The Emerging Part I: Dream

By Eric Stull All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi


Hawk studies the movements of Raptor’s arms. He notices the slight changes made in the air. He compares the changes to the likes of the sun’s rays being distorted far off in the distance when one is in a desert. He senses the current zipping towards him. Raptor is forced to the ground for Hawk has taken control of the current and aimed it zooming at the Raptor’s chest. Hawk blinks in surprise that he is an ire zoltok.

The Pentad is having dinner in the Gallery of Rniti. Rniti come to congratulate Hawk on a job well done. Hawk cannot believe the news of him being an ire zoltok is that intriguing, he only wishes for the gratitude to stop. Again and again though, he is congratulated on becoming an ire zoltok. He is perplexed until the Pentad returns to their bed chambers and he asks, “Is there something special about being an ire?”

“Hold on, is there something that even the all-knowing Hawk does not know? This is incredible,” Pork jests. “Hawk, you must know, you are just messing with us right?”

“No, I am serious, what is so special about being an ire?”

Desert answers, “For one, Vaiqon’s an ire, so you will be taught ire zoltind by him. Two, ires are hard to come by, there are only five in the entire Injhihato, including yourself and Vaiqon. Three, ires are considered to be the best zoltoks of any. Four, ire zoltok news travels fast.”

“Wow, seriously? That’s… amazing,” Hawk says with awe. “But how did you know that, Desert?”

“Simple, I overheard it from almost everybody while we were making our way to dinner.”

“Ah, well, that’s not that impressive, your eavesdropping skills, that is.”

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