Behind the Lines of the Were War

By PartWolf All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Erotica

Chapter 7: Alpha

Woods near Johnson Pack Camp


They were both worn out and had missed dinner, but neither one cared. They were making the trip back to camp that night at a much slower pace than her first ride on the back of her wolf.

HER wolf. Her mind was coming to terms with what her heart had already decided. She buried her face in his neck, hugging her arms around his furry chest as she drowned herself in his earthy, wet puppy smell. Linda was glad he was moving slowly, her legs still ached and her insides were still feeling the effects of the pounding she had taken. Her mind was somewhat detached, the multiple orgasms had left her flying high.

Nothing in her life compared to what she felt this day. It was so unlike her. She wasn’t the kind of girl who fell into bed with some guy she just met! She had only had a few lovers in her life, and they all had to work their way up to it. She wasn’t comfortable sharing herself with someone she wasn’t in a stable relationship with, so she waited for months before moving forward.

Andy was different; she reached the point of feeling safe and loved enough for sex after mere hours. She didn’t feel any regret, either. It just felt right and she couldn’t explain that. She would have to talk to her best friend Barb about this when she got back to Denver. Maybe her Mom. Was it too soon to meet her family? What would they say about her wolf? Could she go through with this?

It was too much to think about on such a beautiful day, so she didn’t. She rubbed her face against his neck and relaxed.

She caressed his chest as she daydreamed about their long afternoon and evening of the best sex she had ever had. They were insatiable and he had minimal “down” time; even the cold water of the stream couldn’t cool his ardor. He had walked her out into the chest-deep water to clean the dirt, grass and fluids from them. Washing soon became groping, one thing led to another and soon she was bent over a rock in midstream begging for him to do her again.

The memory was getting her aroused. Almost without thinking, her legs moved off his back, coming around his stomach until her toes were touching his manhood. She thought about how they hadn’t tried ‘doggie style’ yet, and the thought of that sent her into a giggle fit as her feet stroked his shaft. She didn’t noticed that he had stopped until he gave her a questioning whine. “Sorry,” she said, “I was just thinking about what it would be like to have you take me in this form.” Andy looked back at her, his tongue lolling out the side while his eyes sparkled with excitement. “I don’t think I can wait to find out. Come on, big boy, show me some wolf loving!”

Linda hopped off and walked to a moss-covered area. Hanging her clothes from a nearby branch, she dropped to her hands and knees and wiggled her taut butt back at him. Andy moved forward, and began licking her legs, starting at the knees. A few strokes of that tongue and she was panting and begging for him to take her. His wolf didn’t require further encouragement.

Rising up on his back legs, he used his front legs on her thighs and pulled her back until he was at her opening. His human side had talked to his wolf about making sure he went slowly, and the wolf knew he could hurt her if he was too rough. He was also careful not to scrape her with his claws as he shuffled forward before pushing into her.

“FUCK!” It felt like he was splitting her in half! The soreness combined with the pain and the friction to push her to overload. Sensing her pain, he gave her a minute to adjust, licking her back and neck until she started to push back on him. Andy gave her a few long, slow strokes, enjoying the feel, letting her adjust to the size. Once she started pushing back on him his wolf took her like he wanted, hard and fast. She started to moan and scream as she came and came again.

His eyes were glowing as his wolf took full control. He used his weight to drive down as he forced the knot into her.

She screamed in pain and pleasure. It hurt like hell going in, but the pain quickly abated once in before the pleasure took over. The knot filled her canal and the sensation was incredible. She was moaning continuously, her body shaking again and again and she screamed her release. Andy’s wolf kept going as he stamped his dominance on her.

“YES! TAKE ME MAKE ME YOURS OH SHIT DON’T STOP!” Linda’s eyes rolled back as she came hard, her entire body clenching and releasing. She arched her neck back, exposing its length to him as she lost the ability to speak. With one last plunge he started to fill her with his seed. As the first pulse went out, he lunged forward and bit into her shoulder, holding her as he filled her with his seed. The blood in his mouth sated the beast. She went limp under him, pulling him down to the ground next to her by his knot. He licked the wound until it stopped bleeding then licked her neck. His mate was safe and happy.

