The Otherside: Alice: The Next Generation (Book 5)

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Fantasy / Romance


Alice is the daughter of Jay & Jason. She, her twin, Aaron, and her adopted brother, Ace, were sent to Earth after the passing of their father to live with their grandparents to learn some life lessons. If only it stayed that simple.

Chapter 1

A long time ago there was a world where all creatures, magical and non-magical lived together. Many wars were created between magical and non-magical creatures. There are two rumors of the solution to the wars, but they both have the same end result. It is said that a great powerful wizard or a god created the dimension on which the magical creatures were to live, and it was called Otherside. Once all the magical creatures got there, separation of the races began to come about. It took a while before the wizards got in control, actually it was my ancestors. It was said that we were blessed by god with a power called the Golden Eye. It gave them the power to control people. Now little did they know that with that blessing came a curse. It was not a deal with god they made, it was a deal with the devil. The curse is said to be a demon inside the person which causes the person to be easily set off. It can be controlled, but it gets worse as the person ages and how much they borrow power from the demon. My family has stayed in control ever since then, but segregation of the races still was in place until my mother came along. She was a great queen named Jay McClayn Hex, well she still is queen. My older brother by 2 minutes is Aaron; he is my twin. And then there is Ace Masters, who is my...well... adopted brother... I guess. Technically he is my second cousin, but he does not act like it. He is always so... well... he acts more like a servant than a brother. Always trying to take care of me and sometimes Aaron as well. I just don’t get it, he is younger than me. But anyway, getting to the point of all this rambling and the beginning of this story.

I am Alice Hex. My father, Jason Hex, died last year. My mother is still grieving hard. Aunt Nikki and Uncle Alex are nowhere to be found. They disappeared from the castle life after my father died. I think my mother knows why, but she doesn’t want us “kids” to know because we are too “young.” But anywho, this year she is sending us to our grandparents back on Earth. She said we need to learn a lesson. She said during her time on Earth she learned so much and it helped her attitude and compassion. She said Aaron needs to learn compassion, and that I for some reason need to work on my attitude. She is sending Ace with us. I think the real reason we are going is because she wants us out of her hair, plus we remind her of dad. But I digress, I am starting high school which is stupid because my schooling back in Otherside has already surpassed the high school level of education, but my mother and grandparents agree that it would be good for all three of us so they put us in the high school my parents were in and Grandma Christina is the principal so it was easy getting us in without too many questions of where we came from. Then again, all we would really have to say is the truth, but it is easier with paperwork I guess. We don’t have Aunt Nikki and Uncle Alex any more to help us forge documents, but you would think that my mother could find someone else in the kingdom to help.

Anyway again back to the point, the three of us have started high school and we are trying to fit in. We are all in band like our parents. I play the flute, Aaron plays the trumpet and Ace is a percussionist. Even though Ace is one year younger than us, he was placed in the same grade as us; we are all freshmen. And for Ace trying to fit in, he really stands out. He has his natural black hair with silver streaks and grey eyes. He should have taken my advice and did the human thing and dyed it all black, but he refused. All the girls stare at him now, they think he is a silent rebel. Not that I care it’s just that he isn’t fitting in and is standing out. Aaron isn’t doing much better. He has brown hair with natural blonde streaks, and has our mother’s hazel eyes; I have the same hair but our father’s blue eyes, but appearances aren’t his problem. It is halfway through the school year and Aaron has already manipulated a lot of girls to want to be with him and has been starting a harem like affair; it’s disgusting. And he is the future leader of the Otherside; Lord save us all. He inherited the curse, and I... well, inherited somethings. I have been told I have the nature of my father with the attitude of my mother; whatever that supposed to mean. Aaron on the other hand is very much like mother, curse and all. She was known to have a lot of guys on her so I will blame all the girls around him on inheritance from her.

