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Fantasy / Adventure


Lies, betrayal and love changed Luretica life forever. A big secret has been kept from her until now, and her mate is no - other than the mythical creature Thanatos. God of death. What happens? Read and find out.

Chapter One

Third Person View

15 years ago

“Moooom Emily took my teddy bear again!” Little Luretica yelled from the second floor down to her mother, Melody on the first floor. Melody laughed and continued to wash the dishes. Lucretia’s father, Ace walks into the main door of their three- storey house with a confused expression.

Melody sight, shaking her head. “Emily took Luretica teddy bear again,” she said with a hint of amusement and tiredness after finishing the dishes. Ace chuckle as he went to hold his mate around the waist.

Melody leaned against his chest kissing his mark on her neck. Ace growled pulling Melody closer to his chest as his wolf purred in his head. He was about to kiss her mark when they heard screaming.

They stopped to listen to where the sound came from. They had woken up their other sister, Maya. They both sighting and went up to take the three girls back to bed. Melody took Emily and Maya, Ace took Luretica.

“It was not my fault daddy! Emily took my teddy bear and ran into Maya’s room” said Luretica with a yawn and tired voice. Ace only laughed at his silly daughter knowing she got it from her mother, both stubborn and playful.

Luretica let out another yawn while taking her fluffy brown teddy bear out of her dad’s grip and went to bed. Ace covered her tiny body with her favourite blue blanket and gave her a kiss on the forehead. On his way toward the door, Luretica mumbles something suddenly. With werewolf hearing, he could hear her perfectly.

“Daddy, can you read me a bedtime story?” she said tucking herself further into the bed. He knew it was past bedtime, but he could not resist her big green innocent eyes. “Of course, Tia what would you want to hear?” he said with a low whisper voice withholding softness and awe. Tia was her nickname that her family and friends used since her name is such a mouthful.

“I want to hear about the bad Alpha,” she said with all the sweetness in her voice. Ace sat down on the side of the bed and start telling the story.

“The bad Alpha is called Thanatos. Thanatos means the god of death in greek. He has been in this world for over 200 years. He destroys families and takes over others pack. He became a god by killing almost all the gods in the kingdom above us. The mother goodness was the only survivor. His pack has never lost a war. No one has looked him in the eyes and survived the day. He is a mythical creature.”

Ace finish his sentence to see Tia asleep. It is weird that she could fall asleep to this horrible story, but in her mind, this is not true. She thinks he is a mythical creature and all the stories are fake. I wish it was, but sadly he exists. Our Alpha and Luna have recommended us to talk about him at an early age in case he strikes again. It’s for their safety, but many include me and Melody. We did not want to talk about Alpha Thanatos to our children, but it is an order.

Her Heart is beating in rhythmic, soft puffs. She looks peaceful. Her black short hair in side braids that Melody made earlier on her. Ace smiled at his daughter beauty before kissing her forehead and closed the door on his way out.

Ace met his mate downstairs after Maya and Emily had fallen asleep. She was just as exhausted as him, and fell along with him onto the couch. Feeling they could finally breathe and relax, Ace grabbed Melody closer to him and kept her in his arms.

“how did it go with Luretica?” Melody asked yawning. Ace chuckle softly at her cuteness while stroking her hair.

“Fine, she wanted to hear about the Alpha again,” Ace told her grabbing a blanket over her body. She was shivering with coldness. Melody sigh and leaned onto him. “of course, she did. She never gets tired of it.” Saying while shaking her head in a declared way.

“yes, she is similar to her mother. How did it go with the girls?” Ace asked noticing his wife started to drift off to sleep. His own eyes started to feel heavy, but he kept them open to make sure his wife fell asleep first.

“it went fine, they both fell asleep right away” she yawned again, only this time tears stream down from her face of tiredness. He kissed her forehead saying “goodnight my love” and fell asleep right after her.



The same blue eyes have been haunting my dream again. Ever since I turned into my wolf at age fifteen. My wolf is Amy, she has black fur with a white dot on her left ear and green eyes. Amy is my best friend and I trust her more than my two sisters, Emily and Maya. Yeah, sure I love them, but Amy I can tell everything to.

But, whatever. I am seventeen years old soon turning eighteen. I should be happy, screaming and existed, but no. Unlike my sister who was thrilled and could not wait, I wanted to run away.

Here’s the thing, when you turn eighteen you can enter the mating game. Yeayyy! I can finally meet my mate....No thank you.

Do not get me wrong, I would love to meet my mate, but not now. I want my freedom, travel and live a little. I want to go to college to become a lawyer. However, I do not have a choice. The mating game is mandatory when you turn eighteen. I know the blue eyes man is my mate’s eyes or that is what Amy says.

The dream never changes. It begins with me waking up in the middle of the woods, no recognition of the place. I follow a path to a lake with clear blue water. All the sudden, I hear a sound behind me. I turn around to meet big blue eyes clear as the sky and that is when I wake up.

Annoying? Yes!

Amy cannot wait to meet our mate. She has been howling in my head ever since the dream started. He smells like forest pine with a hint of honey.

I know, weird.

The mating game is in three weeks. Emily was the first to enter the mating game. She was twenty-one when she found her mate, Alexander. He is a warrior in the Silvertail pack. Our pack name is a blue knight pack and is the fifth strongest pack in the world. My dad is the delta and my mom is the pack doctor.

Maya, my other sister entered for the first time last year, but did not find her mate and came home. She and I will be entering the mating game together this year.

The rules in the mating game are simple. You must enter the mating game until you turn 25 years old. You can only mark your true mate, if you mark by somebody who is not your mate, you will die. The game is simple as well. You will be divided into diverse groups by their ranks, pack and etc, and when your group name is yelled out, you run. Running into the forest where you can hide, run or wait for your mate to find you. The girls have five minutes head start. If you did not find your mate in three days, you will be sent back home and enter again next year.

Now, you are probably thinking how are you going to prove that your mate is your mate?

The mating game is held inside a huge glass ball. Humans can not see it. You can not escape, the only way inside is a huge door guarded with magic. When you get inside you will receive a temporary mask that covers half of your face. Similar to a masquerade ball. When you are near your mate for the first time, a tattoo will appear temporarily on your hand matching your mate tattoo.

After finding your mate and been marked, you can not return home unless your mate is within your pack or you are a high rank in your pack. This rule scares the shit out of me. I can never return home. Maybe when it has been a few years, and your mate is not too much possessive.

You see, the male werewolf is very overprotective, possessive etc. He will mark you on the spot and you are not to leave his room until you have completed the mating bond. The overprotective and possessive feeling is ten-times worse if you are mated to high ranks. For example, Alpha, Beta or Delta.

I sign when I hear my name being shouted by my mom from downstairs. I stretch my feet and arms in an awkward and weird way, before leaving my wonderful bed and straight into the bathroom. The blue eyes are haunting my mind.

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