Born of Fire

By RileyMaylon All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter Twenty-Nine

Max is glaring at me impatiently as I’ve put a moratorium on all physical activity to allow his wounds to heal from the fight. His arms are crossed over his chest as he lies on my bed looking completely petulant. I can’t help but burst out laughing at the sight of him as I reenter the room after cleaning the mess left from the fight in the living room.

Thankfully Max had removed the body and got rid of most of the blood, I just had to right the furniture and sweep up the debris and shattered glass everywhere. There is still a giant hole in the wall that I can now step through to the dining room. Other than that the fight must’ve been pretty quick. “I need a shower.” I tell Max and his face perks up at the declaration. I laugh at him. “No.” I tell him sternly. “I need to get the feel of that monster off my body.”

Max shoots up off the bed looking like he wants to murder someone. He grabs the side of my face forcefully. “Tell me where that cretin touched you.” He seethes angrily. I place my hands over his on the side of my face. I look at him pleadingly.

“Please don’t so this to yourself. I already feel like a heel for letting him fool me at all. His reasoning was just so—.” Max’s lips on mine cut off my explanation. He kisses me with such a passion that it’s unmistakable that I’m his. I smile against his lips as he breaks the kiss. “He didn’t touch those.” I tell him playfully.

Max kisses the side of my neck tenderly and my entire body shudders in response. I lean back to look at him. “You’re still hurt.” I plead exasperated.

“You’re my salvation.” He replies urgently. His words light a fire inside me unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I throw myself around him as he carries me into the shower. His gentle rhythm is torturously slow and perfect. Taking in and absorbing every ounce of him. His caresses over my body determined to wipe clean from any touch other than his.

When we finally emerge from the shower I laugh at the fogged up mirror and my pruned fingers. “Well I think I’m clean.” I laugh as his assault of kisses along my jaw line to my lips continues. “Clean.” I exclaim as the memory hits me. “Oh crap.” I flee from the bathroom and his arms as I find my cell to text the cleaning service to go to the club today before opening.

Thankfully they reply with a confirmation and time right away. I agreed to pay the double for the short notice. Max eyes me curiously as he looks from my phone to me. I slap my forehead dramatically. “That’s right. You weren’t there.” I admonish before quickly explaining the condition we left the club in last night after such a mad night. He points to my thigh.

“Is that when that happened?” He asks pointing out the purple bruise on my thigh. I think back to the night and roll my eyes.

“This was when your evil twin let me get knocked to the floor by drunk guys.” I tell him disappointedly. “I should’ve really know then.” Max crosses the room in barely two strides to kneel at my feet. I feel vulnerable and excited at the same time as I stand naked before him. I drop my phone to the bed as he looks at me with his eyes pleading for forgiveness before he lowers his lips to the bruised area.

We fall into the bed and each other for the rest of the day. By the time I get to work I’m completely exhausted. I didn’t sleep at all last night save for the hour this morning at the cemetery. Then I spent the rest of the day being worshipped the way every woman deserves to be for at least one day in their lives. I try to prop myself up on the newly cleaned bar top as I listen to Vladik’s pre-open speech.

I roll my eyes at Nina who is smiling brightly at me. She looks between Max and myself and mouth’s the word ‘hooker’ to me. I try to suppress my laughter as she fails to do so. Everyone’s attention turns to her as she tries to cover her laugh with a cough. Max’s eyes are fixed on me and I blush under his gaze.

I’m completely distracted by him for the rest of the night. My mind is either invaded by memories of all of the delicious things he’s done to me or creating new fantasies of things I want him to do to me. I’m so distracted I even burn myself during the flaming poi dance. I swear I thought Maximus was going to close the club down on the spot at the sight of the raw pink seared flesh on top of my shoulder.

He doesn’t let me go back to the bar, instead he leads me outside to the break area. He kicks the door shut with unnecessary force before turning on me. He starts cursing in his strange language before fixing his gaze on me and softening it. “Cor meum you have to be more careful.” He commands urgently as his hand caresses my cheek affectionately.

“What does cor meum mean?” I ask him curiously. He smiles at me.