I do not have a love life. I refuse to get involved in this dimension when I am just going home in less than 4 years. We are not staying past that, or I don’t think we are. It really depends on my mother, but in four years I’m pretty sure at least Aaron needs to get back to learn more about the kingdom to be ready to take on the throne one day; he has been training his whole life. For me, I know there is no true point for me to go back, but it is my home and I want to be there in my home. Most people don’t talk to me here anyway. I am more of a loner compared to Aaron and Ace if you think about it. I don’t like to think about it. It makes me depressed. I never really had a true friend. Well, unless you want to count my brother and Ace, which he is like my brother. Ace and Aaron growing up were crazy about learning magic, I tried and gave up. For reasons they do not know, but there are reasons. I was always studying in books, and learning from Aunt Nikki, while my mother and father taught them everything.

There I go sidetracking again. It is getting closer to Christmas. We went through our first marching band experience and was now in concert band. It was getting close to the band’s winter formal dance. Aaron being a tease decided to go solo, he said he had to keep himself available for all the girls that wanted him. And for that reason, is why our mother sent him here to get some compassion. He does not care for anyone but himself. Ace, on the other hand, actually had a date, her name was Rachel. She is a long skinny girl with black hair and beautiful blue eyes. She plays the piccolo. I know why he likes her; she is perfect. But I am debating if I want to go. I have not been asked, and I don’t know if I want to go solo and if I don’t get asked, that is what will happen. My back up was Ace, but well he has Rachel. I only know this because I ran the idea by him and he said he had a date, but I’m okay with it. I just might not go because I don’t want to be the loser sitting alone... on the sidelines.

The starting point however is not the dance. It is Monday two weeks before the dance. Everyone in the band hall talking nonstop about the dance: “Who are you going to take?“, “Oh did you hear Ace is with Rachel?“, “OMG, OMG, he asked me!“, “Did you hear Aaron is going solo?“, and “What are you going to wear?” Just to name a few things I heard in passing while trying to read. I was in the band hall as usual before school. It was really annoying trying to read while hearing all that noise. I felt like I blended in with the wall.

Now the book I was reading was an American history book. The only curriculum at the school I did not have back home was this dimension’s culture, politics and history. It has been almost halfway through this school year and I am almost caught up to the rest of my education past high school level in it all.

In almost all my classes, I read through them. The only class I don’t is band. The teachers have grown used to me doing this. They all have tried at least once to humiliate me in my “not paying attention” and I outsmart them and answer every question they throw my way. They eventually stopped caring about me reading in class. When it first started happening Aaron said I was “embarrassing him” and was “ruining our reputation.” Then he separated his name from mine with his new image of having many girlfriends, and he says I have a bad reputation. But school today was going great. I had gotten through two history books and one on U.S. Politics, and that was just before lunch.

I ate lunch with Ace, Aaron, Rachel and whoever Aaron decided to pick today to eat with him. I sat there quietly as they all talked. I listened; it’s what I did best.

“Make sure to wear a red tie with your black suit so we can match, okay?” Rachel ordered Ace as he took a bite of food. He nodded back to her as he ate.

“What color tie and suit are you going to wear?” Aaron’s current girl asked.

“I am either going all black or I will wear a red tie like Ace. I am currently still deciding.”

She let out a squeal of excitement. “You have to let me know when you decide.” she sounded very excited even though she wasn’t going with him.

“So what color dress are you wearing, Alice?” Rachel asked me from across the table. Ace looked down into his food when she asked. He didn’t tell her what I told him the other night. Then again, I said make sure Aaron didn’t find out.

“I am not going.” I said as I picked up my book, fleeing the conversation. Aaron, Rachel, and Aaron’s squeeze all had a look of shock. Rachel reached across the table and pulled the book away from me. Aaron knew better than to do that.

“What do you mean you aren’t going?” Rachel said in disbelief. I got up and threw my food away, and came back and grabbed my book from her.

“It means exactly what I said. I am not going.” I then grabbed the rest of my stuff.

Ace quickly began to apologize for me as I was leaving. “Please forgive her. I should have warned you. No one has asked her, so she doesn’t want to go. It is kind of a sore subject.” he said trying to fix my first real words other than “hello” with Rachel.

“Oh, poor thing. If I had known, I wouldn’t of asked.” I heard Rachel say as I exited the cafeteria.

I walked to my next class and sat outside reading. I really didn’t want Aaron to know until the day of that I wasn’t going. He has been known to go against my wishes all the time and forces me into awkward situations. But he can’t do it if I don’t have a dress, right?

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