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The Point of Fate

By Beth Anderson All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Fantasy

Chapter One

I let out a sigh and walk into the huge Memorial High School. I hated school. I hated it with a passion. No joke. I walk to my locker and then to my class to meet my friend Amelia. First up, Math...and can I say, ugh math...

“Hey Louie.” She says giving me a side huge. “How do I look?”

She does a spin to show me her outfit. Her dirty blonde hair is in barrel curls flowing off her back. She’s wearing a red lacy top over a white tank. Then a denim mini skirt and her brown cowboy boots.

“Marvelous as always.” I say sitting down in my rickety chair.

“Don’t you ever have fun? You should dress up at least one day a week Lou.” She says nudging me with her elbow.

I was in my normal blue denim short shorts, black high tops, and black Coldplay t-shirt. My dark hair was wavey and pinned back by my sunglasses. I glance at my clothing and then to her.

“Whats wrong with what I’m wearing right now?” I ask, waving my hand over my outfit.

“Oh, nothing, I mean its totally you...” She said widening her eyes and crossing her arms “But that’s the problem. Oh nevermind... I’ll help you with it later.”

She rolled her eyes and sat next to me. Just as she sits down, Damon Kingsley walks in. She instantly perks up and fixes her hair, smiling at him. I had to admit, he was pretty hot, but he was also an ass. He was the captain of the foortball team, the track team, and even the swim team. I hated how girls would follow him around school and drool when he smiled at them. I especially hated it when Amelia did it. He was the only man that could turn a girl into jelly with one look...except this girl right here.

I had grown up living next to the jerk, so I knew how he acted. He had lived next to me for almost eighteen years and barely acknowledged my existence unless it was to harass me. My brother, Jessie, came in after him and they sat down in the other corner. He had messy dark brown hair and dark brown eyes like my father. I roll my eyes and pull out one of my notebooks. I start writing, continuing where I had left off the other day, making the rest of the classroom disappear as I concentrated on my handwriting. I always write. I write stories and sometimes poems whenever I felt like it.

Jessie leaned over and poked me in my shoulder to get my attention.

“What do you want?” I ask casting him a glare.

“Geez...Calm down little sis. I just wanted to let you know that you’ll have to ride the bus. I’m going to the lake with Damon and Brad.”

“Whatever.” I say and return my attention to my notebook.

“Unless....You want to come along? I mean, you don’t have to talk to anyone or do anything, but I think you should come... you know... be the outdoors.” He said and a smile started to stretch his lips.

“I’ll think about it.” I say and punch him in the shoulder.

“Ouch” He said, rubbing it.

“Big baby...” I muttered.

The rest of the day went by fast. After school I agreed to go with Jessie. I only agreed to go with my idiot brother if we could stop by the house first and get a few things. He agreed and took me home. When we pulled up to the lake, I realized the whole pack was here... Oh yeah, I forgot to mention...We’re wolves. I’m only human until my eighteenth birthday or if I find my mate. Which trust me...I don’t want to find my mate. Male wolves are possesive. Very possesive. I hated it. I can’t stand being tied down to one person who wants to control every move you make. I also forgot that there are three packs in the district I lived in.

The Midnight pack...Damon’s pack. He is the Alpha. The Diablo’s... That’s the rouge pack...also known as the delinquent pack. Their Alpha was Nathaniel Barker. The third pack rules over the other two. That’s my father’s pack. The Full Moon pack. My father is the Alpha, which makes my brother the future Alpha, once he turns twenty. All the pack members can mingle with each other, but ours and Damon’s does it more with each other than with the delinquents. They don’t have a lot of adults, so it’s mostly just teens and young adults. They’re roudy and love to do whatever they want.

I slipped out of Jessie’s truck and grabbed my bag. I was in a pair of short shorts and my bikini top with a white t-shirt over it. My hair was still in a mess and I had replaced my high tops with flip flops. I left my brother and went to the rocks. I set down on the rocks and took in the warmth of the rough surface. I sat there for a moment and looked around. That’s when I saw him...Nathaniel. He was sitting at the edge of the water, with his feet dangling just about the surface. He had had on a navy blue t-shirt and black swimming trunks. His black hair was spiked and his skin was perfectly tanned.

