Muse of tragedy

By Felipe Gonzalez All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Mystery


Tragedy has an interesting perspective.


Where ashes cover the lands, long ago thousands of “witches” were burned, where the firmament never changes, destiny has been accomplished,

Where roses dried out their beauty, legacy begins, where the weather is a fusion of winter and summer, the clouds tangle with twisters,

Where dust never disappears by the abyssal waves, time has ended, where birds learned from Icarus, the sky has limits,

Where sins are virtues, faith prevails as illusion, where a divinity begins to decay, all is forsaken,

There is where the sun stays to hunt my penumbras; those resemble the details of a forgotten realm,

There is where humans controlled fire and abandoned Prometheus; blazing fire beautifies their new world,

There is where the muse composed symphonies, now it lacks of rhythm,

There is where they taste the blood and flesh of us; breaking a magic link for wisdom,

Mythology dies.

Here I perform, I’m Melpomene.

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