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Pegasus War

By Kevin Gressley All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy


Journey through an ancient and magical land; one where Pegasus and other mystical creatures used to roam. After a sudden and vicious attack by the tyrant Marius; only One Pegasus remains. Now, hundreds of years later, the Pegasus; Arctos, and his ally Eyrian seek vengeance against Marius. They gather their own allies and raise armies to reclaim their land and way of life. A story familiar to those who enjoy Fantasy/Adventure yet also original and entertaining for all fans of fantasy fiction. The journey has only just begun as a whole new world is revealed; intense battles, drama, comedy suspense and love await you within these pages. Escape into the pages of Pegasus War and enjoy the start of your own adventure...


The land of Vander Maa is rich in history, heroes and magic. In the east, a seemingly endless string of mountains dominate the landscape; reaching high into the heavens and coast to coast from north to south. Long ago the land was rich with trees and life; rivers and lakes ran clean and fresh. Harmony and peace guide a simple way of life and conflict was a foregone idea in the minds of the people. The mighty nations of Kae and Oradea; the Old Kingdoms, bonded by marriage between their ruling families, were prosperous and just. The nation to the North, Dascyllus is withdrawn from the two nations and focuses on their emerging naval might. To the far south along the coast lives the Malatar Empire; long ago subdued by the combined strength of Kae and Oradea they now act as a middle man between the Independent Islands off their Southern coast and the other nations.

In the middle of the continent there existed the legendary City of Pegasus; Mirus. There, to the pride and wonder of all, lived the mighty Pegasus. Powerful, stunning and magnificent the Pegasus dominated the sky, friendly to all as they protected the other Mystical Families who lived within their land. For hundreds of years Vander Maa was prosperous, all of the nations perfected their arts, ushering in an age of magic, culture and wealth.

But; all was not as calm as one would believe beneath the surface. Almost overnight a new movement sprang up along the west coast of Oradea. A charismatic new leader named Marius began gathering the multitudes to him with wondrous feats, a strange new magic with a staff of pure green Crystal. Whispers of his power began creeping their way through the citizens of Vender Maa, soon people from all over began migrating to see the ageless and mystifying Marius.

The years continued to pass; Marius grew in influence, eventually demanding that he be allowed to break away from Oradea and create his own nation. Grudgingly his demand was accepted; the old kingdoms not wishing to create conflict within their land. Marius new Republic; Petra prospered quickly, dominating trade routes in a matter of years.

One day, without warning, Marius struck; invading Oradea with tremendous force, seizing the remainder of their coast and blocking them from the sea and vital trade routes. Acting quickly Dascyllus attacked Kae, using their formidable navy to block them from the sea as well.

The effects of their isolation from trade routes hit quickly; the unprepared armies of Kae and Oradea were no match for the individual might of Petra and Dascyllus. The Old Kingdoms looked to the South and their Pegasus allies for help. But; Marius was cunning; he reached the Pegasus city of Mirus first. To the shock and horror of all he unleashed the awesome magic of his Crystal; causing the earth to shake and lightning to burst forth from the sky. The Pegasus were unprepared for this kind of magic, taking to the air they were easy targets for Marius. Though the Pegasus fought valiantly, Marius slaughtered them mercilessly.

With their last ally defeated and Malatar swearing allegiance to Petra; Kae and Oradea surrendered to Marius, virtually making them slaves to his whims. A new dark age shadowed Vender Maa; the Mystical families were broken and exiled. Marius declared himself a Saint and began forcing all people in the land to pray to the Crystal. In a statement of power he created a Crystal Fortress off the coast of Petra. His minions began roaming at will; none were strong enough to stand up to his Brutes or his young new henchman; the foreboding and menacing Nex Nurez. Dissidence and independence were wiped out; the Islands in the South beaten into submission. None now dared to speak up against Saint Marius, for two hundred years he has ruled with unrelenting terror.

Yet… there were still pockets of resistance to his reign. A group of warriors who call themselves Vigilantes began patrolling the Wild lands in the East, working to restore order to those who wish to live in peace. The City of Tueri; hidden from Marius’s reach where people could live independently in secret. But… unbeknownst to all but a young boy and his people deep within the mountains lived a Pegasus, the last of his kind who survived Marius’s onslaught long ago. The young boy; Eyrian, grew up with the Pegasus, training with him and preparing to travel with him one day to fight Marius and avenge his friend’s kin. A young man filled with visions of adventure and glory, a Pegasus bent on revenge and redemption. The two are about to start a chain reaction across the land which will change the world forever. Allies will be gathered, armies will be raised, and a new epic is about to begin…

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