The Alpha's Daughter

By DesignsBear All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi


The most beautiful girl in the world I remembered my father saying when I was younger. No longer that little girl that captured my father’s heart, now I would be turning eighteen in a couple of weeks and I want to explore what the world has to offer. Standing at 5’8, with long, black curls that fall just below my waist, caramel colored skin, and deep brown eyes I have not seen my father since my mother passed away when I was eleven years old. That was the day that everything in my life changed.

I was shipped off to Sacred Heart Boarding School approximately a month after the death of my mother as my father refused to even look at me. No longer was I apart of my pack, my family, my father’s life, but I was thrown away to live separate from everyone, like trash. Although I was banished from the pack, my brothers would write as well as come to visit at least once a month. The trips getting harder and harder for Shawn and Shane to make over the years, but they have tried to reassure me that they as well as our father loves me, but my heart has hardened at the thought of the Alpha. He was no longer the center of my world as soon as he banished me and I no longer consider myself the Alpha’s daughter.

A/N: I do not label POV. If this is an issue for you please DO NOT read this book. It changes POV within chapters, but never within a scene that will always be separated by page breaks. This book is not written in Third POV.

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