The Otherside: Jay McClayn: This Is High School (Book 1)

By JenRandomlyWrites All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Jay McClayn was a typical high school girl, or so she thought, until her old love from her past comes a long and reminds her of who she truly is and where she belongs. Earth was not where she belonged... she belonged in Otherside.

Chapter 1

You know high school can be full of drama and the “he said-she-said.” Most people don’t have something that is so life changing. I mean really life changing, like it’s never the same… maybe I should just tell you my story it might be easier. I’m Jay McClayn Anderson, Jay for short. I was a sophomore on my first day of band camp, in Texas, when it all started. It feels great coming in and being so sure of what you are doing; it makes you feel kind of cocky. I walked through the band hall casually, with my long straight blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, and my face free from makeup. I don’t really like wearing makeup. I’m more of a tomboy, even though certain colors of eye shadow really does make my eyes look like they are another color other than my natural color, it’s pretty cool. Yes my eyes are hazel, but let’s get back to my story now. I kept walking down the halls and met with all my friends and everything. The only friend you need to concern yourself with is Alex Ramero, he has tan skin and black hair. Alex is my best friend that I told practically everything to… well until HE came along.

Maybe I should speed this up a little so my dramatic intro makes sense to you. A few weeks after the first day the band directors decided who would march in the show and who would be alternates and of course Alex and I were alternates. Alternates had the responsibilities of moving equipment on and off the field before and after performance and so on and so forth. It’s a very boring job with lots of time to kill, so during practices I helped with the metronome until they didn’t need me anymore, which was when we started going to contests. It was the year we were hoping to go to state level in competition. It wasn’t until our first contest until I met HIM. He was the guy who turned my whole world upside down, the shaggy brown hair, blue eyes, lightly tanned from the sun, Jason Hex. Now you are probably just writing this off as a love story by the way I just described him. Well, that’s not exactly what happened. He really changed my perspective and view on the world.

I am detouring again, let me get back to the story. Alex introduced me to Jason while the band was warming up before they went to compete. For some reason I had an attraction to him and we continued to hang out after we passed the first contest.

We eventually made it to state, and we got to go to San Antonio. The night before we performed, we had free time on the River Walk so I met Jason there to hang. That is when he first brought up the news that would change my life forever. He told me about another world full of other creatures that cross over to ours and that it was his job to stop them. At first I was really, really skeptical. Like really another world? Is that really possible? But then I felt something odd in my stomach… like he was different… not just an ordinary boy. But out of all this why tell me? Eventually as we kept walking I asked; which might have been a mistake because his words made me scared. “I’m not from this world, I told you that… but you aren’t either. We belong on the Otherside.” After hearing that my heart stopped for a minute. He grabbed my hands in his and said “Do you remember me Princess Jaime?” I had a little bit of butterflies but all that was going on was overwhelming and I just couldn’t take it and I got so scared. I quickly ripped my hands out of his and ran away. I felt his fingers brush my arm, but he couldn’t grasp it because I was too fast. I ran back to my hotel room and shut the door. I was just so confused. I didn’t talk to the girl I was sharing my room with I just laid down and stared at the ceiling that night until I slowly faded out.

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