Tale as Old as Time

By Reyna K All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


The retelling of a classic tale with a slight twist. A golden crossover between Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. A prince who turned into a beast due to his narcissistic nature and cruel behaviour. The curse bestowed upon him by the witch, would only be lifted once he learns to love. But, who would love an ugly looking beast, who hates everything in the world and wants to be left alone? A princess who is deprived of all her freedom once, her beloved father dies. The evil, cruel stepmother hates her because of her beauty and kindness. Her stepsisters treat her worse than animals. She was once loved and cared for. Will she still believe in love and kindness, after all the cruelty she faced? A night of magic and love, brings them both together. But, will they be able to help free each other of the burdens they carry?

Chapter 1

Prince Adam

Prince Adam dusted off his dress coat as he admired himself in the mirror. The royal hairdresser was giving the final touches to his hair and was practically shaking while doing so. Adam chuckled at him evilly before shrugging his hands off of him and nodded his head at him.

The hairdresser took it as his cue to leave and disappeared from the room in a matter of seconds as he didn’t want to upset the prince. Upsetting the prince lead to many consequences and the poor hairdresser didn’t have it in him to face it; the prince was cruel they said.

Adam smirked as he powdered his nose one more time, and reapplied the lipstick so that his lips stood out the most against his powdered face and gorgeous blue eyes. The colour of his lips was selected to be scarlet red for the night as he had decided that it would shine out his seductive side more.

He grabbed the blush as he smeared it out thoroughly onto his cheeks and smiled in delight as the pink powder flushed him in his innocent façade. As he decided that he was satisfied with the makeup, he snapped his fingers and in came the servants with his racks and racks full of cashmere coats, all big and lined up in his precise favourite order.

Adam turned around in his chair and stared at the many coats he owned. He felt a need to call the royal tailor and stich him up a new one. But, he was excited for the party to start and couldn’t make his guests longer; even though they would do anything to please their royal prince.

He sighed and pointed his finger at a big, bright sky blue cashmere coat with white little flowers embedded on it, the same as the ones he had in his royal gardens. The head servant, immediately took it off the hanger and held it for Adam to wear. Adam stood up from his chair and turned around. The servant helped him put on the coat and they were done just like that. In mere seconds, the servants were out of his highness’s room, with little to no hustle.

He walked out of his room few minutes later with a grin on and nodded at his prime minister to notion him the start of the annual party of the mighty Village. The prince hosted a ton of parties but, the annual party meant a lot more to him as it showcased his power and wealth among the rich and the poor, gaining him more respect and most importantly fear. Fear fed him as a great deal, it boosted his ego knowing he was better than other human beings.

Adam placed his hand on the hand railing and took one step at a time as he looked over the crowd waiting for him, at the end of the staircase. He smirked in delight as they were all dressed up in their best attires; up to the royal standards. He wouldn’t allow anyone into the castle. The prince would himself check if everyone present was eligible to be in the castle. There were strict rules and regulations and violating them meant either of the two things- banishment from the Village or death.

“Oh, Madame Garderobe, you look beautiful as ever.” Adam spoke as he reached the end of staircase and looked at Madame Garderobe waiting for him. He bowed down for her and kissed her hand before walking her to the centre of the ballroom. He smiled at the ladies standing around him in a circle and left Madame Garderobe at the centre of the circle and walked to his throne.

He walked while acknowledging his guests and turned swiftly as he reached the throne. He sat on the throne gracefully and looked over the crowd. He raised his hands up in the air and clapped twice to indicate the beginning of the night. At his signal, the guests sprinted into the dance and musicians started playing their instruments. Madame Garderobe started singing the great galore of Prince Adam and his ancestors; as she twirled amidst the guests dancing.

“Oh, how divine is the glamour music, magic and time.

As we are blessed to be here;

with a need so anxious to shine.

What every heart prays,

that every prince, every dog has its day.”

Madame Garderobe kept on singing next to her beloved Lumière, who played the piano for her. She smiled at him with adoration, and raised her voice pitch for the next verse. Prince Adam got up from his throne and walked to the centre of the ballroom. He joined the beautiful ladies in the dancing and laughed loudly as he twirled a lady in his arms.

The lady smiled at him innocently and he moved on to another one, as he got bored of her beauty. She was a beauty but, not the one he desired the most. They were all beautiful as he only chose the best ones. But, he was tired of seeing the same women with loads of makeup and their puffy gowns.

Adam walked to the centre of the ballroom, doing a twirl and danced to the tune of Madame Garderobe’s music as she the pace of the dancing increased and the women around him, started going around in circles. He laughed loudly at the flirtatious women and winked at the shy ones, earning him blushing faces.

The heat in the party increased as the guests started enjoying themselves with the wine and dancing going around. Prince Adam kept on moving on from one arm to another as he danced graciously with every woman.

As, he was about to twirl another woman in his arm, there was thunder and lightning out of the blue in the spring season. The music stopped at the sudden change of climate. The guests were startled as they looked out through wall length windows and saw a dark demeanour of the wind and nature.

The temperature dropped in the ballroom and Prince Adam made his way through the crowd towards the gates, to check the hindrance. Madame Garderobe grabbed Lumière’s arms as she struggled to keep sense of the happenings around her. Lumière kept his arms closed around her and tried to relax her. Mr. Cogsworth walked through the crowd and stood behind Prince Adam as he tried to find the source of problem.

The candles and lamps blew out as the winds flowed that forced the main gates open with a loud noise and some of the glass windows shattered. Prince Adam’s eyes widened as he stood straight and looked out the gates to spot anyone or anything. The prince focused on the gates, but all he could see was the dark black cloud.

A minute later, the winds stopped howling and the temperature dropped even more. The ballroom’s environment had become tense and full of fear and dread. The guests were terrified and Prince Adam was testing his last amounts of patient. He took a step further and the dark cloud before him cleared and he saw the outline of a person.

The person, walked into the ballroom and the guests moved further back into the halls, fearing the uneventful. The person had a black coat on them as they hunched slowly into the room. At the last moment, the mysterious person collapsed on the floor and tried to stable themselves. Adam stood in front of the person, and looked at the torn coat, he laughed out loud at the poor being.

“And, who you might be?” He asked as held his nose high in the air, full of pride. The person finally looked up and the cape around them fell down against the shoulders and revealed a rather old woman; a sick old woman. Adam scrunched his face at the wrinkled face of the old woman and scoffed at her ugliness.

“Please, help me.” The old woman begged for help and Adam looked her over to find any belongings. “Do you have anything to give me in return?” He asked her laughing evilly.

The woman placed her hand in the pocket of her coat and slowly with trembling hands took out a worn rose. She held it in front of Adam and said, “This is all I have to offer.”

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