The taste of her blood brought his human side forward in his mind as his wolf looked down at her with satisfaction. He realized that his wolf had marked her! He raised his head and sent out a distress howl. He was in deep shit, knotted to a human he didn’t have permission to turn. He curled his body around her and waited, wondering if he would see the next moon.

Santa Fe Pack Den

New Mexico

Eleven wolves with glowing eyes thundered into the midst of the pack with murderous intent. They craved resistance and found none; every wolf they saw immediately rolled on its back and bared its neck in submission. They growled and snapped but wouldn’t attack pack members who gave up. The huge white wolf stopped in the center of the clearing while his men surrounded the pack members. Derek slowly looked around, his eyes glowing as he searched for someone to receive his rage.

Derek walked over to inspect two dead Betas, then the large black and tan wolf. None of the pack members would meet his eyes.

He walked to the far side of the circle where four wolves were sitting protectively around a wolf that was lying unconscious. The she-wolf was clearly injured and was covered in so much blood he couldn’t tell what color she was. A small Omega was licking at the wounds, ignoring him. He started to advance, head high and hackles up, and then he smelled her.

He immediately shifted and ran to her side. Carefully lifting her head onto his lap, her eyes opened and she smiled in recognition. He inspected her from nose to tail, finding most of the blood was not hers. “Thank Luna you’re alive! I felt the bond dissolve and I feared the worst.”

The Betas howled their joy at seeing her alive again. They were joined by the members of her new pack. The Johnson Pack wolves all gathered around their Alpha, relieved that a fight was not needed.

Renee looked around then shifted to human form. “I knew you would come for me, I just ran out of time. I didn’t want this. I never wanted to be apart from you and Amanda.” She carefully sat up, still bleeding a little from deep cuts on her stomach and arms, and hugged her brother.

She then raised her head to address her pack. “I welcome my brother Alpha Derek Johnson and his warriors to our camp. They are friends.” She looked around to see all the Santa Fe pack wolves were on their bellies or backs in submission.

Turning to her brother, she said quietly, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I didn’t want to take on a big male, but I had to issue an Alpha challenge in the circle. When I finally tore his throat out, I felt the bond to you go away as they all bonded to me.”

“It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have let you go on this mission without more backup. What happened to Red?”

“That bastard executed him right before they took me prisoner.”

“Why?” Derek clenched his fists.

“I don’t know, he said we were lying about why we were there. I think he just needed to get me alone. He had me handcuffed and was going to mate me on that altar then kill my babies to force me back into heat.”

Derek pushed back his rage as he fought back the shift. It took a minute before he could continue. “Is there anyone left I can tear apart for you?”

“No, I got them all.”

With no one to receive his anger he pushed it back down and relaxed. He ordered his men to recover Red; one of the Omegas went to show them where they had thrown his body. Renee ordered her pack to toss the dead Betas and their former Alpha into a ravine to be left for scavengers. Men without honor, who would abuse their own pack members, didn’t deserve a funeral. The pack was happy to be rid of them.

Derek and Renee both shifted back to wolf form and he began to lick at her wounds. His Alpha saliva was more potent in its healing and antiseptic properties, and it helped him with his guilt.

When all the wolves had returned and she was cleaned and feeling better, her new Pack members crawled forward in wolf form to submit to their new Alpha. Each would sniff and lick her to get her smell, then come up where she could do the same. Then they would extend their neck so she could take it in her jaws before releasing. In this way the dominance was established.

Renee focused on the newly formed bonds within her head, comforting and calming her new family. Julie shifted and sat by her side, she was the first to come up and she jumped in to help with the introductions. She was followed by her mate Devin, who thanked her profusely. Luis would beat him when he tried to stop him from taking Julie to his bed. They held hands as they watched their new Alpha establish her rule.

As each wolf approached Julie would introduce them, their rank and current job, and their mate if they had one. There were fifteen wolves in her Pack, all Omegas except one low level Beta, but only three mated pairs. Every one of them was scared and wondering what was coming next. She called them all to her as she stood up.

