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Aspect of Destiny

By Benjamin Rosen All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


work in will be told in 3 perspectives on the same time line much as like the first book. Pacing and action will remain the same focus as with the first one.

A summons

A Summons

The rebel leader Erador Thorley stood at the end of the table opposite of Odlareg Egfrid Lord and traitor of Castle Lake. Beside Erador stood Atikus Bane with a bored but devious aura about him as if his very presence was the doom to any perpetrator. Leaning against a wall with both arms crossed stood a rather tall gentleman named Ragnar Siarra. His hood and face mask prevalent as he scanned the room showing more interest than usual. Standing rather close to Atikus was a woman named Adeliza Calenhand with a fair but stern look about her as she tried to interpret the silence between everyone.

“Am I late?” A blue haired slim man stated as he staggered into the room taking notice of the obvious tension in the atmosphere.

“Ahh Covon good timing we were just about to start.” Odlareg stated before nodding to an empty chair along the round table. Looking into the eyes of each Lord and Lady before him a bead of sweat began to from on his brow as if a loss of words.

“Lets break this diplomatic attitude.” Stated Atikus as he slammed his hand into the table before pulling up a chair himself beside Erador his traveling cloak still strapped on his back. “I personally did not travel after a weary battle to stare at each other and gawk.” He stated before giving a sly wink to Adeliza who in return rolled her eyes with a shake of her head.

“Yes yes indeed Lord Bane indeed.” Began Odlareg as he pulled out a scroll from within his robes hands shaking despite his middle aged appearance. “I Odlareg Egfrid of Castle Lake hereby denounce my vassalage to the Scorn empire.” He stated before taking a pause, hands still shaking in the process. “And in due return, place my guidance and reverence to the surviving remnants of the Alistair kingdom. Whom I will fully pledge fealty and absolution to in all regards.” The man finished as he took a large drawn out breath and passed the scroll to Covon.

Taking it earnestly he eyed it over reading the unread portions for political affairs and the eventual required signatures of the present parties. “I Covon representative of the Magi and Karozinians agree to these terms.” He added as he signed quickly before passing the scroll down to Erador.

Looking over the parchment wishing his general and advisor Cyers was around to make sure the document was in order, Erador reluctantly signed saying. “I Erador Thorley representative of the rebellion agree to these terms.” Before looking up to each of the other lords and lady.

Finally speaking aloud Ragnar strolled over to the table eying the scroll for a moment before folding his arms over as if to think on his words wisely. “Now that we have your complete and utter suffrage to us care to explain why after all these years you decide now to deflect back to our cause?” Ragnar stated in a rather smooth but deliberate voice as if water itself was flowing.

Odlareg sat there before heaving a sigh and waving his hands through his thinning hair. “You may be aware I was the last house to declare allegiance to either the kingdom of Alistair or the Scorn. Were it not for the lives of my people I would have fought to keep this old kingdom intact. But seeing how they picked us apart house by house I knew a siege upon this very lake was inevitable.”

“So you surrendered and sided with the Scorn, why now did you decide to divert towards the rebellion how can we trust you old man.” Adeliza retorted seeing a break in his self pity speech. Eying the young woman Odlareg offered a simple smile as he pointed to Covon.

“Oh that is right Covon was unable to fully explain the situation I presume?” Pointing to the mage in hopes to deviate attention away from himself.

Covon quickly nodded with a smile as he stood up obviously still injured by his posture due to the battle but a few days ago. “ I had exhausted all my remaining power to provide an escape for our comrades.” Covon began as he eyed Adeliza as if to remember the battle that took place. “Fortunately when I became extinguished of my mana they decided to capture me instead of outright killing. Perhaps to use me as a bargaining chip or to drain me of any power for their twisted experiments.” Covon added as he watched Ragnar shudder with the statement.

“Get to the point.” Atikus implied leaning back arms crossed in an irritated fashion for having to waste his time at the meeting.

