Behind the Lines of the Were War

By PartWolf All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Erotica

Chapter 9: New Beginnings

Santa Fe Pack Caves, New Mexico

Alpha Stanley Diggs was pissed.

They had run unopposed to the caves only to find them empty. The scent of the pack was still strong around them, so they hadn’t missed them by much. His men had searched the caves, it was clear they had left in a hurry.

Someone had tipped them off. It was the only way they would have escaped him.

Stanley stood naked in the middle of the compound, his fists clenched, staring at his men as they tried to appear busy. None of his Betas or warriors would even look at him, rightfully afraid for their lives when he was in a mood like this. His mind was swirling as he considered the betrayal. He would find out who it was, he vowed.

They would regret the day they were whelped. He would make an example of them.

He started to walk into the caves when one of his Betas yelled for him and the others. He was standing at the edge of a small slot canyon and pointing down.

“Alpha, I’ve found some dead wolves.”

Stanley walked to the edge and looked down at the three bodies starting to bloat in the Southwestern heat. All we large males; with another sniff he recognized one was Alpha Luis Gonzales. “Men, fan out and search a two mile radius. I want to know if there is anyone else around.” He turned back, not wanting his men to see the confusion in his mind. Could another Alpha have had the same idea before he did? Luis was formidable, not as strong as he was, but no pushover.

As he walked back, he shifted to wolf form and decided to pay more attention to the scents left behind, thinking perhaps he would identify an Alpha or Beta he had met before. As he got to the challenge circle, he recognized a scent.

Renee Johnson. He hardened instantly, his body poised. This was a most interesting day.

But what in the hell was a Next Alpha from Montana doing here?

Johnson Pack Camp


“Come on, we’ll drive you out.”

Linda and Eric had one arm the other as Len and Tony led the way to the satellite truck. Not much was said, Linda had cried the whole time they were packing and saying their goodbyes. Tony felt a little guilty about all the filming he had done, but it was news and it was his job. His heart was breaking for his friend, who just found love and family and was seeing it torn apart in front of her, and the whole country was watching.

Eric broke the silence first. “Len, can you get me a copy of her tail chase? I want to get a big picture of that to put in our living room.” He feigned hurt as she elbowed him in retaliation.

“Hey, at least I CAUGHT my tail.”

The luggage was loaded and with some final waves they were off, escorted by a Pack beta in front and behind. The ride was slow and bumpy on the hastily constructed road leading back to a logging trail and then to town. Len turned and looked at Linda. “Where to, Boss?”

Linda sighed. “Head back to the station. We can’t stop on Pack lands, so after our escort leaves us let’s find a place to eat. I’ll brief the station manager as soon as we get a cellphone signal.” She snuggled into Eric’s side. “I didn’t think it would leave me so empty.”

“The Alpha bond is a powerful thing for our wolves. We are drawn to it, we need it for stability and belonging. It’s like someone ripped a part of my soul out and left a big empty place behind.” He kissed the top of her head as she cried on his shirt. “I didn’t know it would affect you this much since you just got it, but I guess your wolf knows what she needs.”

“Are you mad at Derek and Amanda for doing this to us?”

He sighed. “No, it’s not their fault that my wolf and I couldn’t control our behavior. I had every intent of doing this right when we left, but you, my love, are irresistible.” Lifting up her chin with his finger, he smiled. “They didn’t leave us without. They will help us find a new home quickly.”

“How? What Pack will accept you knowing you were kicked out for disobeying Alpha commands?”

“My old commander will. Renee Johnson is now the Alpha of the Santa Fe pack in New Mexico. Amanda gave me her phone number and told me to call; her Pack is small and she needs a second. If we want, I’m sure she will take us in.”

“I guess we will find out in a few hours then. Hold me?”

He gathered her into his lap. “Forever, my love.”

Santa Fe Pack Territory

New Mexico

Stanley Diggs stared into her eyes as she struggled to breathe.

They had not found anything else near the site, so he had led them back to their cars. None of the women left behind would look him in the eye, but Kelly was clearly hiding something. He dragged her naked body out of the SUV. She shuddered as he closed his slightly shifted hand around her throat and her feet flailed in midair a foot above the road.

