Lucius - NaNoWriMo

By buckyswinchester All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


The color of his eyes faded into the dark night, remaining invisible to the human soul. He stood boldly, watching the living city from on top of the building, the breeze of the wind brushing off of his bare, veiny forearms. He was far from the man that he was not so long ago. A crack was heard within the rough whispers of the dripping rain, making his ears perk up as he looked to the side lazily, already knowing who it was. "It's time," Cass said, raising her head up to look at him as he stood on the rooftop, before noticing how he glanced down at the city one last time. "You ready?" He took a deep, relaxing breath, "I hope so.'


Lightning struck harshly, sending throbs throughout the whole world that shook the ground uneven. The weather of that night matched perfectly with its events, almost as if the world was feeling the same pain that went through her.

Her breathing was heavy, her eyes swollen from the tears escaping them.

She was in the endgame now. She knew she wasn’t alone anymore, feeling the presence of the four people she wanted to be furthest away from. She looked at the closed door of her bedroom’s door, knowing well what hid behind it.

Ely was supposed to be there. He was supposed to pry them away from her.

Lilith threw her head back against the headboard as she gripped the sheets underneath her, her eyes squeezing shut.

She screamed, praying for a miracle.

Ely stumbled through the front door, his eyes sharp as they landed on the four figures guarding Lilith’s room.

About an hour ago, he couldn’t take how much pain Lilith was in. He was helpless, the best thing he could do to ease her pain was to stay in the same room as her. It was about time he decided to get up and find a professional to help her.

Only to regret even leaving her room a short time afterward.

“The hell are you four doing here?” Ely snapped, his eyes anything but angry. He walked closer, his gaze jumping from one pair to the other.

“We’re here to stop the chaos that’s about to unleash on the world, Ely.” Michael, the one up front, replied calmly to Ely while clasping his hands behind his back formally.

“Move over so I can go in, Asshole.”

“You know we can’t let you in, E,” Leah, the shorter female stepped from behind Michael. Her eyes were the opposite from Michael’s, being way softer than she intended them to be.

“The punishment must proceed.” Lucas interfered, making Ely snap his gaze to his. “We can’t let you help her. Heavens, we can’t even let ourselves help her.”

Ely’s hands turned into fists, his veins glowing softly with a white, strong light that represented the power that ran in them. His chest heaved, disgusted with what his old friends are doing.

“We all know what’s the consequence of what you’re thinking,” Micheal stepped forward, letting his hands fall by his sides. “Do you really wanna do this, Ely?”

“You all are cowards.”

Ely jumped upwards, gaining as much momentum as he could before launching himself towards the four Elders.

“God...” Lilith whimpered, a lump stuck in her throat. She could hear what’s unfolding behind the closed door of her room.

Her prayers were so loud, that they could be heard by every single celestial being in the three realms. She prayed to be saved, to be protected, but if anyone heard her, they were either too scared to help or just letting her face her destiny.

“Stop fighting, Ely!” Adrian held him by his neck against one of the walls. Ely, nevertheless, never stopped trying to break his hold. “We’re locking Lilith down once she gives birth. We’re not killing her, or her baby.” Adrian strengthened his hold on his friend, hearing the growls and moans coming from his chest. “The child’s father is human. Our only hope for it to survive is for him to find it.”

“You’re banishing it?!” Ely roared, finally managing to push Adrian away, who stumbled backward from the force. “You’re separating a newborn from its mother! This, itself, is a goddammned sin, people!”

“We can’t have that much power neither in heaven nor in hell. The only solution is for it to never realize who it truly is.” Michael straightened his suit jacket after it being wrinkled from Ely’s attack. “Lilith is one of the oldest beings in this world. She, of all people, should’ve known what’s the outcome of having any sort of relationships with the human kind.”

Ely’s shoulders slumped, his breath caught up in his throat as every pair of eyes in the room turned to the door that separated Lilith from them.

With one last ear-piercing scream from her, an additional cry could be heard.

Leah was the first to react. She teleported inside the room, after dismantling the wards that previously kept them all from doing the same.

“Shit,” She couldn’t help but curse at the sight. Lilith’s blood-shot eyes met hers, making her gaze fall more into sadness.

“Leah...Please...” Lilith whimpered, hope returning to her eyes again. “Don’t take him away from me. I’m begging you.”

The sight of Lilith hanging on the very thing that kept her sanity intact with every fiber of her being broke Leah’s heart. She walked closer, a sad smile forming on her pink lips as she neared her friend.

“What will you name him?” Leah sat down beside Lilith, making the new mother let out a long sigh of relief. She let out a breathy chuckle, looking down at her new baby.

“Lucius. My precious, precious Lucius.”

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