“Right, well I was bound in chains and was escorted with a few other magi who happened to survive and was lined up in a row. They bound our hands and began to drag us along in a line back towards the west leaving the battlefield. I counted five thousand steps each one leaving me further away from the battle. There was approximately twenty scorn soldiers and a two hooded individuals in our group.” Covon continued only stopping momentarily to recollect his memory licking his lips in the process.

“The hooded figures had us all sit down and began putting ragged bags over our heads damp with what was most likely blood by the foul smell. The hooded figures took out a small vial and crystal and began with the first magi in our line.” Covon eyed Ragnar momentarily before continuing as if knowing he would understand what he was about to explain. “They proceeded to stab each magi and drain their...soul...into this vial they had in their possession.”

“Impossible.” Erador stated leaning forward transfixed by what Covon was explaining.

“Regardless these hooded figures were the oculist of the old days of Tergoth. I realized this by the obscure eye symbol on their chest and the dark red color of their attire.” Covon added nodding his head with amusement.

Adeliza and Atikus looked to each other then around the room obviously not understanding this Tergoth or how one could remove a soul. They eyed Covon but did not interrupt him as he began to speak once more raising his hand as if to hold unwarranted questions.

“Regardless they came to me last their vial swirling with magnificent color of the collected souls. I could sense an old power from them as if they been asleep for quite some time. Anyway as they raised there hands to take my life I heard a horn from the mountaintop above us. Seeing that sound grab their attention I used what mana I had left and unshackled my bindings taking for cover the nearest boulder.” Looking to Odlareg with a smile Covon continued “Atop the mountain side Castle Lake and her finest archers began to rain a hail of arrows down onto my captors forcing an immediate retreat from my position.”

The room fell silent as all eyes became transfixed onto the timid lord before them. No one spoke especially after ridiculing him before Covon’s statement. Humorously enough Atikus let out a loud sigh as he stood up in response.

“A traitorous, rubber-spine Lord is still a coward, but a Lord who would send out his men to protect against the scorn...Is an ally in my book.” Atikus finished taking a seat eying the rest of the room “You all have to agree on that I am sure.” He added as he turned his gaze back to Covon.

“You saved Covon but why did we not see the rest of your men at the Silver Gate once you committed the act?” Erador asked looking at the Lord of Castle Lake with utter distaste as if a house rivalry still existed in the realm. Odlareg shook his head sweat still prominent on his brow attempting to respond in hastened fashion.

“Erador... after your prison break from my castle you succeeded in annihilating the scorn guard stationed here along with their emissary.” Odlareg began as a hint of a smile began forming under his nervous face. “That very night when your men single handedly removed the guard my people rioted and killed all remnants of the scorn burning their headquarters and all traces of their belongings. All banners flags and attire were thrown out as men and women began fashioning gear and weapons.”

The room remained quite as all eyes fell upon Odlareg.

“My own people began to storm my keep next most likely to have my head for my allegiance to the Scorn. Seeing as no way out I pulled out a white flag and peered my way out onto the balcony ceasing my guards action to not attack the people.” Odlareg swallowed heavily hesitating in before beginning.

“I told my people..”

Erador’s eyes squinted as if knowing what he was about to say.

“I told them I was the one who ordered the Silver Gate rebels to destroy the scorn stationed here. And in due response got a round of approval as my life was spared and my right to rule unabated.” Odlareg ended as he noticed Erador start to rise to his feet seething with tight lips as if holding back anger and utter disgust.

“Answer the Silver Gate Lords question little man before I fear the worst for you.” Ragnar stated the whole situation not interesting him in the least.

“Right yes well...umm you see...we..I..” Odlareg began babbling in response. “We heard reports yes... reports of the scorn coming to the silver gate.. so in respects I sent a scouting party to watch their was not by my doing that your friend Covon was saved I assure you my scouting party did that themselves...they brought him here..and ...and that was all.” He finished as he leaned back into his seat stricken with anxiety and fear.

Erador sat back down closing his eyes scratching his growing brown beard in the process. Seeing eyes on him all of sudden he raised his hands in response.

“What? I wasn’t going to bash his skull in” Erador stated boldly. “..yet” he finished with a quite mutter to himself.

