The Princess Lignum

By Mused Mayhem All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


As soon as the lock on the door to our cabin sounded with a ‘click’ Phineas picked me up and carried me to the bed. He set me down as gently and he could and knelt on the floor in front of me. He started to run his hands all over me, trying to feel for any injuries.

“Cora, My Kraljica, are you alright? Have you been injured in any way?”, he asked with worry in his voice.

I smiled at him, trying to give him reassurance, “Phineas, please, my love, I am perfectly fine.”, I remembered then how my first battle had gone, I was proud of myself, “I believe I did well for my first fight. I even killed a few men!”, I spoke with adrenaline and excitement in my voice. I felt drunk from the fight.

Phineas smirked, “I believe you killed three men, if I counted correctly. You were most impressive, I could see the fear the in the eyes of the men who were able to witness you.”, he shook his head, “I cannot believe you are real…and mine.”, he said with his eyes burning into mine.

I repeated his words, “I killed three men?”, the excitement coursed through me and my blood started to pulse faster. I felt empowered in a way. I had taken lives with my own hands. Death was something that I needed to get used to if I was going to live life as a pirate, and definitely if I was truly destined to be a Queen. The rush of power filling my body began to morph into desire. I felt a hunger forming in my body, a hunger that needed to be filled.

I looked into Phineas’ eyes as seductively as I could and said, “Phineas, please, take me now, make love to me, I need you.”

He returned my gaze with lust in his eyes, roaming over my body with hunger. He opened the flaps of my ripped skirts and tore the rest of the dress in half. He pulled off my undergarments and stockings along with my boots. I was left in my chemise and corset.

He looked up at me, still on his knees, “You know, a good fight always leaves me very hungry. I am quite famished.”

He slipped his hands up my thighs and pulled up the fabric of my chemise over my hips, revealing my nether region completely exposed.

I gulped, “W-well if you are hungry…w-would you like me to find you something to eat?”

He laughed and slowly brought his head to the spot between my legs, his warm breath sent chills of pleasure down my spine and I couldn’t help but let out a soft moan.

“Thank you, my love, but I have everything I need to quench my hunger here in front of me.”, he said and brought his lips to the sensitive spot between my legs.

His soft lips and his warm breath were teasing me, making my body react with cries of pleasure, “Phineas.”

He responded to my plea by opening his mouth and letting his tongue slip out over my sensitive skin. He started to suck and lick my skin and brought his tongue to my entrance and let it slip inside of me before bringing it back up to that sensitive spot. The feeling was incomparable to any previous love making methods we had done. I was in heaven. That spot he was circling with his tongue was swollen with desire. My insides were about to burst from the pleasure. I could not contain the moans coming out of my mouth, this feeling was too powerful to gain any type of control. I could feel my insides pulsing as I entered my release.

Phineas continued to lick and suck out my insides well after my body relaxed. When he was finally done he took a large gulp before saying, “My Kraljica, you are simply delicious. I may have to make your delicacy a constant in my diet.”

He had given me so much pleasure and I wanted so much to give the same to him. I let my desire take control of my body. I pulled Phineas up from his collar and pushed him to sit on the bed as I stood at the edge, looking down at him.

“Take it all off.”, I said in a commanding tone, and he obeyed.

As he stripped away his garments I took the time to unlace my corset and shed my chemise, leaving me fully nude. Phineas watched me undress, his desires clearly portrayed in the form of his naked body.

I positioned myself on his lap, my knees on each side of him. As I moved into the right position Phineas took my arse into him palms and helped to guide me over him. He pulled my hips down slowly towards his, and he was inside of me. I knew that being in this position, I would have to be the one making most of the movements. I was going to finally be the one in control.

I started to move my hips up and down, letting myself stretch over his hard skin. Phineas used his hands on my hips to help guide me into a steady rhythm. I brought my hands around the back of his neck and let my fingers dig into the base of his hair, pulling gently to give myself leverage for my movements. I loved being in control, I let my body take over of the movement. I let my head fall back in pleasure, raising my swollen bouncing breasts towards his face.

Phineas caught one of my nipples in his mouth and began to lightly nibble on the tip. A tingle was sent directly into my core, filling me with need. I could feel Phineas tense beneath me, it felt like he was desperately holding something back.

