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Ashes of the Fury

By Ashley_ All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Destined to be with a murderer, Ash watches in horror as her power-hungry mate kills her father. She watches as the heartbreak kills her mother... So she rejects, and runs. She learns her reality, She knows the pain is until death. She knows no one will love her. She knows she can't go back yet. She knows he'll remain alive. But three truths, are lies... Though which ones?

Chapter 1: Rogue

His hand made contact with my cheek, a sudden sting exploding through half my face. I hissed in pain, elbowing him away.

“Do not disrespect me Ash!” He growled. “I am your Alpha!”

“You are not an Alpha! You are the murderer of my father and a mistake of a mate!” I retorted sharply, shoving him away.

I was suddenly pinned against the wall, my hands held above my head by my wrists, locked my his hand. His free hand came up to my throat, carressing my chin.

“I am your Alpha, my dear.” He growled into my ear.

I kicked where his pride was, breaking from his grip. Tears filled my eyes as I stormed out of the room, grabbing my single bag as I left.

“Ash!” He called out after me. “Ash get back here!”

Pack mates turned their heads, confused and fearful. I met eyes with an old friend, and nodded.

“I, Ash Maren, reject you, Alex Siheten, as my mate!” I yelled down the hall, turning to face him.

His eyes widened, hand placed over his heart. I felt my soul being torn in two, but I kept my posture.

“You are the fall of this pack, Alex. I was only the support beam.” I hissed, and ran down the stairs, leaving the shocked pack behind.

I made it out of the Silver Night’s border, a new forest opening before me. I took a breath of the fresh air. I was free... something I haven’t been in three years.
Why was I there for that long?

I carried my bag in my jaws, keeping the shape of my black wolf. I paused at the sound of rustling and steps. Looking around, I dug my claws into the dirt.

Somebody suddenly leapt at me, their scent choking me like an overdose of pills I can’t swallow. I growled under the weight of the other wolf, shoving him off.

“Ash...” He growled, rising fully on his large paws.

“Alex.” I mocked, the pain growing as we paced around eachother.

“You made a mistake!” Alex snarled, baring his large teeth.

“And you made more!” I responded, freezing in a defensive stance.

“Get back you the pack house! You’re acting like a child!” His claws sank into the ground with each steady step.

“No! I’m not going back! You’re going to be the fall, and I’ll stay out of the ruins!” I retorted, baring my teeth.

I was the blood-lined Alphess of Silver Night, he, however, killed for his rank. Destined to be mated to me, he didn’t want to wait for power...
So he killed my father, and my mother died soon after from heartbreak. He killed all I had left!

“Why didn’t I kill you when I had the chance?” I growled, my tail lashing.

“Because you know you’re destined to be with me. Everything happens for a reas-”

I tackled the brown wolf, slamming him to the ground. My claws sank into his chest as I slid my fangs into their place along his skull. Struggling, Alex’s claws scrapped my stomach. I slashed across his face one last time before pressing down on his chest, and leaping off.

“Suffer. Bleed out and die. Live to tell my story, I don’t care... But don’t ever hurt me or anyone again.” I picked up my bag again, and bounded through the forest

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