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A tale of love, loss and adventure. It's like a game sometimes you with sometimes you loose, just make sure you don't loose yourself in the process. With Tempest Princess Javelin's 21st birthday approaching she must take learn to fill her late fathers shoes as quickly as possible. An arranged marriage, her training and a bandit of thieves attacking her kingdom she must step up and face it, all before her 21st birthday. Nickolas Hilt, ex star solider of the Keithian Royal Army is now a deserter running away from his own kingdom. Looking for the rebellion after learning that the kingdom he defended all his life is planning to turn on its own people he has no choice but to run. Him and his bandits must fend for themselves.

Chapter 1: Javelin

“Vel we need to get out of here before we get busted, you may be the Princess but you are not immune to the colonel’s or your mother’s punishment” Meg hissed at her irresponsible friend.

“Relax, I’m just making sure that were covering our tracks correctly” Javelin said, as she wiped their footprints that led out of the forest and back to the castle. It was a normal offense for Meg and Javelin, a little escape was needed we you have an entire kingdom breathing down your neck. After the king’s death, Javelin was dragged into the world of never ending balls, treaty signings and on track to fulfill her late father’s shoes.

“Guard, watch out” Meg warned

“I know,I know, I’ve been avoiding them since I was ten remember?” Javelin whispered

Meg rolled her eyes and the girls moved on careful not to draw any attention to themselves. When they reached the castle they decided that the kitchen was the best bet to get in completely undetected.

“I smell pie” Javelin said walking into the kitchen with Meg trailing behind

“It’s not just pie, it’s your favorite blueberry pie, I was just about to set it on the window seal in hopes that it would lure you in” joked Tangela as she wiped her hands all over her stained apron, evident of a hard day’s work. As the head cook she was used to a long labored day, especially in preparation of a big upcoming event. Such as the arrival of King Themis of Karmada and his son Prince March.

“Your mother’s looking for you, you know skipping out on today’s lessons did not sit well with her” Tangela scolded Javelin as she took a seat on top of the white kitchen Isle

“I figured she’d look that’s why I chose the woods as the perfect hiding spot” Javelin said taking a bite out of her slice of pie.

“Yet knowing it was the wrong thing didn’t stop you from ditching” Meg added

“You joined her” Tangela countered

Javelin laughed until she heard her mother’s voice coming from down the hall

“If she’s not here within the hour send the colonel after her, he’ll know where to find her I’m worried” the queen walked into the kitchen and stopped.

“There you are sweetheart, you had me worried sick” she said hugging her rebellious daughter

Javelin set down her plate and smiled at her mother

“No need to send the cavalry, I’m alive, I’m safe and I love you too mom no matter how dramatic you are”

The Queen took a seat and shook her head

“I’m not dramatic I’m a mom”

“ and a Queen” Meg chimed in

The Queen smiled at her daughter’s long time accomplice

“I’m a mom first and don’t you think that you’re off the hook for disappearing with Vel “

Meg stood straighter and saluted the Queen

“As Vel’s best friend and future member of the Tempest Royal Guard it is my duty to guard the Princess in her royal escapades”

Javelin scoffed knowing that these escapades all started because of Meg.

“Alright, no more talk of these escapes, I need you here Javelin” the Queen said turning to her daughter

“We should go Meg, the Queen needs to talk to Javelin” Tangela declared exiting the room with Meg who shot her friend a goodluck look.

Javelin directed her attention to her mother as she spoke

“Vel, I love you and you know I would do anything for you but you know my hands are tied”

Javelins eyes hardened

“You are the Queen, can’t you change laws, especially ancient outdated laws” Javelin shouted

“Vel, If I could stop this marriage from happening I would, In a heartbeat but if you are set on ruling Tempest you need to be ready to make sacrifices”

Javelin look at her mother sadly and said

“I know, I just hoped that I at least would have the chance to find love all on my own, but your right I need to stop thinking of myself and start thinking of Tempest, as father did” taking a seat next to her mother

“Your father did prioritize Tempest but me and you were above all don’t forget that”

Javelin smiled up at her mother remembering her father’s dedication to them

“I blame you, I hope you know that, for always reading me all those stories where the handsome Prince comes and rescues the helpless Princess you promised one, I’m turning 21 soon mom I’m starting to think that he’s not coming at this point I’ll take a handsome thief or a handsome anyone ”

The Queen laughed

“I did promise you a fairytale, but the problem is that in all those stories the Princess is helpless, and you honey are not helpless you’ve been part of the Tempest Royal Guard since you were five, you followed your father so much he had to force a hobby on you, to get you out of his hair”

Javelin stood up and faced her mother holding the nearest pot up as if it were a sword, striking a pose like those that the member of the Guard usually did.

The Queen stood up smiling at her daughters antics

“Promise me that if one day you get the chance at your own fairytale you’ll take it?”

Javelin hugged her mother

“I promise” she muttered into her mother’s hair

The Queen kissed her daughter’s forehead sealing the promise.

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