“Someone warned them. You have no idea how upset I get when one of my Pack betrays me.”

Her eyes were bugging out as her hands fought against his grip without success. “Tell me what you did and I’ll think about letting your family live.” She closed her eyes, resigned to die before admitting anything. Her Alpha continued to squeeze, his claws piercing her throat. She was one good shake away from death when his phone rang.

His driver pulled it out of the back of the vehicle. “Alpha Digg’s phone, Jeff speaking.” He held it out. “Alpha, you need to take this.”

Stanley dropped his medic to the ground and grabbed the phone. “This had better be good.”

A woman’s voice answered. “Alpha Diggs, you should know that entering another Pack’s land without permission is an act of war. Your little raiding party is too late. You have one minute to get back in your vehicles and get the hell out of here.”

Stanley laughed. “Or what? Are you going to send your Alpha after me? I just saw him, he’s vulture food.”

“No, not him. I WILL send a 308 caliber 220 grain Winchester Silvertip boattail at three thousand feet per second into your left eye. You’ll be dead before you hit the ground.”

“Who are you?”

“One of a dozen snipers with their crosshairs on your head right now. I’m Alpha Renee Johnson, and you’re on my land. Leave that woman behind and leave in your trucks before we cut you down where you stand. You have 30 seconds.”

Stanley looked around, but he couldn’t see or smell anything. They were completely exposed on the road. He choked down his rage as he hung up. “LOAD UP NOW! MOVE!” As soon as his driver was in, he ordered him to turn around and get them the hell out of there. The caravan took off as quickly as they came.

Stanley was angry, frustrated, embarrassed and incredibly aroused, and the arousal was winning. That woman... she challenged his very soul. “The spirited filly is the most fun to break,” he said. One day soon he would force her submission, and her mating.

As his Alpha bitch she would be glorious.

Renee let the breath she had been holding out. Slowly she rose up from their position on a small hill a half mile away. Crystal was amazed, and the rest of the pack couldn’t believe this turn of events. “Alpha, what were you going to do if they didn’t leave?”

“Say ‘BANG’ and run like hell?” They all laughed, they may be a small pack and she may be a new and female Alpha, but she just bluffed a powerful Alpha and his warriors into leaving armed with nothing other than a cellphone. “It’s not safe to go back to the caves, if we need anything we’ll buy it in town. Let’s get back in the vehicles, I want to go meet with the other area Alphas. If he was going to go after us, he might go after them too. We also need to pick up that woman he left behind and find out why he was about to kill her.”

Renee had just directed Anna and another woman to take a vehicle to the woman when her phone rang. “Hello, this is Alpha Johnson.”

“Renee, it’s Robert Hastings of the Gila Pack in Arizona. I’m so happy to hear your voice. I take it Alpha Diggs was not successful in his attack?”

“Yes, at least for now. We got a tipoff he was coming, luckily we weren’t at our caves and we knew not to return. We managed to bluff our way into getting him to leave.”

“Bluff? He’s not the kind of man that is easily fooled.”

“I didn’t have a choice, he had more than twenty warriors with him and my pack has hardly anyone left. It won’t keep him away, but he’s not after the land.”

“Why do you say that?”

“I think he’s more interested in our money than our territory. We don’t even have our Pack lands any more, they were sold by the Government during the war. He figured out that if he takes over the Pack he takes over the Pack bank account too.”

She could hear Robert exhale before he continued. “You’re right, and that’s one reason I wanted to ask you to come meet with me. I doubt if he’s going to stop his plans just because you outsmarted him once. I think all the Alphas in this area need to talk.”

“Well, right now we’re planning to take a road trip and meet some new people. Are you up for visitors?”

“Absolutely. You will always be welcome on our Pack lands, Renee, and that was true before you took out that sadistic bastard. Give me a call when you get to Socorro and we’ll give you an escort.”

“Thank you Robert. I look forward to seeing you again. Be warned, though- half my pack is single and they’re looking for mates.”

Robert laughed heartily. “I’ll warn the single ones in my Pack. Hopefully they will find them here. Take care of them Renee, I’ll see you soon.”

