The Beta's Mistake

By Stephanie Light All Rights Reserved ©



Daya was walking home whe she got kidnapped. When the kidnapper leaves her to die in a ditch he didn't expect she would live. After finding out she is pregnant with the kidnapper's child she decides to let her mother raise her. Now she's moving away to college and finally getting on with her life. On her 18th birthday, a month after she left for college, she discovers her mate, Kallum. Nothing could have gone wrong until Kallum and Daya discover a big secret. Her kidnapper was a werewolf and not just any werewolf. Its someone in his pack. Now Daya tries to find who her kidnapper, but what she finds is most shocking. It's the soon to be beta. Her mate's best friend. And he tells Daya that he never meant for her to live.

Chapter 1

“Excuse me, miss, are-are you okay?” came a voice from above me. I rolled over in the ditch that I fell into only moments ago. The full moon above was shining bright and I was able to see the old man’s face. His large nose was the first feature that drew my attention then his soft brown eyes. I also noticed his gray hair.

“No.....” I managed to choked out. The man’s face harden and I could see his eyes trail up and down my body. He had finally noticed the blood and my ripped clothes. He noticed my cuts and bruises along my arms and on my face. No doubt he saw the hand bruising on my shoulders, back, and what he saw of my stomach.

" Stay right here. I’m going to call 911" he stammered as he backed up slowly towards his red Chevy truck. I was in too much pain to fully understand his words. I heard the old man talking but I couldn’t make put the words. Darkness started to invade my vision as I slowly lost consisnous. The last thing I heard were the returning footsteps of the man.

I woke up in a white room that blinded me. I quickly closed my eyes and took a deep breath which hurt like hell. I had woken up last night in the hospital. The doctors told me all about my injures: 5 broken ribs, injured vocal cords, a dislocated shoulder, and a broken hand. Along with over a few dozen stab wounds and tons of bruising. they told me it would be a while before I could fully gain my voice back. Sometimes I could talk, most of the time I couldn’t. That really didn’t stop the police from questioning me endless and the continuous cycle of what happen to me. Something I was didn’t want to relive.

My brain brought me back to that horrid night. That night I was walking home from my friend Mason’s house. He usual walked me home most nights but that night we fought about something I could barely remember now and I stormed off. Being only 15 my mom always worried about me walking home alone, but I was too fired up to think rationally. Since I was ranting to myself I didn’t noticed the black figure suddenly appear next to me and then I was grabbed. I sucked in breath to scream when he put a hand around my mouth and his other hand held a syringe filled with something, he brought it to my neck and next thing I knew I woke up chain to a dirty mattress in a dingy basement. I had tried to pull at my restraints but my wolf strength wasn’t enough. Whatever was in that syringe was still making me weak. He was sitting there watching me, waiting till I got up. He slowly got up and walked over to me when I saw something in his hand. He held it up so I could see it. I couldn’t quite make out what the item was.

“You see this?” he asked in a husky voice. I finally realized it was a knife. A big one. “It’s for you” he whispered before he got on me and started to stab me. Over and over again I felt the pain of him jabbing it into my skin. I cried out over and over again but he just went deeper and deeper with the knife. His hold was beginning to hurt and I knew I was going to bruised. He threw the knife to the side and started to rip my clothes and then he raped me. Over and over again. Finally he was done and got up and left. Everyday he would comeback to torture me and rape me. I didn’t know how much time has passed and he never said another word to me. One day he came in and picked me up. He inserted more of the stuff from the syringe into my neck and the nest thing I remember was the old man asking if I was okay.

Waking up in the hospital the doctors told me I had been missing for over a month. My parents were crying saying how sorry they were and how glad they were that I was alive. I wouldn’t let them touch me though because I couldn’t deal with it. My first thought went to Mason and that was one of the first things I asked my parents.

“He-um- honey he didn’t think...he just thought....” said my dad stumbling over his words. My mom came to his rescue.

“He thought you blamed him for being abducted” my mom said with sadness in her eyes.

What? “Why would he think that? He wasn’t the one to abduct me. Will you call him for me and tell him I wanna see him?” I replied.

“Of course, honey. Now rest okay he will be here soon.” I nodded and drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

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