Unfortunatley, Alpha’s and their family can always find other wolves with Alpha blood. For some reason, we stand out more than other wolves. We seem to have a kind of glow. Nate looks up from the water and glances over at me. He stares for a moment and I feel heat rush to my cheeks. I look away and see Damon pulling up. He jumps out of the car wearing only a red pair of swim trunks. His brown hair was standing up in different directions. He glances over at me and smiles. I think that was the first time he’s actually looked at me in the past year.

‘Louie. You know my birthday is tomorrow. How about an early gift?’ He asked using our mind link.

‘In your dreams...’ I reply with a scowl.

That’s right, tomorow was Damon’s eighteenth birthday. Also known as the day he finds his mate. I groaned in disgust.

“Are you okay?“The voice was so close that it startled me.

I spin around to see Nate a few feet away. We all knew each other. I mean, at pack meetings, all of the Alpha’s and their families had to sit with each other.

“Nate... Yeah, I’m fine.” Nate’s birthday was also tomorrow.

He looked at me and then turned to walk away. “What about you? Where’s Clarissa?” I asked.

He stops and his fist clenches and unclenches. Clarissa is his girlfriend.

He turned back around to look at me. “We broke up...since you know...tomorrow and all.”

“I’m sorry.” I saw casting my eyes away. “You two were good together.”

“Thanks...I guess.” He said leaving me on the rocks. He reappears down on the sandy beach and stands by the water. He takes off his shirt and throws it behind him. Then he dives off into the water. I knew where he was heading. The cave. You could only get to it if you swam to the island in the middle.

I, personally, loved the cave. It was just so peaceful and secluded.

“Boo.” said a voice right behind my ear.

I jumped and nearly fell off the rock, but a pair of stong arms caught me. He laughed and I knew who it was.

“Damon! Let me go!” I yell slapping his arms.

He laughed even harder and let go. “You’re such a scardy cat.” He says. “What are you doing up here all by yourself anyways?”

“Unlike you, I like being left alone.” I said readjusting my wrinkled clothing.

“Aw come on Lou, have a little fun” He said smiling.

“Go away.” I say shooing at him with my hands. He shakes his head no. He suddenly lunges forward and picks me up. He jumps down and makes his way to the the edge of the lake.

“No! Damon, Don’t you even! Damon! Put me down! I don’t want to get in yet! Damon!” I yell pounding my fists on his back.

He sets me down and smiles. He gives me a shove but I was quick and grabbed his hand, pulling him with me, causing both of us to fall into the water. I let go as we fell. Under the water, I felt the seaweed and other plants touch my legs. Then my foot tangles in the weeds. I pull and struggled as I tried to get untanggled.

‘Calm down.’ Naula said.

Naula is my wolf. Even though I haven’t been able to shift yet, I can still feel her there in the back of my mind, and sometimes she talks to me.

Everything started to fade but I did what she said. I let out a little of my breath and started to sink. I found my foot and worked at trying to free it. I heard a splash above me and Damon swam down. I pointed to my foot hurriedly because I was running out of time. My lungs were on fire. I felt him touch my foot as he tried to free me. My eye sight was fading faster now. Then I couldn’t hold it any longer and my air supply was about to burst. Damon came up just as I let out my air and water rushed in filling my lungs. He grabbed me and pulled me up.

I choked up water and gasped for air as we came up. He pulled me onto the beach.

“Louie! Louie I am so sorry!” He said leaning over me.

“Louie!” Hy brother said running over to me.

I finished coughing up water and layed back against the sand. I closed my eyes and just breathed.

“Thank God your okay.” Jessie sighed with relief.

“I’m so sorry. It’s my fault.” Damon said, worry evident in his voice.

I opened my eyes and touched Damon’s hand.

“It’s okay. You saved my life. That makes up for it.” I say in between breaths.