“You too.” She hung up with a smile on her face.

Just then Anna spoke up on the Alpha bond. “Alpha, we need you down here. Kelly is asking for you and it is urgent.”

Renee directed one vehicle to travel a few miles down the road and ensure Diggs was gone while they went to see the woman who had nearly been killed on the road. They pulled up next to her as she was being cradled in Anna’s arms in the back seat of the SUV. Anna had found a T-shirt and shorts for her to wear, but she could smell the blood.

Anna had tears in her eyes as they both looked up at Renee. “Alpha, this is Kelly Painter. She was the one who called the military to warn us of Diggs and his attack.”

Renee smiled broadly. “We are in your debt, Kelly. What you did was incredibly brave, I’m glad you are still with us. Was that why he was going to kill you?”

Kelly’s voice wavered, the adrenaline was still leaving her system. “Yes, he knew someone had to have warned them and you can’t lie to your Alpha. He could tell it was me. Alpha, he didn’t kill me but he will go after my future mate and my family. He already threatened to kill my Kevin while he was raping me in the back of his car. Please, I have to warn them. Can I use a phone?”

Renee nodded as she handed over a burner. “Kelly, tell your family and anyone else who wants to leave that my pack will take them in. If they can get away, have them go into Denver and find a place to hide out for a few days until we can get them.” Kelly nodded as she dialed. “Would you like to join our Pack as well?”

“Yes, if you’ll take me. I can’t go back. He’ll kill me.”

Renee cupped her face and smiled as the Alpha bond formed. “Call whoever you can, get them out of there quickly. My Pack welcomes them.”

Kelly sat back and started talking to her parents. “Mom? It’s Kelly. You need to get out of there NOW. Alpha Diggs will kill you if you don’t leave.” They could hear shouting on the other end.

“Mom, he raped me and threatened my mate. I escaped but I warned the people he was going to attack. He’ll go after you since he lost me. I’ve got a new Pack and new Alpha, Renee Johnson, she said they will take you in. Get to Denver and wait for me to call.” She listened to the objections. “NOW, Mom. Run!”

Kelly hung up and started to dial more numbers as Renee and her Pack members walked away to give her some privacy.

When the scout car returned, she called a quick Pack meeting. “Kelly has joined our Pack, she risked her life to warn us of the attack. Her Alpha was as big a bastard as Luis was. I’ve offered a place in the Pack to her family and any others who want to get out from under him. She has been abused and needs our help.” She could tell by their faces that they were willing, their Pack was recovering from the same abuse.

Crystal spoke first. “Where will we put them? We don’t have anything.”

“We’ll find a way. We need to grow, we aren’t big enough to be a sustainable pack right now. I know it will be a challenge for us to absorb new members so quickly, but we won’t survive without it.”

“How many others are there,” asked Ken.

“I don’t know yet, at least one family. We will know more later, but we need to load up and get out of here before he comes back. Alpha Hastings of the Gila Pack has offered to host a visit. He is a good man, I trust him. It will give us a chance to talk with other Alphas about how to deal with Diggs, plus it will be a chance for some of you to look for a mate.”

Wendy raised her hand. “Alpha, do we have time to go back to the caves and get our stuff? I don’t want to lose my medical supplies.”

“Sorry, we don’t. I don’t know how long it will take Diggs and company to realize that they were fooled, and we can’t be here when they do. Whatever we need, we’ll buy on the way. It’s just stuff, right?” There were smiles at this as they filled the cars again.

Renee got into the SUV with her elders Crystal and Ed and driver Rich. The men took the front seats, and Michelle crawled over Crystal’s lap to sit between her foster parent and her new Alpha. Rich looked back at them with a smile on his face. “Where to, Boss?”

“Albuquerque. We have a few things to do before we meet the Gila pack. Keep to the back roads, we don’t want Digg’s men to spot us.”

Crested Butte Pack


Blake had expected the call from his Alpha, and answered quickly. “Yes Alpha, Blake here.”

The anger was apparent by his tone of voice. “That bitch Kelly Painter betrayed us and warned the Santa Fe pack we were coming. I want her family held for me until we return. That mate of hers, Kevin, too.”