“I am Alpha Renee Johnson, formerly of the Johnson Pack in Wyoming, and by challenge the new Alpha of the Santa Fe pack. Does anyone here dispute my leadership?” No one came forward. “I will make our new pack laws known in the days to come, but know this- there will be no forced matings, no forced sex, and no abuse. The penalty for such will be death. If you cannot abide by that, leave now.” No one moved. Their faces, especially the younger women who had been brutalized, shone with new hope. “Let us feast and rest now, and honor our guests.”

A half dozen women shifted and went into the cave to get the food that had been prepared for what was to be Renee’s mating feast. The mood was light, but Derek and Renee were somber, knowing that her time to fulfill her own destiny was here. They would miss each other, but they would always be there for each other.

An hour later, everyone returned to the area outside the pack caves. Derek and his men had built three fires in a triangle, a prearranged signal to the military drones above that it was safe to land a helicopter inside the fires. The Santa Fe pack wolves howled and started to run for cover at the sound of the helicopter, but their new Alpha promised they were safe. They stayed, though many were still shaking and they sat near their Alpha for comfort. It was clear that recovery from the war would take a while.

A few minutes later, a helicopter containing Col. Montgomery landed nearby and the group was escorted to the Alphas. It was late, they were tired, and they all knew each other anyway. The Colonel congratulated Renee on her new position and left her with contact information and a satellite phone. They agreed to meet in a few days and to talk at least once a week until everything settled down. He loaded up the Johnson Betas and Alpha Derek and returned to base, leaving Renee with her new family.

Crested Butte Pack Caves


Alpha Stanley Diggs looked out on his people gathered in the clearing below their mountain hideout. Over 300 adults in his pack, almost two thirds of what he had started with when the war started five years ago. Unlike many of the Alphas who were determined to fight, he decided they would hide. He called his people into their mountain hide before things got bad in the towns. It was boring, it went against their instincts but hiding was the right play. His time at the recent meeting of Alphas and military leadership had driven that point home.

As a race, they were nearly wiped out. Many packs had ceased to exist, and those that still functioned had only a portion of their former strength. The command structures were hard hit, the first to be killed were the Alphas and Betas who were expected to protect the Pack. He had looked around the room and decided only half the Alphas were actually powerful enough for the position.

While other Alphas were celebrating their survival, he had been planning his pack’s expansion. It was simple, really; no one else had enough warriors to stop his. The peace structure was another opportunity; Pack lands were being restored, restitution was being paid, there were hundreds of millions of dollars at stake and they would go to the Pack... or the Pack that remnant had been absorbed into. They could easily triple the Pack holdings in money and land.

These weaker packs also held a surplus of unmated females. His men needed mates, and if they didn’t find a mate the women would be used to warm his warrior’s beds. New pack members did what they had to do to survive. It was time to go back to the old ways, he thought, where might made right and the strongest took what they wanted.

He wanted a woman by his side again.

His mate had died their first winter. He missed her terribly, not just for the sex but because a strong Alpha female helped the pack run well. He had not lacked for female companionship, but none had tickled his fancy until he saw the young Next Alpha at the conference. A widow, she would look good on his arm and was respected by the other Alphas. The Johnson pack had strong leadership and allies; he would start somewhere smaller, with the pack areas that didn’t attend. He could pick up stragglers, then work his way up to stronger and stronger packs until eventually he would control the entire Rocky Mountain area.

He smiled at the thought of all that power, and hardened at the image of him tying that young brunette to his bed while he fucked her into submission. He called his Betas. They would start to the south and work their way up.

Johnson Pack Tents


Amanda was walking back to her tent after leading that night’s ceremony for the Pack funeral pyre. Another eight pack members had been recovered and sent on. This whole week had been rough on her, dealing with the finality of the losses and comforting the families as best she could. Having her mate so far away only added to her stress.

Her mate spoke to her mentally. “Amanda, love, Renee is alive. She challenged and beat the Santa Fe alpha and is now with her Pack.” That message caused her to howl her joy to the moon, and when she passed the word over the Alpha bond to her Pack there were howls all around her. She had to concentrate to respond, “Thank Luna, love you and come back soon!” Even that short message left her with a headache, it was such a distance to reach him.

