Born of Fire

By RileyMaylon All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter Seventeen

The dim morning light pouring in through my bedroom window makes me sigh a small sad protest at the Earth’s constant need to turn. Then I smile as a trail of kisses begin to traverse my neck as the strong arms wrapped around my body squeeze me protectively like he can make me forget the Earth’s rotation.

“Stay here.” He whispers urgently in my ear. I offer an incoherent moan in response. The cold chill that slithers down my spine—after his warm body vacates its blanketing position—is unnerving. I shiver involuntarily as I reach for the faux mink blanket to wrap around me in his stead. I stretch out over the entire bed letting each muscle languish with the delight of its previous night’s work out.

I hide my proud smile into my pillow as I vividly remember each action that caused every delicious muscle ache. Then my eyes catch onto that dull light from my window as it crawls further across my floor boards towards my bed. Sinister and threatening in appearance as though the sun’s only purpose of rising today was to dash away the bliss the darkness of the night enveloped me in.

I can vaguely hear the noises travelling up the stairs of my tiny house from the kitchen. But I can’t focus on them as I edge further away to the other side of the bed away from the cruel sun’s approach. My heart starts to race a little faster as the sun climbs up onto the opposite side of the mattress. The fog outside my window seems to be parting to guide the sun’s light directly towards me.

I close my eyes and desperately try to wish for the fog to strangle the light and protect me. The light behind my eyelids disappears suddenly and my eyes shoot open in shock that my wish actually worked. I smile when I see the gorgeous man standing by the window after drawing the curtains shut behind him.

“My hero.” I tell him adoringly. He smiles at me proudly before his eyebrow quirks up playfully. He takes a seat on the bed beside me and coaxes me to sit up. I oblige letting my nose follow the delectable aroma lifting the rest of my body up with it. Max places a plate on my seated lap on top of a napkin.

I smile brightly at him as he whips a set of utensils from behind his back. I almost want to cry as I stare down at the perfect omelet on my lap. His eyes are searching mine as he cuts a bite of the omelet and holds it out for me to try. I moan with pleasure at the taste as it explodes in my mouth dousing every taste bud with a medley of flavors.

His eyes turn that familiar molten lava of obsidian and blue. I smile knowingly at him as I finish my breakfast. I let my head lean back against my headboard as I smile contently.

“Stop it.” I scold him playfully. “You’re going to ruin me for all other men.” He moves to lay down beside me the opposite way as his hands take my feet and start to knead them skillfully.

“Good.” He whispers before he plants a light kiss on the top of each foot. I try to school my face so it doesn’t register the shock of that single worded promise. He’s just possessive, I try to tell myself. He doesn’t understand what he’s saying. He cannot, especially after just one night together. I stop chewing my lip trying to taste the remains of the flavor lingering on them as I find his eyes boring into mine.

His gaze is so intense that I have to look away for fear of being lost in it forever. My eyes fall to the dark curtains keeping the real world at bay. Even the curtains seem like they’re about to burst like a dam wall from the pressure of sunlight building behind them. They can barely contain the brutal reality that I have to face today.

I feel the single tear slip from my eye. My heart mourns the loss of the night and my sanctuary made by the warrior stretched out beside me again. His eyes are full of concern as he reaches up to gently caress away the offending tear with the back of his hand. “Tell me what’s wrong, why does the sunlight make you feel fear?” He pleads and his worried tone nearly brings me undone.

I shake my head at him and smile reassuringly. “It’s nothing. I’m just being silly.” I offer feebly. He looks down for a moment before his whispered words reach my ears.

“Tu es mon soleil.” My heart shatters in my chest as I lean back to look at him curiously.

“How am I your sun?” I ask. He looks up and his eyes are filled with anguish. I reach over and caress his cheek softly.

“You have the power to remove any trace of happiness the dark of night filled my soul with.” He confesses as his lips find mine. I melt my body against his as we lay there in each other’s arms for a few more stolen moments. “Tell me something.” He pleads softly as his nose nuzzles into the soft flesh of my neck.

“If you could have one wish, anything at all. What would it be?” I think for a moment but I already know the one wish I’ve had in my heart for so long and it rises to the surface like a faded memory in my mind. He sighs as he takes a deep breath against my ear.

“This is why you are special.” He whispers. “Of anything you could’ve asked for or wanted, your one wish is to see your father smile again. You could’ve wished for a life of luxury like most selfish humans would’ve, or even to save your soul from hell. But instead you chose a happy memory to heal one you love.”

“What did I tell you about reading my mind?” I ask him sternly as I keep my arms wrapped tightly around his neck. He smiles at me crookedly and shrugs.

“Your mind is such a beautiful place, it’s hard to resist. You don’t think in the sharp contrast as most people do. Things aren’t solid and in black and white. Your mind is in color, and hazy like a dream you can’t quite remember. You think in emotions, rather than words or thoughts. It’s truly amazing.”

I let his words sink in as the morning starts to fade away outside. I hold on to him as tightly as I want to hold onto the night we just shared together. I close my eyes and just breathe him in. “You can go in there.” I permit him and I hear him take a sharp intake of breath. I snuggle myself against him as he breathes and I match his rhythm and can almost feel his tangible energy inside my mind exploring my very soul.

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