Born of Fire

By RileyMaylon All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter Sixteen

It’s like someone flipped a switch inside of me turning me into a creature of pure wanton desire. I pull him closer to my body keeping him securely in my grasp with me thighs clenching his hips. His strong body presses into mine and the weight of him feels perfect, like he was designed to be the perfect balance for me. My body welds to his like I never want to be parted from him again.

Our breathing is ragged and urgent as his teeth latch onto my lower lip pulling it out and letting it go as we catch our breath. His eyes are still blue flames and I smile seductively at him. “You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve seen in all my existence.” He breathes out in awe. “How can I taint you with my touch?” His eyes dim a little and I let my hands roam over his chest and travel over his shoulders to his back.

I feel the rough scarring on his shoulder blades and I look at him sympathetically. He sits up suddenly, his eyes returning to the molten swirl of obsidian and blue again. He turns away from me and on the couch and I get to my knees to kneel behind him on the seat. I move carefully so as not to startle him. I gently let my hands caress his shoulders as my lips find his scars. The raised flesh looks like an appendage was ripped out of his back on both sides.

I let my tongue slip out over the only atrocities marking his perfect form. I swirl the tongue around slowly trying to kiss away the pain of what happened to him. I hear his low groan of pleasure as I continue my assault. I hold his shoulders down harder applying pressure to keep him in place. As if he’d have any trouble throwing me off if he wanted to.

My lips fold around the scarred flesh as I take it into my mouth letting my tongue leave its own mark on him. I have an errant thought and I decide to act on it as move my lips up to bite the flesh on the top of his shoulder next to my hands. He growls a low deep growl as I continue to suck and leaving a very visible mark on him. I smile proudly as I kiss the red welt forming.

He turns to look at me and his eyes are blue fire again and I smile at him innocently. “What are you doing to me?” He pleads in my ear as I move to straddle him again.

“If you don’t know then I’m not doing it right.” I admonish teasingly. He crooks an eyebrow at me and smiles a wicked smile.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” He admits sounding ashamed. I study him for a curious moment before I lean back. I kiss his jaw then his furrowed brow. I look into his flaming eyes and submit my challenge. “Then don’t.” I say matter-of-factly. I get off his lap and stand in front of him. I grab him by the hand and pull his hulking frame off my tiny sofa. I lead him up the stairs towards my bedroom.

I sit him down on the bed as I undress myself letting him take in everything. His eyes emit a blue glow in the dark and I purse my lips to suppress my proud smile. I lean over and unbutton his pants and unzip them carefully. I slide them off his body and his impressive length shoots out like a soldier standing to attention of a superior officer. I drop his pants to the floor and his eyes watch every move committing each frame to memory.

I slowly deliberately crawl up his naked body letting mine brush lightly, teasingly against his. He closes his eyes and his head falls back as I deliver a trail of kisses marking my intended path of travel. When my lips reach his cock I let my tongue run up the length of his shaft before taking his tip into my mouth. His head snaps up and his eyes are wild.

When I don’t stop my attack on him he surrenders completely. I take him into my mouth over and over until he finds his release. When I finish him he falls apart beneath me. I crawl further along his body planting soft kisses on every inch I claim of him. When I get closer to his neck his strong arms wrap around me suddenly and pull me against him securely.

I squeal at the sudden action before laughing. He’s still trying to get his breathing under control. My body moves with his as his broad chest rises and falls with me pinned to it securely. “You’re an angel.” He confesses in a whisper. I laugh softly at him. I shake my head.

“There are no angels, or daemons here tonight. Just a man and a woman.” I tell him gently. He looks at me bewildered and I smile at him sweetly. His hand caresses my cheek before bringing my mouth to his. It seems like he’s trying to devour my essence as we kiss it’s so deep and powerful. His arms squeeze me tighter and we roll until he rests his body on top of mine.

“I want you so much more than the way a man wants a woman.” He confesses between kisses as his hand travels down to discover my opening. I moan in pleasure as his fingers deftly begin exploring my very center. His other arm stays wrapped around my lower back forcing me to arch against him as his hand creates a slow burning fire at my apex. I grip his shoulders as I hold on to him.

Then he breaks from my mouth and I gasp for air as I respond to his every touch. “Tell me how to please you.” He begs as he kisses my hips. I jerk in response as his head travels between my legs and his lips plant themselves over my opening. His hands travel under my ass cheeks securing their hold on them. His tongue darts out lapping up the moisture like a man in the desert. His tongue is working furiously as I feel my hands travel down to his either side of his head.

