The Emerging Part I: Dream

By Eric Stull All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi


The dinner bells ring in the distance. Hawk notices the bells resound throughout the Injhihato with a certain pitch. An amusing, soothing sound that makes one want to curl up in bed and spend forever in the arms of sleep. The kind of sound that makes one think there is no such thing as a bad day or nightmare, a specific kind of sound that makes one feel happy. Hawk looks at the Pentad, ‘My Pentad,’ he thinks, and looks at their faces. Everyday, through their bitter trials and harsh lessons, he notices every one of their faces beaming with such brilliance when the dinner bells toll, he now wonders if it is because of the sound that forces them to act as such.

Hawk looks around at the Injhihato itself and notices the slight changes that occur seemingly because of the sound the bells make. He sees the grass appear to become greener, he sees the sky appear to become bluer, he sees the sunset appear to become redder, he sees the very air appear to become clearer, he sees the Injhihato itself plunge itself into a golden aura, possibly from a time long, long ago. He wonders how this image came to him as if he was there himself. He claims the image as one of his many peculiarities he has come to know and come to bring a form of solace to him. Then he sees the Jayyojjek Fox dumped food on and all reality comes flooding back.

“Hey look is it not my little friend who thinks I am a place to put garbage,” says the older Rniti.

Just outside the Gallery of Rniti, the Pentad is stopped by the Jayyojjek and some of his followers. Hawk, for a reason unknown to him, feels anger in his heart and must concentrate not to let it release. Fox’s face reddens and he looks away from the older Rniti, trying not to look him in the eye. Desert puffs his chest out in an attempt to appear bigger. Pork shies away and hides behind Hawk and Desert. Santhemum, the last of the group, appears mildly angered, but says nothing.

“Oh, do not just stare at the ground and act as if I am not here. That is rude and manners here, as you have probably already have learned, are highly important. So if you would give me the honor of recognizing me as your superior, it would be of much appreciation,” the older Rniti speaks.

Hawk, in an utter act of defiance, “Fox, do not look him in the eye. We owe you no such respect, you are not Fox’s superior and assuredly not my superior. Let us pass and no harm will come to you.”

The smirk on the Jayyojjek’s face falters for just a second. His followers laugh, but back away shyly as if pulled by an unknown omen to retreat from the scene. Fox is dumbfounded at Hawk’s boldness. Santhemum nearly gasps. Desert becomes deflated and a glum look appears on his face. Pork appears to be utterly angry at Hawk’s insolence and arrogance.

The angered Jayyojjek spits, “I would watch your mouth, you pest, you ponodel, you Kara-mahtu.”

Hawk reacts violently, reaching for his sword, but before he can unsheathe it, Vaiqon appears from nowhere.

“I think that is enough. Hawk, you and the Pentad go on into the Gallery. I will stay here and have a chat with this ‘Jayyojjek.’” Vaiqon says with an air of hostility.

The Pentad rushes past the detained Rniti and Vaiqon. Hawk peers back and sees a look of utmost hatred on the Rniti’s face. Hawk then stops for just a second and hears a near dead silence coming from the Gallery of Rniti, as if everyone stopped chewing in order to not miss a word of the exchange between the troublesome Rniti and Pentad.

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