I stopped rocking my hips and looked him in the eyes, “What is wrong? Am I not doing it right?”

He said through gritted teeth, “No, love, you are perfect, more than perfect. Beyond words. I just have so much lust built up within me, my body desperately wants to take you as roughly as I can, I am doing my best to resist.”

He really was holding himself back, I could feel it radiating off his body. It made my desires erupt with need. I wanted him to let go and be his true self with me. I didn’t want him to hold anything back. I wanted to feel his godly rage that he was holding in.

I gently started to move my hips, bringing him slowly in and out of me, teasing him with my weapon. He gritted his teeth and brought his hands to his sides on the bed and gripped the duvet with all his might. I knew that I was making it worse for him, playing with him. And I loved it.

I brought my lips to his ear and took a small nibble of his lobe before I spoke, “Do what you want with me. Be rough, be gentle, hurt me, love me, I want it all. I want you Phineas.”

He didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to. He grabbed my hips and pulled me against him, he stood up and carried me to the window overlooking the sun setting into the sea. He pushed my back up against the window and started to move in and out of me fast and hard. I wrapped my legs around him and kept my hands laced around his neck.

Then he stopped and lowered me to the ground and spun me around, so I was facing the window. He pushed my upper body into the glass, and my nipples hardened at the cool feeling. Phineas took my hips in his hands and entered me from behind. His movements were rough and fast. I could feel his animalistic need coming out, all his rage and anger from the day was spilling out into me. I relaxed and let him enter me hard and deep, letting him take control over my body.

The passion was so strong, and I suddenly started to shudder with my release. My body convulsed and pulled Phineas into his own release. He was panting heavily. With all the remaining strength he had left in him he picked me up and carried me to the bed, putting both of us under the duvet. We naturally became tangled in one another’s arms and fell into a deep sleep.

Most of the crew was in the galley, eating supper. The men took turns trading stories from the battle that happened just hours before. They bragged about how many men they had killed and the techniques they had used.

Then the chatter became focused on two main subjects, Captain Tucker and Miss Cora. The men spoke of how great of a warrior their Captain was. He killed men with ease and delicate speed. He had a style that was comparable to no man. But an even more fierce fighter was his beloved Cora.

The crew knew that was her first fight, her first time taking a life. But just in her first battle, she was a natural killer. The grace that she used to move with her dual blades was majestic. She was most certainly a great force to be reckoned with.

The crew looked at Cora with great admiration. She had risked her life to help fight with them, to fight for their Captain. And she was good at it, a true pirate at heart. The discussion was interrupted with the loud cries that the men were now all too used to. Each man secretly desired Cora, especially when they could hear her loud cries of pleasure ringing throughout the ship. She was made of a beauty that no man on board had ever seen. But the men knew they had no chance with her, who could ever compete with the devilishly handsome and brave Captain Tucker?

Lekan was sitting in the corner of the room, listening to each man as they spoke. Kwasi took a seat next to him and brought the spoon to his mouth to eat his supper. After he finished most of his meal he set down his bowl on the table in front of him hard to get Lekan’s attention.

Once Kwasi locked eyes with Lekan he spoke, “You know there something different for her. She have special blood, Lekan.”

Lekan nodded, he knew Kwasi would see it sooner or later, he had a way of knowing things. He spoke in a whisper, “Yes, Jatau is special,”, he motioned to the rest of the crew, “they must not know, they must trust Jatau as I do. As you should.”

Kwasi leaned closer to Lekan and spoke, “You know it hard for me to trust woman Sangomas. In my tribe only man can practice. A women with the gift is evil.”

Lekan gave a puzzled look, “You think she has Sangomas?”

Kwasi nodded deeply, “Yes, no question. I always know.”

Lekan responded, “Kwasi, you must speak to Jatau. She do not know about Sangomas. She did not know she had African until days ago.”

Kwasi looked surprised at this information, he had clearly thought that she was an evil witch who knew all the secrets of black magic. Now he was starting to see that maybe she did not know about the magic she carried in her veins. He nodded to Lekan, agreeing to speak with Cora about her abilities as a Sangomas.

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