Blake let a breath out slowly, this would cause problems as her family was well respected in the pack. “Yes Alpha, it shall be done. Did you deal with her?”

“No. I will though. She ran off with the Santa Fe pack Alpha. Apparently, Renee Johnson is now the Alpha.” Just saying her name was enough to get him hard. “We will be down here for a week or so. I have to assume the other packs have been warned, and we need more intelligence on the Santa Fe pack before we make our move.”

“Alpha, this could cause problems. Renee Johnson is a celebrity among the humans and is respected among the other Alphas. She is also close with the military leadership. Killing her would have serious repercussions.”

“Kill her? Never. Not unless I can fuck her to death.” Stanley’s head went back as he envisioned her moaning under him. “No, I plan to make her my Alpha Bitch. She’ll bring her pack with her.”

Blake paused, thinking of the implications. “She would be a great asset to the Pack. Have you talked to her about it?”

“Not yet. She will become my mate, or she will die.”

“Alpha, you need to know one more thing. I did some asking around with the military leadership before you attacked. Apparently, the Santa Fe pack lands have been sold. The government had to pay them for it since the new owners wouldn’t sell. This pack doesn’t have its own territory, but it has money.”

“How much?”

“Over twenty five million. More is coming. If you can bring her into the Pack it would be yours.”

Stanley paused. This would make it more lucrative, but more difficult at the same time since he didn’t know where they would be. “I’ll use the men to search for them, they are probably on the move. Keep in touch. If Kelly contacts the Pack, let her know that if she turns herself in I will spare her family. She will come to us. Call me if anything changes.”

Blake heard the line close and called for some additional Betas to meet him at the cave entrances. This was not the job he wanted right now, but he wouldn’t let his Alpha down. He looked at his men. “The Painter family is to be held for the Alpha. Let’s go.”

I-80 west of Cheyenne


Linda’s producer at KUSA-Denver was thrilled to hear from her. They had watched the trial, their switchboard was still overwhelmed with people wanting to help or to know what happened. Linda’s story touched like few others. After explaining that they needed to meet to talk about their next move, the station had sent their helicopter north to meet them at the Cheyenne Airport.

It was Andy’s turn now. He dialed the number Amanda had given him. She answered on the first ring.

“Alpha Johnson, who is this?”

“Renee, it’s Andy Miller. I’m calling with my mate Linda.”

“ANDY!!! You’ve mated? Congratulations! When did this happen?”

“Well, Alpha, it happened before it was supposed to. I mated without Derek’s permission and turned Linda as well. We’ve been expelled from the pack.”

There was a long pause. “Andy, can I speak to Linda please?”

Andy handed the phone to his mate. “Hi Renee, it’s Linda. Congratulations on becoming an Alpha, you’ll be wonderful with your own pack.”

“Thank you Linda. How are you finding life as a werewolf?”

“It’s been a shock, really. A few days ago I didn’t know Andy existed, and now I want to have children with him. Then there’s the whole ‘grow hair and a tail’ thing. I’m overwhelmed but deliriously happy, does that make sense?”

“It does, it sounds just like new mates. I’m so happy for you. Linda, why were you expelled from the pack?”

“I couldn’t stay there while he was gone, and so I chose to have the Alpha bond broken so if we found a new pack we could both join. We’d like to join yours if you will take us.”

“Put Andy back on please.” There was a pause as the phone was handed over. “Andy, I can’t have a Beta in my pack who won’t obey an Alpha command. Why should I take you in?”

“Renee, my wolf was crushed by what happened. We never wanted to leave, and the pain of losing my Alpha bond was a strong lesson. We have learned from it and just want a chance to make amends. Amanda gave me your number right after they broke the Alpha bond, I think she knew I could help you and you might take us in.”

“I will decide soon. I need to speak with Derek first. In the meantime, where are you?”

“Cheyenne. We’ll be in Denver in a few hours, Linda has some meetings with KUSA management.”

Denver was good, Amanda thought. “I can use your help in Denver with another matter. There are refugees from the Crested Butte pack that are heading that way; they are family and friends of Kelly, a brave young lady who is now in my Pack. I need them hidden and protected until we can get there, which may be a few days from now. Can you do that for me?”

