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"I'll be back, do not doubt that. In eighteen years if she's hidden or gone I will kill you all." - Little did Freya Harris know. She was mated and fated to the Chakra prince Aleksandur and she's been since she was born. Not that she knew, she's now turning eighteen and is going to find her mate. Will Aleksandur allow that? Or will he claim her before anyone can take her away?... TRIGGER WARNING: there will be adult or "heavy" themes in this story. The reasoning for it being marked as "Mature". There will be talk of suicide, cutting, and or depression. There is adult language and a bit of age gap mentioning. If these themes bother you read with your own risk or don't read at all.



This party was pointless, I only came to look good. To prove I could be a good king, even without my Luna. I needed this, my father was on his deathbed and I had to be the one who got the heir. Not my asinine cousin Darian or my mother leading alone. I’m hardly the age my father was, I’m only 150 years old, he was at least 350 years old and here he is at 700; dying. This party was in honor of my father’s great leadership and I was representing him...


“Aleksandur.” I turn and look at my father, I had yet to leave for the gala. “Yes, father?” He gestures for me to ‘come here’. I slowly walk to his bedside, I wouldn’t cry. I couldn’t, so I blocked my emotions to be felt by other Lycans. “When I leave. Darian will get-” I shake my head, “Father...I will have a Luna. I promise this throne will not be left unattended by my idiot cousin Darian.” He chuckles and laughs,

“ took me 300 years to find your mother and she almost rejected me because of human fantasies about us. It isn’t me being a father by giving the throne to someone else, you aren’t ready. Overthrow him if you need be.” Sighing I take a needed deep breath. “I’ll be ready, I promise. I need to go now.” He nods, “Be good boy.” I scowl at his calling me ‘boy’ I was far from it.

Why am I here? I nearly bang my head on the table when I smell something. I didn’t expect my promise to have a Luna could actually be kept. I follow my nose and hear crying; my heart stops when I find the source. Why is this baby crying? She can’t be crying, no, no, no. I hardly stop myself from stealing away the poor baby, my mate.

My consequence. All eyes are on me as I burst through the infirmary door. “Prince Aleksandur? Why are you here, the party is out there...” The doctor I’m assuming is looking at me concerningly. “Who’s baby is this?” The woman on the table is red and her arms tighten around the crying baby.

Pain strikes through me again as she wails. I almost pry here from the woman’s arms. “Erm...the baby is Beta Hunter’s daughter, why?” I look at the doctor, “May I speak with him?” His eyes glaze over and a man who’s looking terribly tired walks in, his eyes glisten as he stares at the baby with love.

My chakra growls in disapproval. He sees me, “Wait outside.” This causes me to growl, “I need to speak with you.” My voice comes out deeper and grittier than normal, he nods and leaves the woman and baby. I take a long look at the beautiful baby before leaving the room as well.

“Your daughter is my mate.” He turns red, “How the hell would you know that!?” I raise an eyebrow, okay sure...I do look young for my age, maybe sixteen or seventeen but that doesn’t matter. “Do you have any idea who I am?” My jaw is tight as realization floods his face, “Oh-I, I’m so sorry but how do you know?”

I shake my head, “How did you know her mother was your mate?” He’s red again, this time from embarrassment. “I must go, she has to come with me.” I leave no room for discussion but he stops me, “She’s a baby. At least give her until she’s grown up! Come back then, take her but let her have a life!” He has a point, I nod.

“I’ll be back, do not doubt that. In eighteen years if she’s hidden or gone I will kill you all.” He nods believing me. I must take my leave, I walk to my car.

I’m back home, my heart hurts to be away from my future queen. I feel sick though, she’s a baby and I want her. Why did this happen to me? Now I must explain to my father that my mate is a baby and I can’t claim her until she’s of age. This will be interesting.

I walk into his room and my mother is crying on the floor, “Mom what happened?” She turns her head to me and I smell it; blood. “смърт.” (Death) I collapsed beside her and hold her. “Мамо, ще бъде добре...” (Mom, it’s gonna be okay...) “Синът ми, синко, той е изчезнал!” (My son, my son, he’s gone!) I hug her tighter as tears flow from my eyes.

I’ll find who did this, I’ll ruin them.

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