The Princess Lignum

By Mused Mayhem All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


I am engaged. I am engaged to a handsome Captain of a pirate ship. I am engaged to the son of the Sea Goddess Sedna. I am engaged!

Phineas was spinning me around in a circle, euphoric from our engagement only moments ago. He stopped and gently let my feet touch back down to the floor of the ship. He leaned into me and kissed me fully on the lips.

He pulled away and said, “Cora, my love, would you like to consummate this engagement?”, he brought his gaze to mine, “I have been waiting most of my life for you and for this moment, but I can wait longer if you wish it.”

I was touched, he didn’t want to force me into his bed. He was so kind and gentle for a man who was so tough and commanding. He was stealing my heart, and I wanted to give him all of me in return for his love.

I gently smiled, “Phineas, I do not want to wait. I wish to be with you in every way possible.”, I paused for a moment, my cheeks lightly began to flush pink, “I-I have never done anything like this before, I do not have any experience.”

He grinned with a devious look in his eyes, “I am glad that I get you all to myself then.”, his smile dimmed lightly, “It will hurt at first, but I promise it does get better. I will do everything that I can to cause you the least amount of pain.”

I placed my hand on his chest, over his heart and said, “I trust you.”

Just then I felt the sway of the waves, we had started on our voyage to Nassau. I was so infatuated with Phineas that I forgot momentarily that he was the Captain of a large pirate ship. His crew must be needing him and here I was keeping him to myself.

“Phineas! I am so selfish!”, I lightly pushed away from him, “You should be up on deck instructing your crew. Surely they are missing you.”

He chuckled, “Nothing, absolutely nothing, could pull me away from you right now.”, his eyes were trailing all over my body and he started to remove his jacket and vest, “I will not rush away from the chance to make love to the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, to the woman who will soon become my wife.”

It was hard to respond while he was tugging at the fabric on his body, removing it to reveal the body of a God underneath. He undid the last button on his shirt and said, “No need to worry, Lekan knows all of my secrets, he will cover for me tonight.”

I could not stand back anymore, I rushed to him and placed my hands on his bare chest, working my fingers down his skin over his stomach and back up to his shoulders. He felt like he was made of warm granite, his touch sending heat through my fingers. I pulled the shirt over his shoulders and let the fabric fall down to the floor.

He stopped me when I went for his trousers, “Not so fast love, you seem to still have all of your clothing on. It only seems fair that we remove some.”

I suddenly felt hot in my dress and skirts. What the hell was I doing with all of these clothes on. In a flash I untied the front panels of my dress and skirts and let them fall to the floor. I stood in my stockings, boots, corset, and chemise; it is the barest I have ever been in front of a man. But I was still wearing too much. Clothing seems completely unnecessary at the moment.

Phineas grabbed my waist and pulled me into him. He took my lips with his and invited my tongue to dance with his. He broke away and started to trail kisses down my cheek to my ear and down my neck. He would leave little nibbles and my body would shutter in desire. A soft moan escaped my lips as he started to lightly suck on my neck.

His lips left my neck and he spun me around to undo the laces of my corset. He took his time, leaving light kisses on my shoulders and his fingers grazed my back with the satin laces. The final lace came undone and the corset fell to the floor. I chemise was very thin, it didn’t hide a thing.

I could feel his eyes roaming over the back half of my body, drinking in every detail, “Magnificent, you are truly a rare beauty.”

I turned around to find him pulling off his boots, I bent down and died the same, pulling the laces out as fast as I could. I pulled my stockings off, leaving me in only my chemise.

Phineas was still in his trousers. I was longing to see what was hidden beneath the fabric. My governess had told me descriptions of what a man looked like in his privates. She said I should know what to expect, so I didn’t get nervous on my wedding night. Little did she know I would not be waiting for my wedding night to see my future husband.

He must have read my mind because he started to unfasten his belt and unbutton his trousers. Slowly he pulled his trousers and undergarments down to his ankles and stepped his feet out of them. The descriptions my governess had given me were not at all comparable to what stood before me.

I took my time to study every inch, every crevice of his body. He was the image of pure masculine beauty. His tall form was muscular but also lean, his muscles stretched under his golden skin. His heart was pumping, I knew because the veins popped out all over his body. It was intoxicating. His manhood was large, larger than I expected it to be, though I had nothing to compare it to, but the weak description given to me by my governess. I was slightly surprised but it didn’t look scary to me as I thought it would, the skin looked fragile and soft.