“Of course, Renee. I will protect them with my life.”

“OK, I will give them your phone number and allow you to make arrangements directly. Don’t worry about expenses, this will cover it.” She rattled off the numbers of their new Pack debit card. “Keep them out of sight, and give me a call each day to update me on the progress.”

“Yes Alpha, it will be done. They will want to call Kelly, can I have them call this number?”

“Yes, but we are all getting new phones soon so I will text you the contact information when it’s all settled. Keep your head down, Andy, and take good care of Linda. She’s important to me.”

“I will. Thank you, Alpha.”

Renee hung up and told her driver to find a Wal-Mart or mall, they would need clothes, cellphones and food soon. Mostly food, she was starving.

Michelle looked up from where she was snuggled in under Renee’s arm. “Alpha, is the new Beta going to be like the others?”

Renee understood her hesitation, she had bad experiences with the previous Betas in her pack. “Those men weren’t real Betas. Real Betas protect the vulnerable in their pack with their lives if necessary. They help the Alpha and defend against threats. They don’t use their position to bully or abuse. Just like a real Alpha is all about making sure the needs of the Pack are met and they are safe.”

Michelle snuggled in closer. “I’m so glad we have you as Alpha, I love you.”

“I love you too, Michelle.” A few minutes later the little girl was asleep at her side.

Renee made a call to her brother and filled him in on everything that was happening. He encouraged her to take in Andy, she needed a strong Beta and her pack didn’t have one. He also told her that they needed to meet with the other Alphas soon before Diggs could attack another pack. As she hung up, their little caravan was pulling into the Wal-Mart. Over the bond she said, “Buy what you need for a few weeks on the road, including luggage. We will get food for the road. We need to be out in an hour, so make it fast.” She held Michelles’ hand as they walked in, she had never seen anything like this place.

West of Denver

The wolves ran for their lives through the woods. They knew full well what would happen when Alpha Diggs returned. In addition to the Painter family, Kevin’s family and several others had seized the chance to get out of the Pack now that the war was over and they knew a better Alpha would take them in.

Meanwhile, back at the pack caves, Blake and his men did not hide their displeasure at finding the families gone. Blake looked at his remaining Betas. “Seal the borders, don’t let them through. You three track them. I have to make a phone call.” They ran off immediately, thankful that they weren’t the ones who had to inform their Alpha.

Blake dialed a number. “Alpha, I have a problem...”

The conversation went as expected. Blake hung up, placed the phone on a lanyard, shifted and took off at full speed after his trackers. Failure was not an option.

Tucanos Brazilian Steakhouse Restaurant
Albuquerque , New Mexico

They had cleared out the Wal-Mart in record time, and new clothes and supplies were filling the backs of their vehicles. Wendy had filled two carts with medical equipment and supplies alone.

It took a long time for Renee to feel they were far enough away from the old Pack lands to stop for the night. The sandwiches from the Wal-Mart deli had done little to quell their hunger, so when they saw the billboard for “all you can eat meat” her Pack clamored to stop.

What the hell, they had the cash for a good meal.

She looked around the long table in the back room where they had been seated, the happy faces of her now 17 strong pack looking back at her. Well, nineteen actually- she had called Andy and Linda back and accepted them as well. Andy was going to be her second and lead Beta. She was looking forward to seeing them again soon.

The waiter came and took their drink orders and explained how things worked. “The salad bar is open to you, but the meats and side dishes will be brought to your table. Each of you has a wooden marker by your plate, if it is green the servers will ask you if you want what they have, if you turn it to red it means you aren’t interested in more food right now. We have fifteen kinds of meat tonight, so pace yourselves.”

Renee just smiled. “Keep it rare and keep it coming, this group is hungry.” They were drooling already from the smells in the restaurant.

“Are you werewolves?” He shifted his feet nervously.

“Yes, but don’t worry- if the meat keeps coming we won’t nibble on your leg.” She laughed, and he turned and hurried back to the kitchen. “Ok, everyone, let’s strap on the feed bag!” With that they headed to the salad bar for their warmup. Michelle stayed by her side, and Renee helped her choose a little of everything so she could figure out what she liked.

