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The Wolf Siren (Released for a limited time)

By Tinkerbelle Leonhardt All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 6 - Surprise


I headed back to the pack house, sensing the loss of my mate that walked in the other direction. How had I been blessed with her as my mate? The more time I spend with her, the more I realised she was here for the girl only, so my tie to her was insignificant. I had to come up with a plan, a reason for her to stay… maybe for her to see me as more than just the Alpha of this pack.

She had been so certain, so desperate that this girl was here, I had hoped this was not all in vain, war was looming and my pack were unsettled… I believe the pack had an inkling as to whom she was to me but none of us knew about Elven life or how their relationships worked.

The timing was unfortunate but there was nothing I could do about it. What if she chose to reject me? Just then, Max and Ryka almost ran into me when they saw me ascending the back steps.

“Alpha, we’re sorry, that she-devil…”

“Is my mate.” I blocked their sentence with a warning.

“You’re… what… is happening?” Max was lacking the ability to comprehend as Ryka’s eyes mimicked saucers.

“Can you… mate… with a?”

“I don’t know how?”

“But she’s a… a…”

“You fell asleep… on duty… you’re lucky she told me what she did.” They both flopped their heads forward understanding the enormity of their mistake, yet, they seemed happy she had told me the truth.

“She told you the truth?”

“She did,” they looked at each other and smiled.

“Sorry Alpha,” They bowed and disappeared in a flash.

The sun began to fall as I waited in my office for her to return. I mind linked Val, Marcus, Oscar and Jeremy and also requested a plate be brought up for Drea, who still was not back yet. We sat, discussing battle plans and strategies as the sun sunk deeper. I glanced at her plate of food that sat beside me untouched, when soft knuckles wrapped at the door and the distinct smell of honeysuckle drifted in.

“Come in,” I answered the soft knock, taking pleasure in my senses being overloaded with her delectable scent.

“Am I late?” she smiled.

“Almost, the sun is just about out, did you find your answers?” she nodded vigorously, “are you sharing?”

“Of course, I would not lock you out now,” she swallowed hard as she looked at me.

“Princess?” Val had vacated his chair and offered for her to sit, she bowed and graciously took the seat while I handed her the plate piled high with food.

“Thank you, Beta, but it’s just Drea.” He tilted his head to the side, “thank you, Hunter, I’m famished.” She began to eat slowly and delicately, I zoned in on the way her mouth moved, those luscious lips, so full, pink and just like that, I felt my heart race… I had to focus.

“Continue, while Drea eats,” she watched me curiously as her eyes flashed pink, this time, I didn’t mention it but I could see she felt it as she shook her head, blinking furiously.

“We know they are trying to break the barrier, we know that they saw her breach the protection grid.” Oscar motions to Drea as she watches the meeting with interest, “we still don’t know what their plans are…”

Just then there’s a knock at the door,

“Enter,” we all look at the door to see the intruder.

“Hunter baby, I’m lonely without you.”

“What the hell?” I throw out.

Fuck, Scarlet knew exactly what she was doing when she walked in with practically nothing on, just an orange G-string and a matching crop top, my fists clenched so hard my knuckles turned white. She was flaunting herself in front of my mate, hoping for a rise, to prove she would make a better Luna but all she was doing was making me angry.

“Boys, you don’t mind if I steal him for some between the sheets fun, do you?” she purrs with daggers at Drea.

“How dare you?” I was horrified.

They all look at my mate sitting there undeterred by Scarlets presence. She glanced up to see everyone’s eyes on her and she was taken aback, “what?” she gasped out.

“It’s Alpha to you Scarlet, Beta, remove that thing.” My tone was dangerous through gritted teeth, I was pissed that she had blatantly disrespected my mate and me; my orders were clear months ago, I would engage with no one. I was waiting for my match, I would have to deal with her later, right now, I was worried about my mate.

“I… I’m… I’m sorry,” she locked eyes with mine as I walked around my desk to kneel in front of her.

“Sorry?” she shook her head in confusion, thank god, she hadn’t realised what Scarlet had done. “That’s the same woman, isn’t it? From this morning? She gave me a scathing look when you grabbed my hand, is she your girlfriend?”

Nnnnnooooo.” I threw back quickly shaking my head from side to side.

