The Princess Lignum

By Mused Mayhem All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


I awoke a few hours later in the dim cabin softly lit by candlelight. The ship was gently swaying with the sea. I was laying bare naked, sprawled across the green velvet duvet on the bed. I turned my head to see Phineas lying on his side, head propped up by his arm, and his eyes wide open.

His emerald gaze made my heart flutter. I lightly wiped my eyes and stretched my arms. Surprisingly I did not rush to cover myself from Phineas, I wanted him to see all of me, to see me for me. There was no doubt in my mind that I was his completely, and he was mine.

“Kraljica, you are awake.”, Phineas spoke with his deep voice as he placed two of his fingers on my breast bone and began to lightly trace them along my body. The feeling made my nipples harden with arousal. I could see the desire building in his eyes as he saw how my body was reacting to his touch.

“Phineas.” I whispered, and then his mouth was on me. He kissed me with need, like a drunkard downing his ale after a long day. His touch was warm and sensual. He drifted his lips to my neck and began to nip and suck, whenever he touched that spot I became completely undone. I let out a soft moan, enjoying his kisses.

He brought his lips to my ear and spoke, “For the last few hours your beautiful naked body has been teasing me, I had to fight so many times not to wake you just to take you again.”

I took in a sharp breath and tried to match the seductive tone in his voice, “Why didn’t you just cover me up then, Captain?”

He smirked, “Oh I wouldn’t dare cover up such an enchanting beauty, one which has clearly been sent to me from the Gods. Such a gift must always be cherished.”

I was extremely aroused, addicted to his touch and his sensual words. He was praising me as a Queen, and it felt good. Phineas laid on the bed next to me and turned me so I my back was pressed up against his chest. I was about the protest when I felt his arousal just outside of my entrance. I didn’t know that he would be able to enter me from other positions.

He wrapped his arms around me, the one underneath came to caress my breast, and the other went to my hip to pull me closer into him. Being in his embrace in his soft golden skin made me melt into him. He brought his erection to my entrance and slowly slid into me. The new position let him push deeper into me than he had the first time.

His lips were at my neck, kissing and nibbling my flesh as he moved into me. Both of his hands moved to my hips to hold me in place, allowing him to get as deep as he possibly could. The movements were slow, but they were deep and passionate. I felt I was nearing my release, and I grabbed onto the duvet with all my might. I couldn’t contain the moans from escaping my lips. I knew I should be quiet, so the crew would not hear me, but lost in the passion of the moment I didn’t care in the slightest who heard me.

Phineas brought one of his hands from my waist to the spot between my legs, and he started to trace his fingers gently over the top of my privates. The touch added more pleasure and brought me immediately into my release. He pushed into me a little harder then, and let his seed melt into me.

Both of us were left panting and in a momentary loss of words. We laid there, in one another’s arms, enjoying the feel of the other’s skin. He traced his fingers along my back and neck as I traced mine along his arms and fingers. I took the time to breathe in his scent. It was salty, like sea water, but mixed with a sweet almost floral scent. It was intoxicating and made my heart feel full with love.

Neither one of us had yet actually told the other that we loved them. Though we had been destined to be together, we still did not really know the other. I knew I loved him, and I could feel his love for me, but I knew it would take time for us to fully fall in love with one another.

There must be secrets that I do not know about yet. For instance, it was very clear to me that he was well crafted in the art of lovemaking. There was no doubt in my mind that he had quite a few companions in his life before me. I decided to push those thoughts away for the moment and just enjoy being loved by the God of a man behind me.

We must have laid like that for nearly half an hour before we both got up to wash. Phineas offered me a dark blue velvet robe, it was clearly a woman’s robe, I slightly narrowed my eyes when I took it from him. Who did this belong to?

He noticed my hesitation, “I brought a few ladies garments from our treasures on board for you. I thought you may want a few options for your wardrobe while aboard the Esmeralda.”

I slipped the robe on and tied it around my waist, it was a perfect fit and felt quite comfortable. I could tell that no one else had worn it before me.

“Thank you, I really appreciate that.”, I thought for a moment before continuing, “So now that we are engaged, and soon to be married, does that mean the Esmeralda will be my home as well?”

He was pulling his under garments and trousers up as he answered me, “Well most pirate Captains would stash their wife, or wives, away on land somewhere. The sea is not the typical place for a lady.”, he pulled his black shirt over his head before he continued, “But you, my dear Cora, are not a typical lady. Somehow you are destined to be the Queen of the Sea. Your place will always belong in the sea, and I will always be by your side wherever this life takes us. So yes, I would say the Esmeralda would be our home for the time being.”

I smiled wide, “Good. Now what are we going to tell the crew?”, a blush came to my cheeks, “I am sure every man in this ship heard me screaming out your name tonight.”

He chuckled, “Aye, I’m sure all the rats heard you too.”, he raised one of his eyebrows, “I am surprised no one is busting down the door trying to worship you at your feet. The sounds you make while I make love to you are like the calling song of a siren. It is the most wonderful thing I have ever heard in my life.”