By the time they returned to the table, a veritable parade of servers was lined up. Beef, lamb, pork, veal- the servers arrived with a sword full of meat and left with it empty. It was driving the manager nuts, he had half his kitchen serving just one table and they showed no signs of stopping.

An hour later, the red signs finally started to appear. “Madam, I am Javier the manager, I trust you have enjoyed your visit to our establishment?”

Renee by now was leaning back in her chair, her belly distended almost like she was five months pregnant instead of the two it actually was. “Yes, the food was excellent. I think I may fall into a meat coma!” There was laughter around the table, they hadn’t eaten that well in ages. In wolf form, they would have just fallen asleep at the table until the next day. “I don’t know if I want to drive anywhere, is there a good hotel nearby?”

“Yes, if you exit the parking lot and go three blocks east you will see the Southwest Hilton, it is excellent.”

“Thank you. Can we have a few minutes to talk before you bring the dessert tray?”

“Of course, Madam.” As he walked away, he decided that in the future they would have to have a “Were Rate” on their pricing. This group had put a serious dent in tonight’s profits.

Kelly looked over at Renee and asked, “Alpha, have you heard anything from my family?”

“Not yet. I expect it may take them some time to get off Pack lands and make contact. I have a man in Denver who will pick them up and shelter them until we can get there.”

“Thank you.”

Renee smiled. “We are Pack, we support each other.” She looked around the table at her small group. “I want you to know what I intend to do. Staying small won’t work. Whether we merge with another pack or take in enough people, we have to grow to survive. We will need leaders, too; I can’t do this alone, and almost all of you are Omega rank. Then there is the fact that I’m pregnant and a female Alpha is easier to challenge.”

Crystal asked, “But who would we merge with?”

“I don’t know. I think my old Pack in Montana would take us in, and there are several others closer. We have time to decide after we meet with the other Alphas. Our Pack is bound to change as you find your mates, too- some of you will be leaving to join your mate’s Pack, while others will join us for the same reason. Now that the war is over, we can interact and move between Packs easily. This gives you the best chance of finding your mate.”

There was a minor interruption as the dessert cart came by. Since werewolves find chocolate to be poisonous, there were only a few selections, but all of them completely decadent. The ten minute conversation had been enough for them to regain some appetite.

As they enjoyed their desserts, they considered how best to meet with the other Packs. They were going to one pack soon, but the packs were widely scattered and it could take months to visit them all, even if they got permission to enter all those lands. Patrick pointed out that since their whole Pack was traveling, it would be more of an invasion force than a social call.

Wendy spoke up. “What we really need is a central place to meet. We could get all the unmated from each pack in one place, we could find out if our mate is out there in a weekend.”

Renee looked up, her eyes bright with possibility. “If we did it at the same time as an Alpha meeting, it could kill two birds with one stone. Having each Alpha and some senior Betas around would make the meeting more comfortable. We could have it on neutral territory. Hang on a minute...”

Renee got her phone out and called Andy and Linda. “Linda... do you think you could help me arrange a meeting for all the Alphas and unmated Pack members?”

Linda smiled. “Not only can I help, but I’ll get my network to sponsor it and cover it. We could find a big park near Denver, something with a building for meetings and plenty of space to run and meet. It’s a great idea, it’s just what we need for the Packs to come out into the open. We could have bands, food vendors, there would be tons of human women who would attend...”

“What do you mean human women?”

“Hello... hot young Werewolf males, all animal lust and muscles, and love at first sniff. Humans like me have found mates among you, and the live coverage of my experience had huge ratings. Do you know how many women sick of the dating scene would go for the idea of a soul mate who will take her and never leave her? We’ll be overrun. We’ll probably get some human males for the same reason. It makes dating look like a waste of time.”

“I see what you mean. We should probably invite some of the military leadership to the event as well, just to make sure we have all discussion topics covered.”

“I’ll start making phone calls, Alpha. How soon do you want this?”

“How about this weekend?” There was a sudden intake of breath on the other end, as it was Tuesday night already.

