Malice of a Midnight Sun

By Ashley_ All Rights Reserved ยฉ

Fantasy / Adventure


Menace seems to be in every shadow, malice in every eye. Betrayal, bloodshed, and sacrifice, all under the blood moon, all in one moment, one battle. Midnight Sun, Beta of the Silver Stars pack, finds herself surrounded by bloodthirst, lies, and secrets. Then, her eyes open, and in a flash she's betrayed by her pack, cast away from all she knew. With each answer, comes another question.

Midnight Sun

Fog flooded through the forest, casting a dark menace on each shadow. The blood moon shone dimly above, a grim red crescent slicing between the stars. Howls of agony shattered the night, growls of devotion only being silenced by death. Streams of blood ran over the frost covered grass, malice gleaming in the eyes of every wolf.

I stood in the shadows, hovering over the limp body of a silver rogue. My black fur was stained with her blood, splattered like countless crimson stars. I tore my claws from her throat, touching my nose to her shoulder.

"Death shouldn't have came to you." I breathed, looking away from her dull eyes.

I locked eyes with a black and white wolf, her gray gaze shining with fear and regret. I stepped forward, as did she.

"Midnight Sun..." Her voice was quiet as she spoke against the agony and devotion.

She walked through the battle with unsettling ease, her steps careful. I lifted my paw, then let it drop. The black and white figure stopped only a bound away.

"Alphess Black Ice." I spoke, fear rising in my chest.

"Run, Midnight Sun." She snapped. "Run before the malice consumes you too."

"Black Ice-" I began, cut off as she turned away.

She leapt towards a dark tawny wolf, his figure bloodied and scarred, standing over a small black wolf. In a single swift movement, her claws sank into his shoulder... though he was quicker.

Black Ice was slammed against the ground, her growls silenced as the tawny wolf's fangs pierced the thin flesh on her throat. Blood flowed from her, gray eyes staring emptily at the one who took her life. I stepped forward, locking eyes with the wolf... his scarlet eyes easily recognized.

"Alpha..." I couldn't bring myself to say more, nor could I say less. I watched as he tore his scarlet gaze away from mine, disappearing quickly into the myriad of blood and battle. Why had Black Ice sacrificed herself... for a rogue?

I turned away, leaving the agony behind. I stepped carefully through the fog, the howls and growls slowly growing quieter. Our Alphess was dead... what else must we loose, "Run before the malice consumes you too..."

I stopped once silence drew the shadows closer. The blood moon still shone, as if mocking the battle. I let my tail sway with the wind, taking in a slow breath through the fog.

Then I collapsed under the weight of a wolf, fangs sinking into my scruff. I growled, snapping back at the attacker. He let me drop.

"Get back to the battle, Beta!" Alpha growled sharply, tail lashing angrily, scarlet eyes glinting with malice. "We do not retreat!"

"I'm not going back!" I retorted through clenched teeth.

"Midnight Sun, I need you to fight! They need you to fight!" He snarled, standing over me.

"Dark River, if they need me, they will need you as well." I spoke lowly.

A growl rose from his chest, a sound of pure bloodthirst. I lowered myself defensively, my ears falling flat against my head. In a swift movement, I was pushed to the ground, and his claws sank into my chest. I took in a sharp breath as I snapped my jaws around his leg.

I felt the bones snap before he released me. I fell on my side, breathing heavily as blood poured over the ground. Dark River turned with a growl, leaving me behind. The frost glimmered under the fog and starlight, blurring as I let my eyes fall shut.

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