes, I try to assure myself that it’s just a dream and I’m not going crazy.

I pinch my thigh over and over until I’ve given myself bruises but it’s not a dream. Am I going crazy? Am I the only one who’s seeing this? I stare at the reflection of a girl I don’t know. Who is she? She has blue eyes splotched with even more brown than before and hair that darkens before her eyes and black tears streaming down her face.

I stand up and stagger to my bed stand and I wipe my face with my handkerchief and climb back into my bed. I sob, my shoulders shaking and stain the bed sheets with those black tears. Eventually I stop, and I fall back asleep, weary and miserable, terrified and sore.

Something’s shaking me and calling to me. “Sis! What’s going on with your hair?” It’s Charlotte, standing next to my bed. I open my eyes and her jaw drops. “Your eyes! When I was watching Dr. Smith patch you up, he looked at your eyes and they weren’t like this!”

I groggily shake my head, tired from the deep sleep and walk to the mirror and gasp. Instead of the light brown I’d seen before, my hair has darkened to a dark brown, like chocolate. My eyes have now progressed to a kaleidoscope of blue and brown, and the amounts of brown is growing by every second. Whatever curse this is, it’s moving fast and taking over my body. It’s changing me, but what other horrid changes could be happening to me, that I can’t see?

“Uhhhhhhh, it’s a side effect of my fall. It’s okay.” I sheepishly grin, weaving a lie that Charlotte will never believe.

Charlotte stares at me, her hands and legs shaking. “Your teeth. They’re a wolf’s.” Charlotte runs out of the room, screaming. What is happening to me? How? And why? I feel a dizziness hit me, my vision, like before at the river before I slammed my head into a rock, is consumed by red and black until I can’t see anything around me. The red and black disappears, but then I black out.

“Wake up! Kaydence, wake up! You’ve been out for practically a day!” I hear Charlotte screech.

I fight my way back to consciousness, my body feeling like it was filled with lead. I force my eyes open and stare at Charlotte’s face above me. “Are you okay?” Charlotte asks, concerned.

I ignore her, stand up and look at myself in the mirror. My blond hair has darkened to raven black and my once blue eyes are now brown like chocolate. I stare at myself, and tears flow down my cheek. How could a change happen, not to mention how quickly it happened?

Charlotte runs over to comfort me, but draws back when she sees the charcoal black ink flow down my face. “What is going on with you?” She asks, her voice quivering in fear.

“I don’t know...” I respond, looking at the ceiling.

Charlotte stands up. “I’m getting Mother and Father. This could be bad. Wait here!” Charlotte opens the doors and scurries away. She says she’s getting our parents, but I know she just wants to get away from me, because of my terrifying change.

I get up, my tear ducts finally empty, and dig around under my bed for my history books. When I feel the leather cover of the book about the history of angels and demons by K.L.Yris, I grab it and pull it out. I wipe the dust off, and make sure no one’s watching.

My parents hate books by K.L.Yris, wanting me to read Ms. Carmen, the history tutor’s history books. I loved history a lot, but I hated those textbooks. Every single sentence in those damn books prattled about how terrible demons were and how one of the two original sisters who created Orea and Caea, was a demon and she killed her angel sister. It made me sick. I didn’t exactly like demons, but I didn’t hate them either, and my parents wanted me to hate them, with all of my heart. It forced me to pretend that I hated them.

On the other hand, K.L.Yris’ books were neutral and unbiased, and they told a totally different story than what Ms. Carmen’s boks told. They told that neither demons nor angels were at fault.That’s why my parents hated them. They wanted me to hate demons. But I didn’t. I actually was fascinated by them, and being that my parents didn’t allow us to travel to Orea, the land of demons and combined that they tried to make me hate them, they had unknowingly made me even more curious.

I flip through every page, looking for things about a change in your features. History often repeats itself, so maybe what’s happening to me happened in the past?

I didn’t expect such a horrendous truth to be thrown in my face.

It was on page 264, a page that I still flip to look at today.

The Princess’s Change In the year X4, the Princess of Caea at the time, Trueilla, was playing with her siblings. She fell down a cliff and was managed to be retrieved, and was unconscious for quite some time. She woke up, and found out her hair was darkening and also her eyes from the typical Caean colors. The change continued until she looked like one of the Oreans; however, the change was not only physical. She found she was thirsty every hour of the day and her temper began to spin downward. Her voice changed from silvery and melodic to a screeching metallic sound. Her teeth sharpened into sharp points. Eventually, the Princess attacked a innocent human and devoured him. The Princess was burned on the stake a few weeks later. A few decades later, the daughter of the leader of Yuni, a major city in Caea, second to the Capital, experienced the same thing. She was crushed by a wagon and went unconscious. When she awakened, she began to change until she attacked her mother and ate her. She was executed at few days later. These two incidents weren’t the only two in history. These two were just the most influential. The Princess of Caea almost caused a war between the Oreans and Caea and the daughter of Yuni caused a rumor of a epidemic and many innocent people were burned.

The damage to their bodies activated something inside of their bodies who experience the change. Though no one dares admit it, the change leaves you a


And if I haven’t blacked out enough, against my will everything goes dark, and I slump to the ground, my hand on the book.