“That will be a challenge, but I’ll find a way to make it happen. I’ll call you back as soon as we have a location and start time. I better get going, my boss needs to know about this since he has the contacts I need.”

“Thank you Linda, tell Andy hi for me and goodnight.”

“Goodnight Renee.” Linda hung up and looked down at Andy, whose face was nestled in her sex as his tongue did wicked things to her. He knew she had to take the phone call, but it didn’t mean he had to stop his worship of her body as they relaxed in her Denver apartment. Now that she was off the phone, he pressed forward, determined to make her scream in pleasure. “Andy!!! You are so naughty!”

“Hey, I’m not the one who hung up on her Alpha because she was about to come all over her mate’s face.” He grinned then dove back in like a starving man at a buffet. Every time he felt her approaching the peak, he would back off a little.

It was frustrating as hell for her, she wanted to come and she told him so in language that would make a sailor blush. “Beg for it,” he taunted.

“Andy, please, just do it, please, I’ll do anything, please....” It was enough, and he sent her over. She screamed his name as her body tensed, lifting him off the bed before she crashed down again. Again and again her body tensed then collapsed, leaving her slick with sweat and exhausted. “Oh my God, that tongue is SO talented... you outdid yourself.”

He smiled as he pushed himself up to meet her lips, kissing her hard and deep as she tried to catch her breath. “Roll over, babe, I’m not done yet.” She lost track of time, forgot to breathe, and passed out from the sheer pleasure he was giving her.

Andy sat up and stroked her back as she slowly regained her wits about her. “We have to work on your stamina, honey, my wolf hasn’t had his turn yet.” She moaned loudly, wondering how she would survive more attention.

“Food. Drink. Then sex. Clearly I need more energy to keep up with you.” He chuckled and headed off into the kitchen to make her a snack. A few minutes later he returned with a bottled water and a warm washcloth. He cleaned her up then pulled some pillows near the headboard and set her upright. “After today I’ll never walk again.”

“You’d be amazed at what your body can do when properly motivated and prepared, love.” He scampered back to the kitchen before she could think of a retort.

Ten minutes later, the phone rang again while Andy was cooking steaks in a cast iron pan. It was Amanda, calling to see how they were doing. She crept into the kitchen as he updated her on what was going on with the new pack. His back was to her, in a T-shirt over cotton sleep pants. She silently approached, kneeling down as she yanked his pants down to his ankles. When he turned in surprise, she grabbed him with her mouth. He caught the edge of the counter to keep from collapsing as his knees gave way. Her eyes looked up at him, shiny with lust and more than a bit of challenge.

Turnabout was fair play, she thought, hoping he was enjoying his phone call. She knew it would be a brief conversation.

Tucanos Brazilian Steakhouse Restaurant
Albuquerque, New Mexico

The mood over dessert was rather festive, the idea of a mass gathering of werewolves had them all excited. “Well,” Renee said, “If we’re going to have a get together, we need a name for it. Something catchy.”


“Speed Wolfing”

“Wolf Fest”

“Were Days”

Crystal smiled. “Wolfstock.”

“We have a winner!”

West of Denver

Blake caught up to his other Betas as they had surrounded a large group of wolves. He was shocked that so many would flee his Pack, and worried about his Alpha’s reaction. He shifted and stood before them. “What are you thinking? Go home. Do it quickly before your betrayal is known.”

Kelly’s father shifted and faced him down. “The war has ended yet we still suffer. Do you know what your Alpha has done to my daughter?”

“It doesn’t matter, he’s the Alpha. His word is law.”

“Not of us, not anymore. No man who rapes young girls is worthy to lead me.”

“You can’t just leave.”

“Actually, we can. He is only Alpha because his Pack recognizes him as such. That animal forced himself on my daughter, leaving her bleeding and broken, just because he could. We have broken our bond with him. Alpha Johnson has already taken Kelly in, and she will take us too.”

“You’ll leave over my dead body.” He glared at them, daring them to test him. The other Betas lined up alongside him.

A wolf in the back shifted and stood. “Don’t do this, Blake. Search your heart, you know this isn’t right.”


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