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The Otherside: Jay McClayn: A Quest For Love (Book 4)

By JenRandomlyWrites All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Jay is searching for her lost love from the war. She had always wondered what happened to him and might finally have a clue to his whereabout.

Chapter 1

If you remember, a brave man, who would have died for his queen, disappeared. It has been five years since Jason has been gone. I still love him so very much and it is so hard to believe he is gone. It would be so much easier if I knew what happened to him. I want to believe he is still out there even though everyone keeps telling me he is either dead, or didn’t want to get married; I don’t want to believe either. Nikki wants me to move on, but I can’t. I keep feeling that he is alive and still loves me.

But that’s enough about me. A few years after the ball Nikki and Alex got married. Robin and Kenneth got married shortly after them. They live on the border of their districts they are in charge of. The changes I made with mixed races went over so well, but sadly for Harrison and Christina, not everyone approves of mixing with humans. The whole we are from separate dimensions thing made them believe it is wrong. They are okay with friendships, but nothing more. We still refuse to let all humans know about us and our dimension, but Christina earned her right to know. Sadly, there are still people who want them dead which is why they are back on Earth. I wanted them to live with me, in the castle under my protection, but they wanted to go back to her Earth and start a family so I let them go. I still talk to them from time to time, but sometimes it’s hard to because that is Jason’s family at the end of the day, they were almost going to be my real family as well. I miss him so very much. I still have the ring by the way; it isn’t on my finger anymore, but it is on a silver chain around my neck. I just hope one day he will come back.

Last year I have been becoming more religious. Nikki has had a big influence on me and is pushing me in a better direction. Faith has helped me not feel so bad, but I have been still praying each night for an answer.

Well enough of this pointless small talk, I woke up early Thursday morning after a semi-scary dream. It was of course, how all of my nightmares have been, about Jason. Most of them were about him actually being dead, some were about him just running away and others something strange happened. It varied each time, but this time it wasn’t too scary, just strange. It was Jason leaving but because of Samantha. It was really strange, like he was being controlled or something. I woke up unsure of this one; I laid there for a bit and then I got up. I got dressed in very casual clothes (I was not planning on seeing anyone today) and then went to my desk to do some paperwork. Once I got there Nikki was there with a chocolate chip muffin.

“Is there any particular reason you have a muffin? Did I miss some special celebration?” I asked confused. This was out of her nature to bring me breakfast. Alex and Nikki lived in the castle with me but we usually only have dinner together.

“No reason, I just thought you needed it.” She sounded like she was hiding something.

“What is going on, Snowflake?” I asked curious.

“I just saw what today was and I thought I would make sure you are okay.” She said as she set the muffin down on my desk. I walked over sat down and saw what the day was. It has been exactly 5 years since Jason had disappeared.

“I’m fine Nikki, but thanks.” I replied as I picked up a stack of papers.

“That isn’t the only reason you know. I know it has been a few years since you have had your curse take over, but...”

I cut her off. “Nikki, get to the point please, what is going on?” I said as I put down the stack of papers.

“Well, Harrison and Christina would like to talk to you today about something.” She said with a little bit of fear in her voice.

“What about?” I asked trying not to show emotion.

“They want you to meet them at their house today for dinner.” Nikki was a little scared for my reaction, but I just froze for a moment. I did not know how to feel about this. What would they have to talk to me about that they can’t do through a portal? “Jay? Are you okay?” Nikki said concerned I was flipping a switch. She snapped me out of it.

“I’m fine. Tell them I will be there, and take care of things here while I am gone.” I replied. She nodded, and left me to my papers. I ate the muffin and started on the paperwork.

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