I laughed then, “Well if I really am to be Queen of the Sea, maybe I do have a sirens song inside of me.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it for a moment.”, he said as he slowly walked towards me.

Once he was in front of me I felt hungry for his lips, but I also felt hungry for food. Right then, my stomach let out a low growl. It was deep into the night and I hadn’t eaten anything, but the kisses left on my lips from Phineas.

“I had some dinner brought for us while you were sleeping, why don’t we sit down to supper?”, Phineas took my hand and lace his finger into mine, leading me to the table now filled with food.

I sat down at the table and took an apple from a bowl filled with various fruits, “You had all of this brought in while I was sleeping naked on your bed?”

Phineas corrected me with a teasing smile, “No, I had the food brought to the door and I set it up on the table myself. And it is our bed now.”

I took a bite of the apple and smiled, I liked the sound of ’our’, “I see. So, what about the crew then? Surely, they will not take kindly to a woman living on board indefinitely. Especially a woman who also happens to be some sort of sea creature.”

“They do not need to know that you are a sea Goddess, they do not know that I have blood of the gods running in my veins. We will keep that part of our lives a secret for now.”, he gathered me a plate of food and set it down in front of me with a goblet of spiced wine, “As for the rest. They will know we are engaged, and they will love and accept you, or they will be dismissed.”

I didn’t want him to have to dismiss anyone for me, “But Phineas, I can not let you lose your men for me.”

He snapped at me, “Cora you will be my wife. I will not tolerate any type of disrespect shown towards you. I will protect and defend you against everything, even if it could mean my death.”

My head jerked back and I said in a sharp tone, “Phineas, how could you say such a thing? I am not some helpless woman who sits on the sidelines. If I had a proper weapon and was shown how to use it properly, I am very sure I could defend myself! I am not a child!”

He laughed so hard I thought he would spit out his wine, “Oh my love, I have no doubt in that. I think it would be a good idea for you to be familiar with one on one combat, you are on a pirate ship after all, we do frequently get into battle.”, he took a bite of bread before he spoke again, “Regardless of your abilities to defend yourself, I vow to always protect you with my life. You are my destiny Cora, I was made to protect you; your body, your soul, and your heart.”

Ever since that morning, ever since we found our fated connection, Phineas spoke towards me with so much passion. I could feel him bearing his heart to me without any hesitation. He had said he learned about his destiny after the earthquake, I remember from the day I met him that he revealed that he was eight years old during that time. He had been waiting to find his destined wife for seventeen years now, that was a lifetime for some people.

I had only found out about our destined love that afternoon, he had been waiting for me for seventeen years. I couldn’t help but imagine how lonely that must have been for him. To know that you have someone out in the world who you know you are destined to be with, but you don’t know who they are or when they will come. I never really dreamed of love or finding love. Men seemed so tiring to me, and they all wanted was for me to sit at home and be some housewife. But I longed for more in life, I wanted adventure.

I had heard the saying before, “Be careful what you wish for...”, and it was never more true than in my current situation. I always dreamed of the deep and mysterious sea, longed for an adventure that would give my life meaning…well my dreams had clearly been answered. Supposedly, I was some type of sea creature, I remember Phineas calling his mother a Fairymaid, and that my father must have had some Fairymaid blood too. But why didn’t he know about his bloodline? And what of my mother? Phineas and Lekan were convinced that I had African blood in my veins from my thick hair texture, large lips, and wide-set face; despite my pale pink skin.

I couldn’t help but wonder how I was destined to become Queen of the Sea, wouldn’t I need to be the daughter of the King and Queen of the sea? Not that I knew who those beings were or how to find them…my mind was suddenly flooded with a memory of the dream from the night before…the opening in the middle of the coral, that must be some entrance to a kingdom in the sea. But I have no idea where that was or how to find it, plus I can’t breathe under water…or, could I? Phineas had mentioned that he had some powers, that he could breathe underwater. Maybe I could do that too.

I had been lost in thought for some time, slowly eating my food until I was full. My mind was starting to hurt from thinking to hard about all of my unanswered questions.

“I know all of this must be very shocking to you. You have learned so much today, things only spoken of in folklore and fairytales.”, he pulled me out of my head before I got too lost.

“Yes, I still don’t know what to make of everything, but I must try to find answers somehow. I just wish I knew where I am meant to start my search for those answers.”, I replied, still trying to fit the pieces together.

Phineas bent across the table and took my hand in his, bringing my attention to his glowing emerald eyes, “Cora, do not forget that I am here for you love. We will take this journey together. Your destiny is my destiny now as well eh?”, he leaned in closer with relaxed features, “You know, I have found quite a bit of advice from my dreams. It seems perhaps you may have this gift as well, especially if you consider our conversation this morning.”

I took a deep breath and let it out quickly, “Alright. I trust your judgement. Answers will come in time.”, I smiled and just tried to accept my fate, our fate. Nothing could possibly go wrong on our journey, we were meant to become Gods, after all.

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