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Bree Morgans is in desperate need of excitement in her dull life, but when a vindictive fallen angel sets his sinister sights on her, somehow spending her nights alone doing homework doesn't seem so bad. Shortly after finding herself in this otherworldly predicament, a new boy begins attending her high school. He's attractive, intelligent, and captivatingly mysterious, with a habit of popping up when things take a turn for the worst. Due to recent disturbing events, she sets out to figure out his past and finds that he may know the key to saving her future.



Silence settled thickly over the small town of Oasis, Virginia, and fog seemed to bathe the air with unrest as if nature itself knew there was another unstoppable force in its presence. Perhaps even humans could sense that something was amiss, although over the years they had seemed to become more and more oblivious to their surroundings.

My thoughts, however, were occupied with one of my more recent obsessions; the dark-haired, gray-eyed beauty that now monopolized my time. Currently, I stood just on the outskirts of her yard. I had to know everything about her life before I could insert myself into it. I had been watching her from afar for months now, ever since I had learned of her existence. At first, I couldn’t believe the rumors; that there was a mortal identical to my lost love, my queen, roaming around on the slum of Earth. And so I left the realm I called home, the dark realm over which I ruled others who had Fallen, in order to see Adriana’s supposed doppelganger. When I took her as my queen, she and I made an oath to seek each other out in this life and the next, to love each other as fiercely as the angels love God. Adriana’s untimely death had left an ache so deeply within my soul that I could not recover. When I lost her, I Fell so I would be able to bring her back. So I could go against the Commandments and reclaim what was taken from me.

I would kill Bree Morgans, her imitator, her alter, and finally bring my Adriana back.


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