She was trotting up to her tent when the distress howl was heard from over the mountain. There were only three Betas left after Derek had taken the best warriors, so she left with two of them and medic Ann. They tore out of camp in the direction of the howl. Andy’s wolf came over the Alpha bond. “It’s Linda. I bit her. She’s going to change.

“Stay put, we’ll be there soon.” She increased the pace, her anger at his recklessness driving her forward. She told an Omega back at camp to get her crew and a medical team ready for a forced turn. This couldn’t end well.

Santa Fe Pack

New Mexico

It was well after midnight before the last visitor left, and Renee was exhausted. The Pack den was in a set of nearby caves. Julie led her to the Alpha chamber but she didn’t go in. The air was still thick with his scent, it turned her stomach to think of the things that had happened on that bed. “Julie, I can’t sleep here. In the morning we will clear it out and burn it all. I want nothing around that was his. I want nothing left that will remind this Pack of him.”

Julie nodded. “Alpha, you could stay in any of the extra chambers, or you could stay with my mate and I. We would be honored.”

“You know, there is something we have lost that I want to get back to. It’s a beautiful night to sleep under the stars, don’t you think?” She shifted to wolf form and returned to the cave entrance where a large fire had been built to ward off the cool night air. She laid down in the warmth and quickly was asleep. One by one, her pack mates came out of the caves and lay with her, They snuggled up to their new leader. In ten minutes, Renee was in the middle of a big, comforting puppy pile. She was at peace, and her Pack was starting to heal.

Outside Johnson Pack Camp

Amanda and her team followed the smell of sex and blood to find Linda unconscious with a fresh bite on her shoulder and Andy in wolf form behind her. She went straight to him and bit into his neck as he tried to roll over and present his belly, but was unable as his knot was still tied to her. He stilled completely and waited to see if she would tear his throat out like he deserved.

You IDIOT!” she thundered over the bond. “We just ended the war and you have to turn a celebrity without OUR permission and without HER getting a judges’ permission. If this is determined to be a forced turn your life is forfeit.” She released his neck but still stood over him growling and baring her teeth. She turned her head to Ann. “How is she?”

“The bite was clean and isn’t bleeding. Other than some vaginal trauma and various scrapes, she looks fine. Andy, what did you do to knock her out?”

She must have passed out after that last round of sex. It’s been a busy day for us.”

Amanda was not impressed. “We need to get you two apart and get her back to camp where we can be ready for her turn if she comes out claws and fangs. Ann, can you give him something to shrink the knot?

Ann thought for a moment. “I have some muscle relaxant, an injection should work but it will have to go into the base of his penis and that’s bound to hurt.”

Amanda shifted back to human form. “I think he would prefer that pain to having me slice his junk off, so go ahead before I change my mind.” Amanda stepped aside as Ann prepared the injection. Turning to her Betas, she said, “As soon as he is free, bind him and return him to the camp. His fate will be determined when Derek and the others return. He is to have no contact with her. If he attempts to flee, kill him.” They nodded just as Andy howled in pain as the needle pierced his penis.

A few minutes later, they separated and Andy shifted. He gazed down at his mate, regret and pain showing on his face, not knowing if he would ever see her again. He meekly held his hands out to be cuffed and was led away. Ann rolled Linda onto her back to finish her examination.

The movement was enough to wake her up. She looked up at Ann then saw Amanda, and started frantically looking around.

“ANDY! ANDY LOVE WHERE ARE YOU?” She tried to get up but Ann held her shoulders down.

“I LOVE YOU LINDA, LET THEM HELP YOU AND I WILL SEE YOU SOON.” She panicked realizing he had left her. Looking up at Amanda, she said, “Where is he going?”

“He is being held pending an Alpha tribunal. He bit you without permission, but don’t worry about him right now. You are going to become one of us soon. The change can be violent, so we need to sedate you for your own good.”

“Why? Andy told me that when he would bite me during sex it would allow my body to accept it and the change would go smoothly.”

“If he did that, it’s a possibility but only if you don’t fight it. Fear and anger lead to your body fighting the change, and that will make the change more sudden and violent. Your wolf will take over instead of sharing.”