When I get back to our bedroom with Mother and Father plus Dr. Smith behind me, Kaydence has passed out on the floor, her hand on a K.L.Yris book. But that’s the least of our concerns.

Dr. Smith was explaining some logical causes to Mother and Father, but they didn’t believe him. However, when they picked up the book and read the page, their eyes widened. “Dr. Smith, I think this is more than a sickness.” Father calmly told Dr. Smith.

I never learned what the book said, until I overheard Mother talking to Father a few weeks later.

“We’ll have to quarantine her to prevent her from devouring us. Kaydence—no longer an angel. A demon! We should have known. No normal fall would cause that! A piece of trash, a demon. It’s a good thing that this didn’t happen to Caea.”

I immediately stop walking. “Kaydence’s is a demon?!”

Mother looks guilty before disgust blooms on her face.“Yes. She is. She’s going to devour one of us one day, and we want to be safe. She’s a dirty demon! Don’t go near her—she might hurt you!”

I was always the one who hated demons, but it was because my parents drilled it into my head. I always read through the history books that Ms. Carmen gave to us, and I knew that demons were evil. Every kind thing that Kaydence has done for me disappears when Mother confirmed me. It didn’t matter is she was my sister anymore. My heart hardens, and my voice comes out harder than I’ve ever spoken. “I won’t.”

When I wake up, I’m in a white wallpapered room that contains only a bed which I’m lying on, a small closet, desk and mirror on the wall. There’s only one window, but it’s barred up. The door is locked when I try to open it. My hands are in heavy shackles that weigh me down that are chained to the wall. The bookshelf is filled with history books, but they’re the ones that Ms. Carmen makes us read. I know where I am, it’s the dungeon, the deepest level for the worst of prisoners.

I slump on my bed. My parents have found out I’m a demon.

The door opens, and my parents come in, distain on their faces and clearly trying to stay away from me, the demon.“We’re keeping you here to keep the kingdom safe. You’ll get three meals a day and you can read. You’ll get to come out twice a day. Misbehave and you’ll get even that taken away.

Something inside of me snaps, something that wouldn’t, couldn’t have ever snapped when I was an angel. “Do you not even care about me? Could you at least act like I’m still human!?” I stand up and lunge at my parents, my eyes blazing and anger in my blood.

The shackles yank me to a stop and I nearly gasp out in pain when my father shoves me backward, all of the fatherly emotion I once saw gone. He never showed emotion, and at times his temper was terrible, but he was my father. Now he’s a stranger. “You should be grateful, you fool! We haven’t executed you or thrown you out. You can say goodbye to your sister, and we’ll never have to see you ever again.”

My parents leave, and I force myself not to cry. That’s when my sister comes in, her face almost exactly like my fathers. It’s cold as a block as a marble, with all of the friendly childish love gone. “Well, you should be happy. I didn’t want to come here. But Mother and Father made me say goodbye. You should be appreciative that I’m even here.”

I grit my teeth, trying my best to prevent myself to rip Charlotte’s head off, which I know is because of my new demonic nature. Somehow, I know that I could if I wanted. “Excuse me, I’m not. You act like I’m a peasant. I’M YOUR FAMILY. ” I screech. ” I’m related to you by blood. I’m FAMILY! COULD YOU JUST ACCEPT ME?! WHY ARE DEMONS SO BAD? DO YOU ACTUALLY BELIEVE WHAT MOM AND DAD SAY?! COWARD! NOTHING BUT A PAWN! YOU’LL BELIEVE EVERYTHING THEY SAY!” As I continue to yell, my normal voice grows from the normal slightly lower pitched voice of mine to a monstrous, metallic, sound that demons make that makes my stomach churn. Charlotte looks like hers is too.

I’m furious now. The walls are creaking, and things are begin to rip. Some of the books on the book shelf fly into the air and whip around, tearing apart into pieces and my closet doors are whipping around. The glass outside of the barred windows shatter. The mirror begins to crack, with spidery cracks starting from the center, webbing out from the center. When I turn to look at myself, my eyes are turning red, blazing red like blood.

Charlotte slaps me, and everything stops. “You are a demon. I’m a angel. I’m better than you, and blood will not stop that. YOU ARE DEMON. Act like you are one.” She growls. She shoves me away and walks away to leave. She turns back, smirking. “Bye, you demon.” She slams the door close, and I cry, the charcoal tears coming back.

I was locked in that damn prison for 6 years. Still am locked up in here. Never knew why I wasn’t allowed to leave.

I tried to escape, many many times. Oh, I tried hard. The first few days were the worst, when I raged and did every single thing, logical or not to try to escape. Eventually the hopes that I could escape dwindled until I gave up, let myself let go.

I still don’t know why I wasn’t allowed to escape. My heart hardened and I began to hate my family, but not as much as myself. I believed their words, and my self esteem plummeted. I became insane and depressed, but I tried to fight it. I didn’t want to act like the demon that everyone said I was. More than anything, I wanted to get out of the prison and to build my own reputation, to be judged my values, not by what I was. I wanted out and to be accepted like I once was.

Until I wasn’t the Outcast anymore.

Little did I know how hard I would have to fight in order to achieve that. . .

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