“Thanks.” He said he says looking slightly relieved.

“I need some you know, clean, bottled water.” I say sitting up.

Jessie helped me up and took me to one of the tents. The music had started back up and people went back to what they were doing before I almost drowned. Damon handed me a bottle of water and I chugged it. He laughed a little.

I threw the empty bottle at him.

“Oh, come on Louie! I said I was sorry!” He says deflecting it.

“I know, but I can still make you pay for it.” I said smirking.

“Damon! Come on man! The game is about to start!” Someone yells.

“I got to go. Promise me you won’t drown in the sand.” With that I jumped up and hit him in the shoulder. “I’m kidding!” He yells and runs to the volley ball court.

I shake my head and walked back to my spot on the rocks. I sigh and return to writing in my notebook. I kept writing until the sun starts to set. I decide that I wanted to go visit the cave before it was completely dark. I set my stuff in Jessie’s truck and head through the crowd to the water.

Without thinking, I pull off my shirt and jump in. I still had my bikini top on, but the shirt would just slow me down. I swam as fast as I could to the small island and reach it in minutes. I pull myself out of the warm water and catch my breath. I look around and head into the cave. Once there, I slip through the rocks and walk down into the cavern. There is a small pool in the cavern that glowed beacause the moon had affected it somehow. I can’t exactly remember the legend behind it. I could see it but I stopped. Nate was sitting at its edge. He looked dazed, just staring into it.

“Nate?” I asked quietly.

He looked up and backed away from its edge. “What?”

“Are you okay?”

He sighs and looks back at the pool. “Yeah...It’s just...its almost midnight.”

“Are you... afraid?” I asked.

He let out a growl and looked at me. “I’m not afaid of anything.” He said walking towards me. “Why would I be afraid?”

I stepped back against the wall. “Well, I know some people don’t want to find thier mates...”

“You’re crazy Louie. You know that?” He said stepping closer, leaving only a small gap in between us. “I’m not afraid of finding my mate...”

“Then what are you afraid of?” I ask, my eyes focusing on his.

He punches the wall just to the right of me and growls. “I AM NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING!” He yells.

His eyes were black and his voice was husky. I knew that his wolf, Blake, had come out. I sank to the ground not wanting to threaten him. Then Naula pushes forward to protect me. We jump up and push him pack.

“Do not yell at her like that! She was only asking!” Naula yelled at Blake.

He growls and backs away. She pushes him against the wall and he grunted. “I know why your so nervous. You’re not afraid of your mate, you’re worried she’ll be afraid of you.”

His face softened and his eyes returned to their normal blue. His face fell and I knew that she had overstepped the line. He pushes past me and runs out of the cavern. Naula gave me control and I ran after him.

“Nate!” I yelled.

‘Louie! Where are you? Where’s Nate? The birthday celebration is about to start!’ Jessie says through the mind link .

‘We’ll be there soon, don’t worry.’ I reply and push him from my thoughts.

I sped up my pace and finally catch up with Nate on the beach.


He turns around and I see a tear roll down his cheek. He wipes it away quickly and I sigh. Naula had been right.

“I’m so sorry. I had no control over her.” I say stopping next to him.

“It’s fine Louie. It’s not your fault...she was right.” He paused and looked away at the other beach. “We shook get back. I wouldn’t want to miss my own party.” He said and smirked before diving into the water.

I dove in after him and met him on the other side. I stood next to Jessie as the birthday boys celebrated. Then everyone started dancing. I walked over to the drinks and realized they’d been spiked.

‘Great...drunk wolves...’ Naula thought.

I saw Damon and Nate dancing. They were definitely drunk. I looked at the clock and realized that it was a few minutes past midnight. Jessie grabbed my hand and puled me onto the dance floor.

“Jessie...” I protested tugging my arm in his hand.

“No. You’re dancing whether you like it or not.” He said and pushed me into the crowd of people.

I let the music take me and I forgot about everything until...sparks.

I had bumped into a few people and that’s when I felt it. The sparks. The mate sparks. I instantly turned around and saw mates......

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