“Covon ?” Adeliza asked her vision narrowing on him letting the wind caress the room in hopes to return the attention to a more serious matter. “ You were in the middle of explaining of this, Tergoth?” Covon stared back at her as if remembering then proceeded with a quick nod.

“Oh right indeed. Lets see now...” Covon replied as he rubbed his angular chin looking towards Ragnar. “Feel free to help chime in old friend I am sure to miss some details.” Ragnar shrugged in response but remained quite save for a light nod in respect.

Looking back to Adeliza, Covon began as he took out his hands and began tracing blue energy into the air before him. He formed the symbol of an eye with two circular half closed eyelids resembling anger. Letting it expand he drew four circles from the edges of the eye connecting to the eyelids of the symbol. Lightly tapping he put dots into each sphere creating a new set of eyes to the one symbol. Atikus leaned forward fascinated by the object and display in response.

“To our knowledge we understand the cosmic deities of our universe in a fashion of rank to each plane of existence.” Covon began as he drew a large separate circle that slowly began to expand. “The universe in its expanse is controlled by the ever powerful Creator.” He stated as he began drawing smaller boxes into the circle. “Apart from its all mighty power which we know nothing about other than whispers and misguided teaching by religious fanatics I am assured. We have what most scholars can agree to call purgatory, the realm of the Aspects, living embodiments of the physical traits we call emotions and feelings.”

Ragnar stepped forward interrupting in process. “Simply put Aspects are other worldly beings whose influence is the emotions you feel from day to day.” He implied as he nodded back to Covon letting the words sink in. Blinking oddly Adeliza looked back at them with bewildered eyes.

“That seems far fetched human emotions are part of us something we create in response to our environment.” Adeliza began sounding unsure herself as her voice trailed off with uncertainty. Covon quickly smiled and shook his head.

“There have been eras to this world which history is not documented. Why is it that elves are but a myth yet I hold a sample of their bloodline within me. Why is it that we know nothing of our deities as if they are not wanting us to know humanities past. Or perhaps they don’t know themselves perhaps we are but a random implication of life in this vast universe. Maybe...”

“Covon...” Ragnar stated letting his colleague trail off in thought.

“Right forget that absurd rant. Just know Aspects are real beings and have according to rare encounters confessed they are the embodiments of mankind’s emotions.”

Atikus rubbed his head as he tried to wrap what Covon just implied. The confession he was a half elf or that life feelings as he knew was but a by product of Aspects. “What of Celestials?” He asked as he looked up remembering his training in the spirit world. Covon quickly eyed Atikus as if wondering how he knew that information.

“Celestials are what we assume are higher beings than that of Aspects, owning their own place of existences within the spirit world.” Covon replied taking note to question Atikus alone concerning his rumored transformations that’s been kept quiet for now.

“We are getting off track here” Ragnar stated as he walked up to Covon’s blue electric diagram with a raised hand water forming at the tip of his index finger. Slowly began drawing out a sphere of water below the large eye Covon made earlier.

“Tergoth was an Aspect once known as Mortergoth before he became split asunder what we call ceasing of an Aspect.” Ragnar said as a watery sphere began to rotate beneath the eye in a slow deliberate fashion. “When an Aspect ceases they became split into two becoming opposes of its true nature. In this case Mortergoth became Mort and Tergoth. Revenge and forgiveness as the religious followers would call them in their respectful names.”

Erador rubbed his hands before folding them across his chest. “So, none of this is explain about how Covon’s soul was about to stolen.”

“In a moment, I will explain.” Ragnar stated beneath his face mask. “When an Aspects is corrupted beyond any good will nature they are immediately sent to hell and became hell born. In this case however Mortergoth was the last ancient Aspect having survived the beginning of time and holding as much power as a celestial. Unable to effectively send revenge or Tergoth as we know him to hell he fell to Earth our mortal plane and landed to the frozen reaches of the world.”

Odlareg who appeared silent as a mouse let out a loud pitched squeal as he clasped his hands around his ears. “This is too much there are things mankind must not know and this is one of them, this is why your magi kind was banished all these years ago spreading chaos and ill forgotten omens of an era long forgotten.”