My eyes were glued to him, the sun was lower in the sky and the orange rays were glowing off his sun kissed skin. The orange sun danced with the emeralds in his eyes, making him even more seductive. He was perfect, I never knew anyone could be so breathtaking.

I felt my insides burning with lust. While I was staring at him I noticed a trace of fluid forming between my legs. I didn’t know if it was normal or not, so I quickly used my hand to cover the area.

Phineas noticed my hesitation and questioned me, “Why so shy all of a sudden? We still have one last item to remove.”, he reached for my chemise and started to pull it up my body.

I lifted my arms and let his pull the fabric over my head. I was completely nude. I moved my hand back over the spot between my legs, starting to feel it creeping down the top of my thighs.

He reached towards my hand and pulled it away from my body and placed it on his chest, “Why are you hiding your flower from me love?”

I could feel the blood raising in my cheeks, “I, well there is some of fluid coming from there and I don’t know if that is alright or not, I don’t know what is normal.”

I saw the lust building even hotter in his eyes, “Cora, nothing about you will ever be normal. You are a Goddess. But do not worry, that fluid is a good thing. It is your body getting ready for me.”

He pulled my body up against his and took my lips in his. The touch of his skin against mine made my mind relax and focus on the God of a man in front of me. Phineas lifted me up against his chest and carried me to the bed. He laid me down gently and began to trail kisses and nibbles around my breasts. He sucked my nipple into his mouth and lightly scraped his teeth on the tip. The sensation sent a shiver down my body and I could feel the wet heat between my legs start to leak out of me even more.

Phineas moved his hand to the spot between my legs, and I let out a loud cry of pleasure. His fingers played with my skin and I could feel pressure starting to build up within my body. He slowly slid a finger inside of me and began to move in and out. The feeling was unlike any I had experienced before. I had never understood the fuss about lovemaking, but that was before I had known that it felt like this.

Phineas brought his lips to my neck and whispered into my ear, “Cora you are so beautiful.”

He slid another finger into me and I could feel myself stretching around his fingers. A pressure was building at a steady pace, and I knew that it would somehow need to be released soon. Uncontrollably, I started to move my hips to help his fingers go deeper inside of me. I needed release, the pressure was becoming too much. I rocked my hips faster and called out, “Phineas” as the pressure was finally released, spilling out and sending waves of pleasure throughout my body. It was euphoric. The waves slowly started to dwindle, and my body went limp on the bed.

Phineas held himself above me and looked into my eyes, “How was that my Kraljica?”

I was speechless, I could not find one word in response to his question.

He smiled, “Don’t worry love, we are only halfway there. I just wanted you to be nice and relaxed before I take you.”

I finally found some words, “Please Phineas, I’m ready.”

He lowered himself and brushed his lips with mine, willing my lips to part and let his tongue dance with mine. He pressed his lower body against me and pulled my hips into his, placing his hard penis against my open legs. I felt the passion being ignited within my body once again.

Phineas pulled his lips away from mine and looked into my eyes, “This may hurt a bit, just try to relax.”

I nodded in return and took a deep breath, waiting for him to enter me. By the time I released the air from my lungs he was inside of me. Phineas let out a moan, and I was in love with the fact that my body made him feel that way. There was a sharp discomfort at first, but it was quickly replaced with pleasure. Feeling him inside of me felt like magic, he was reaching places that left my body radiating with desire.

His hips were moving back and forth, moving himself in and out of me. I could feel the pressure starting to build up inside of me again. I needed to find that release, to feel that euphoria while he was inside of me. I moved my hands over his body and pulled his hips towards me, urging him to go deeper. He couldn’t seem to hold himself back any longer and started to move faster and deeper inside of me. Within moments I was crying out his name, my release taking over my entire body. My cries pulled him over the edge with me, and he was groaning with the pleasure of his own release.

I could feel my heart beat throughout my entire body, my blood pulsing through my veins mixed with adrenaline. I felt love pouring out of my heart and into Phineas. I felt our connection deepen, we had truly become one.

Phineas was panting hard laying over me but still holding himself up to not crush me. He shifted his weight and laid down behind me, pulling me into his arms. I felt warm and safe, I felt truly loved. And I also felt a thick fluid pouring out from between my legs. I knew that it must be normal, or else Phineas wouldn’t be as relaxed as he was. No one ever told me how messy lovemaking was, but I couldn’t care in the least. My heart was filled with love. I closed my eyes and let myself sink into the embrace of my fiancé, Captain Phineas Tucker.

His warm breath whispered into my ear, “Cora, my love, my Kralijca, I cannot wait to spend my life with you. You truly are a Goddess.”

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