“It’s my name for you in my language.” He says dismissively. “Now please be more careful.” He orders sternly as he leans over to blow cool air against my burnt skin. I languish at the sensation before I slap him playfully.

“It’s your fault anyway.” I scold him lightly as I blush violently at my own memories. His face breaks out into a proud playful smile as I feel him in my mind. He shakes his head trying to be serious and failing. A brilliant thought occurs to me and I know how we can spend the next two days as I shut down my thoughts he looks at me suspiciously. “I want to take you somewhere tonight. We can spend the next two days there.” I tell him excited by the idea.

“How could I possibly refuse to do something that would make you happy?” He asks rhetorically.

“Good answer.” I congratulate before we head back into work with a determination to get the night over with. I fail miserably about keep my thoughts undistracted by Max. I can feel myself blushing as I vividly recall every caress of his lips over my body from earlier today. The warm embers in my belly spark to life and I look up to see Max’s eyes watching me intently. I can almost see the glowing blue color across the dark club.

I drop my head and bite my lip embarrassed that I can’t get a hold of my own errant thoughts. I can’t believe he could be so unaffected by the memories of our bodies entwining that are completely dominating my thoughts tonight. I look up to serve the next customer at the bar and I’m met with Max’s burning blue eyes.

I try to hide my pleased smile from him as he steps around the bar to grab my arm. I signal to the other bar tenders that I’ll be right back. They look at me worriedly as Max hauls me away forcefully. I try to shoot them a reassuring smile before we’re swallowed by the crowd of dancers before making our way to the V.I.P lounge.

I’m pulled violently into the empty lounge before the door is slammed shut with the force of my body being thrown up against by this warrior of a lover. I smile a proud smile through our devouring kiss as we hastily remove our clothing. With our mingled ragged breathing I barely hear Max groan.

“What’s wrong?” I beg urgently against his lips as I come back down from my blissful high still wrapped around him. He shakes his head seeming disappointed. I feel a sharp sting at the action. His eyes lock on mine pleadingly.

“I’m a soldier McKenna. I’m a disciplined commander of the fiercest warriors of Hell.” He explains frustrated. I start to think that he perhaps misses his life of fighting brutal battles and leading Lucifer’s army. He shakes his head silently before his forehead leans gently against mine. His eyes look like burning spears looking straight into my soul.

“I shouldn’t get distracted by the sheer memory of your skin against mine. I lose control at the very thought of tasting your mouth and I have to act on it. It’s my impulsive selfish daemonic nature, driven by need. I need you, more than I’ve ever needed anything.” He confesses in a whisper like a grave sin. “I don’t understand this power you have over me.” He adds looking lost.

My heart breaks inside my chest at his confession before I take his lips in mine again. He seems so lost but this isn’t the place to have this conversation. I smile reassuringly at him as he exhales with relief. I caress his face tenderly before we redress. I laugh as I zip up the back of my skirt. “I’m sorry Max. I’ll try to keep my thoughts controlled for the rest of the night.” I tell him apologetically.

He looks at me pointedly and shakes his head. “It wasn’t your thoughts that drove me out of my senses. That was all my weakness.” He says ashamed.

“Max.” I coo sweetly. “I promise you that there is nothing shameful about what just happened.” I tell him with a wicked smile. He crooks up the corner of his mouth, but still seems unconvinced. I take his hand in mine and force him to look at me. “I want to talk to you about all of this, just not here. When we get where I’m taking you tonight, it’ll all make sense.” I assure him. He looks at me doubtfully.

I laugh lightly at my poor Max trying to understand human emotions that have never plagued him before. “Right now though, we need to get back to work.” I tease him. He shoots me a pleading look. Obviously work is the last place he wants to be right now.

“The door is too far away from you.” He whispers in my ear as he follows me out of the lounge. I smile as I drop his hand before walking back down the stairs into the dying throng of the crowd. It’s been barely an hour since Max dragged me off to the lounge and I haven’t felt a moment since then that his eyes weren’t on me.

I look up and shoot him a knowing smile before I give the signal to cut entrance and start herding the patrons out. Max’s entire face beams with a brilliant smile at me like he’s been waiting his whole life for that signal. I laugh at his reaction as Justin laughs at Max as well standing beside him before Max schools his features to get back to work.

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