“I’m not going to fight it. I didn’t mean it to happen, but I’m not sorry. Now I’ll be like him and we can mate properly. I just need him to hold me and help me through it, I’m not scared when I’m in his arms.”

“Let me think about it. In the meantime, let’s get you back to the camp. Ann, prep a sedative just in case she starts to change on the way back.” They put her between them, each supporting an arm in case she had trouble. Amanda used the bond with Ann to discuss the options without including Linda. “What do you think the chances are that she won’t have a forced turn?”

“Pretty good, his wolf bit her during sex, with his wolf in charge he would have waited for her climax to do it. If she can remain calm, it should go well. IF Andy has talked to her about the changes and IF he helps her through, I think we have a new wolf by morning.”

Amanda owed it to her to try, she thought. If it went bad, well, she would take Andy out first and that problem would be solved as well. Andy’s only chance to get out of this mess was for his mate to make the change and survive. She sent ahead to her Betas. “Find a section of cave that can be secured in case of a forced turn. Put him in it and tell him that if Linda doesn’t survive the change, he won’t either.” They crested the mountain and headed down to the camp below.

Len and Tony met them as they walked into camp, both had been worried about how long she had been gone. When they found out she was the cause of the distress call it took several people to calm them down. Len ran to get her some clothes while Tony walked with them. “Are you all right? What happened?”

“I’m fine, Andy bit me and I’m going to go through a turn. I’m going to become one of them.”

“Linda, honey, is there anything we can do? Anyone you want us to call?”

“Yes... get the cameras and set up all the portable lighting you can. I want you to film every second of this.”


“Because it is important people see it, and because I may need it to defend myself and him from charges. Andy could be killed for a forced turn, I have to show that it wasn’t that. If the change goes well that helps us.” They had reached the dug-out area the Betas had chosen to isolate Andy in pending his tribunal. Len came back with a T-shirt and shorts for Linda, and after dressing she turned to Amanda. “Please, let him take care of me. I trust him.” Amanda hugged her then they lowered her into Andy’s arms.

Len and Tony soon arrived and set up their equipment. They had contacted the station on sat phone and as soon as their cameras had a satellite uplink they tossed Linda a microphone and earpiece and went live. “Good morning, this is Linda Remington reporting for KUSA in Denver. Tonight is a special night for me; I have found the man I love and have started the process of becoming his forever. This is Andy Miller, a Beta in the Johnson Pack, and my mate. Earlier tonight he bit my shoulder to start the process of turning me into a werewolf like him. We’re going to see that happen tonight live. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to continue talking, but this should be interesting.”

As soon as the first pain hit, Linda dropped the microphone and Andy hugged her from behind and gently lowered her to the ground. She felt itchy, like her skin was on fire, and in her head there was something new. Andy stroked her face gently as he talked her through it. “Your wolf is in you mind, love. Close your eyes, relax and look for her. You need to trust her and share with her, don’t fight her. She is part of you now.”

Santa Fe National Forest Mobile Command

West of Los Alamos, New Mexico

The duty officer’s face hung open when he saw the “Breaking News” headline on the television he had on in the back of the command tent. He turned the volume up to hear Linda Remington talk about becoming a werewolf. He didn’t know what it meant, but his boss would want to know. He ran to Col. Montgomery’s tent and shook him awake. “Colonel, you need to see this. Linda Remington is going to turn into a werewolf live on television. It’s on in the command tent.” He was on his feet, his first stop the VIP quarters where Derek was sleeping. Two minutes later, both were spellbound watching the television as Derek’s Betas filtered in behind them.

Linda was kicking and jerking against Andy as he tried to keep her calm. She suddenly stilled, then something began to happen. There was the sound of bones crunching as her body started to rearrange. Her mouth opened but no words came out, the camera focused on her face as it elongated and fur broke out from her skin. Andy shifted to wolf form behind her, his transition smooth an immediate compared to her. It took about ten seconds before a slightly smaller, light tan and white wolf was lying by his side. She looked around in confusion for a moment, then focused on the large gray wolf with the single white ear next to her. She let out a howl before collapsing back down.

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