“Gently.” I coo as I run my fingers through his hair and fist it tightly. He moans against my center causing a delicious shiver to run through my entire body. His stroke become very deliberate and deep as he sets a torturous rhythm. I cry out as my pressure starts to build like a volcano before an eruption. It’s pure pleasure and pain as his teeth gently latch on to the sensitive nub and suck as I explode like a stain glass window shattering into a thousand shards and colors as I rain back down to the Earth.

My back is arched so far back I’m amazed it didn’t snap. I’m not even sure if I’m breathing. I just don’t care. All I’m aware of is the man kissing his way up the entire length of my body before he flips me over onto my stomach and grabs a handful of my hair and pulls it tightly. His erection is at my entrance pleading for permission. I push myself back against him harder and he plows into me.

I cry out at the sheer intrusion of his length as it fills me completely. His hand on my lower back caresses gently over my hips as he starts to ram into me a pounding rhythm. His hand in my hair causes tears to sting my eyes from the pain, but it’s not unpleasant. His hard and rough, kind of like him. I feel my pressure start to build again as he pounds into me. Every thrust feels like it goes deeper and deeper. Creating new depths inside me that only he can reach.

I cry out with the pleasure of it all. The depth of him inside me, the gentle caress of his fingers over my back and the tight hold of my hair pulling me harder against him. My knees start to shake from the loss of blood as my pressure reaches its peak. I explode again and I hear him moan with pleasure a moment later. His hand releases my hair and I collapse onto my belly as he falls to my side.

His hands reach over to turn me to face him on the bed. My head nuzzles into the pillow next to him. I smile a content smile at him and exhale deeply like I just ran a marathon. His breathing is erratic and that blue flame is still very much alive in his eyes. His eyes are searching mine for something and I’m confused by the look. “Was that okay?” He asks seeming uncertain.

I nod at him as a playful smile forms on my lips. “It’ll do.” I tease him. He smiles a half smile sensing I’m teasing him.

“I can do better.” He offers. I raise an incredulous eyebrow at him.

“I’d like to see that.” I challenge and he pulls me against him as he starts to kiss my neck. I feel his eagerness for chance to do just that as his hard length presses against my stomach. I choke on a laugh as I swat him playfully. “Not now, you’ll kill me.” I scold him playfully. I regret my words as soon as I see his eyes fade to a dull blue with the sharp obsidian shards. I reach out to caress his face as I snuggle my body against him.

“I’m sorry I was only teasing. You can’t really hurt me by doing what you did.” I explain gently and his eyes lock on mine.

“You must tell me if I hurt you. I’ve never been with a human before and I don’t know how much you can take.” He tells me seriously. I nod reassuringly.

“I promise I won’t let you hurt me.” I reassure him and his arms wind around me as he pulls me into a tight hug. I let him hold me like that until I fall asleep soundly in his arms.

I wake with a start in the dark as my consciousness becomes aware of the warm body beneath me. I open one eye and smile brightly as I’m busted by a pair of deep blue ones with a light blue flame rimming the irises staring back at me. I roll away from him in mock protest after receiving only an hour’s sleep.

“I can’t believe Vladik actually gave me the night off when the club is open.” I murmur into the mattress top as calloused hand caresses my naked back in teasing patterns.

“What would you normally do on your night off?” A curios voice asks in the dark as his lips press lightly to my shoulder blade. I can’t resist the temptation to tease him. I shrug.

“Pretty much the same as I just did.” I say coyly. I hard slap connects with my ass cheek and I yelp in surprise more than pain before I’m flipped onto my back and a Greek god statue of perfectly carved flesh and muscle presses into me. His dark glare lets me know that he doesn’t appreciate my teasing. I try to suppress my smile.

“Possessive huh? I’ll have to remember that.” I try to encourage playfulness. His brow furrows deeply.

“Very.” He says in a low seductive growl that lights up every nerve in my body like the Vegas strip. His teeth lower to bite my shoulder as I feel his tongue lap up the skin between his teeth. I groan with pleasure as I let my arms travel up the back of his arms before I let my nails drag back down very slowly.

His groan breaks his bite on my shoulder. “Are you rested enough yet?” He asks with a delicious threat in every word. I feel his intentions press into my thigh and I bite my lower lip in anticipation as I nod slowly at him. His eyes catch fire like a shooting star lighting up the night sky as I’m taken over by pure ecstasy flooding my body.

I could barely keep my eyes from rolling into the back of my head after my fourth release of bliss. Yet I couldn’t tear my eyes from his. The bright blue flames that turned almost white at each release from his body. We met our highs together before we fell, and each time was an incredible journey of bliss and rapture.

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