“Do your females usually walk around basically naked? Is it a werewolf thing?”

“No, just promiscuous ones,” my hands trembled awaiting her reply, I was worried.

“Oh, we have them too… free spirits,” she smiled to herself and continued eating as I blew out the breath between my teeth. This glorious woman had no idea just how close I came to killing my own pack member in front of her and yet she continued on without judgement or offence.

This was definitely a worry, I was completely enamoured with her and as I watched the reaction of the men in the room, they were floored to see no spark of insecurity. A she-wolf had obviously challenged her to claim me as her own and Drea had brushed her off as if she was nothing more than a comical clown putting on a performance… Eleczonjdrea was quintessential.

I moved back and rested against my desk as Val re-joined us, “so Drea, I have informed these men in on our young girl, would you mind telling us what happened?” She placed her plate back on my desk and finished her goblet of juice.

“Very well,” she nodded, “there is an empty shack hidden deep in the forest of your territory, from the images I received, it looks fairly beaten down and from the outside looks unliveable. I think that is where I will find her… I will be leaving first thing in the morning; because of the dense terrain, I have to leave Sudryl here, if that’s okay? It will be about a day and a half’s walk; I will travel faster without Max and Ryka, quite frankly, I don’t think they can handle missing a night’s sleep,” she giggled.

I thought for a moment, “Oscar, Jeremy, Max and Ryka will go with us while Val and Marcus take care of everything else.”

“Us?” she stands to her feet.

“Yes us… do you honestly think I would let you go without adequate protection?”

“You are the Alpha; you can’t leave to go with me.”

“You’re right, I am Alpha, I can just leave and I will, my pack is well taken care of.”

“War is at your doorstep, you can’t just…” Before she had time to argue, her body sucked in, like her lungs just collapsed and her eyes swirled into silver pools that shone bright, rendering her completely frozen, until she dropped to the floor heaving and struggling for breath. “They've broken through the barrier, north side,” she choked out as we stilled, attempting to comprehend what just happened.

She scrambles to her feet with an irritated huff, pushing me aside and jumping over my desk to grasp the flail, “I’m sorry” she offers before she moves quickly to the window, kicking it open, gripping the curtain rack and swinging out through the window and sprinted along the roof.

“Fuck move!” I scream phasing into my Alpha wolf and following her out the window.

She kicked off the end of the roof and flew through the air like she was about to dive into a pool when she tucked in and rolled, just before she hit the ground, continuing her ridiculously fast run heading north without the slightest bit of fear or reluctance.

I followed closely behind in wolf form, she whistles, and out of nowhere, her horse comes galloping swiftly up, pausing briefly in front of her as she jumped on his back from behind and they both bolt off, like a bullet. It was like watching an action movie in real life, man, was I turned on.

The north side was not too far from the pack house and as we pelted as fast as we could. You could see the sparks of light flying up in the air, someone, was most definitely, attacking our grid. Three unknown wolves stood inside the barrier as more stood outside next to a witch, she looked young and inexperienced, hence why she could only hold it open long enough to let one in at a time.

I watched as she managed to get another one through, Drea sunk lower onto her horse as he picked up speed, forcing me to pick up my paws too, leaving the other four in our dust.

The now five unknown wolves were snarling at us, gnashing their canines together aggressively, ready to fight. Skidding to a stop, Drea leapt off her horse and swung the flail around, connecting with a light grey wolf, ripping its throat straight out while a black and brown coloured wolf jumped toward her as I came up and dug my teeth and claws deep into his face and neck. She circled around me as I crunched down hard, crushing the wolf’s skull as another wolf was let in. My warriors joined us with a horrendous echoing of crunching, snarling, howling and whimpering all around.

“Hunter, cover me?” I hear her call as I leap to her side, my acute hearing picks up her whisper,

“Cinta-pant.” (small opening)

We hear a woman’s high pitch scream and a rumble blasts through the air as her body gets electrocuted against the barrier.

“Kir.” (close or cut)

Drea touches my side as waves of bliss roll through my body, I swing my head around to look at her, her eyes widen as she stares at her hand while she holds a heart on the tendrils of the flail in the other, I shifted back.

“Holy shit, you ripped the heart of the witch out.”

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