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Pegasus War

By Kevin Gressley All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


Journey through an ancient and magical land; one where Pegasus and other mystical creatures used to roam. After a sudden and vicious attack by the tyrant Marius; only One Pegasus remains. Now, hundreds of years later, the Pegasus; Arctos, and his ally Eyrian seek vengeance against Marius. They gather their own allies and raise armies to reclaim their land and way of life. A story familiar to those who enjoy Fantasy/Adventure yet also original and entertaining for all fans of fantasy fiction. The journey has only just begun as a whole new world is revealed; intense battles, drama, comedy suspense and love await you within these pages. Escape into the pages of Pegasus War and enjoy the start of your own adventure...


Avantius; my home and a land in which Magic, Heroes and Mythical Beings once lived together. Harmony and peace guide a simple way of life and conflict was a distant memory to the people which lived there. The mighty nations of Kae and Oradea; the Old Kingdoms bonded by marriage, were prosperous and just.

The nation to the North; Dascyllus, is withdrawn from the two nations and focuses on their emerging naval might. To the far South along the coast lies the Malatar Empire; long ago subdued by the combined strength of Kae and Oradea, they now act as a buffer between the Independent Islands off their Southern coast and the other nations.

In the center of the continent there existed the legendary City of Maltus where the mighty Pegasus; my people, lived.

Powerful and magnificent, we Pegasus dominated the sky, friendly to all as we protected the other Mystical Families which lived within our land. For hundreds of years Avantius was prosperous, ushering in an age of magic, culture and wealth.

But... all was not as calm as one would believe beneath the surface. Nearly overnight a new movement sprang up along the West coast of Oradea.

A charismatic new leader; Marius, began gathering the multitudes to him with wondrous feats, performed with a strange new magic and a staff of pure green Crystal. Whispers of his power began creeping their way through the citizens of Avantius while he preached a return to a land of Pure Humans. Marius claimed only mankind had a right to rule Avantius and all others should be expelled.

Within a short time thousands from all over began migrating to see the ageless and mystifying Marius. They submitted to his will and prayed to the Great Crystal, which he claimed would grant everlasting life to his followers. His hatred of Pegasus and the other Mythical Families soon reached fanatical heights as war threatened to erupt after so many years of peace.

The years passed with the constant threat of conflict over Avantius growing by the day, attacks by Marius’s followers occurring weekly and without warning. Marius grew even more influence and power with each “victory,” eventually demanding that he be allowed to break away from Oradea and create his own nation.

Grudgingly, his demand was accepted; the Old Kingdoms not wishing to allow war within their land. Marius’s new Republic; Petra, prospered quickly, dominating trade routes in a matter of years.

Within a few more years the new nation built up a powerful army, allowing them to roam Avantius at will without penalty. Kae and Oradea demanded peace while my father Cozmos; the Pegasus King, swore action if the other nations could not control Marius. For a time it seemed that Marius considered this warning, recalling his men back to Petra.

Marius claimed to want peace and for a brief period it appeared war would be averted… But Marius was more deceitful than anyone realized and had laid a trap.

One fateful day Marius struck! Invading Oradea with tremendous force and seizing the remainder of their coast, blocking them from the sea and vital trade routes. Acting quickly, Dascyllus attacked Kae, using their formidable navy to block them from the sea as well.

The effects of their isolation from trade routes hit quickly; the unprepared armies of Kae and Oradea were no match for the individual might of Petra and Dascyllus. The Old Kingdoms looked to the South and us; their Pegasus allies for help. But; Marius was more cunning still… Already devising a plan to crush my people and cement his rule upon Avantius for all time…

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