A Tale Of Two Knives Volume 1

By Renli Storm All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Erotica


Falling in love with someone is something that is unpredictable and can have messy results. They are always on your mind, they end up being apart of you. Titania found this out the hard way by falling in love with somebody that he really shouldn't be in love with.


The agony was truly unbearable for him. The elf had slumped against the wall clutching his stomach in crippling pain. It hurt. He tried to comprehend what had happened. A star lit blade. A piercing pain. And suddenly, everything had turned black. His world was spinning around him; he could feel his life slip between his lips in quiet pants. He was suffering, he was begging for the sweet embrace of death to end everything for him.

You need to give up.

A voice had whispered to the man as the snow around him began to turn an unhealthy red.

Give up.

It spoke again, his respiration slowly halting.

Why won’t you give up?

That was a question he couldn’t answer.

Have you given up?

The powering voice began to be drowned out by a sweet, comforting voice at the back of his head. Someone wanted him. Someone needed him.

I will never forgive you if you give up.

He needed to try. To try and keep living. If it wasn’t for himself, then it was for the little voice at the back of his mind.


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