Rolling his eyes in annoyance Erador slammed his fist into the table letting the stone beneath the nobles chair collapse in a broken heap from his affinity of the earth. “Do continue.” He stated sitting back into his chair. Nodding Ragnar looked towards Covon as if for him to continue.

Smiling Covon split the large eye into two separate symbols as he let the other one get absorbed into the watery sphere Ragnar made leaving the other one alone. “As Ragnar was saying Tergoth fell to the mortal plane and sundered the land. His foulness corrupted the very earth while armies fell vanquished in their attempt to destroy this unknown beast.”

“Armies?” Atikus asked sounding astonished wondering what power alone could wipe out armies alone. The thought of something so powerful and immense held sway of a grand fight that leaped towards the chaotic side of Atikus’s mind. Brushing it aside and holding control of his ill sought power he remained quiet and observant.

“Far distant empires on the other side of the globe rarely encountered the monstrosity as he forged a personal empire in that corner of the world. Those that were unable to escape soon became slaves to his vast empire. For no mortal beings could stand alone or together to stop his mighty power.” Ragnar stated as he paused momentarily. “You may be wondering how such a foe was stopped well that is where our research and scholars debate mournfully.”

“Well in retrospect from just word of mouth from the line of survivors from that lost era say differently.” Covon stated interrupting Ragnar in the process. “It was rumored Tergoth begot a son and daughter in the form of ceasing but still retained his own being. I will let you guess what there names were.” He said as he looked across the room with a half crazed smile as if knowing something no one else did. Even Ragnar who knew his history well stood in confusion.

“Well firstly the daughter was named Justice and was well in doubt good nature and pitied the human race while the son...his name was Scorn...” Covon finished as he let the words flow from his lips in a hushed whisper. Odlareg sat at the end of the table whimpering while the rest of the room sat speechless unable to utter a word.

“That is a bold statement or an unnatural coincidence.” Erador finally stated speaking up breaking the dull silence of the room. “What proof do you have? History only tells of Tergoth, I never heard of him begotten offspring into this world. Especially one with the name of Scorn the same name of the accused empire we are currently fighting.”

“Even so it is a far fetched case but I would like you to know that information was passed down by four special individuals whom I will disclose in but a moment.” Covon began with an odd smile as if his knowledge was making his ego swell. “Now according to legend it was said a god fell from the sky and battled Tergoth. But put more simply this was Mort enacting vengeance on his other half in hopes to defeat or at least subdue him. For fortunes sake Justice with the help of four mortals helped Mort distract Tergoth long enough for him to encase the foe in stone rendering him immobile and dormant. But alas Scorn in his anguish lashed out and caused Mort to be encased into stone along with Tergoth.” Covon leaned closer over the table waving his hand whipping the diagrams from the air.

“This is where things get strange but before Tergoth fell to earth mankind had a link to the spirit realm and when he and Mort became encased in stone their magick materialized as these spirit shards and spread across the world. When the larger shards embedded into the earth our link to the spirit realm ended but in its place we developed the power of mana and magick. The smaller fragments of shards were picked up by those closest to the battle. In this case the loyalist to Tergoth and the four mortals who worked with Justice.” Ragnar’s eyes grew wide as if he knew what Covon was about to say. “Let me get back to those four mortals however. Purgatory apparently opened up and the lot of Scorn and his followers were banished to hell...along with Justice just for being the offspring of Tergoth.”

Adeliza rubbed the sides of her head as she began to piece everything together. “So this Scorn do you suppose his followers took up his name and began to forge an empire in his name once he fell to hell?” Covon shook his head with uncertainty in response.

“No evidence was ever concluded until those hooded oculist from the lands of Tergoth’s old realm came along with the army of the scorn.” Covon implied as he crossed his arms thinking on the subject. “Anyway as I was saying about the four mortals followers of the aspect of Justice. Their names were...” Covon paused for but a moment as if to build tension and suspense with a rather smug smile.

“For pity’s sake mage I will snap you in half!” Erador roared slamming a fist into the table as if physically demanding for the man to finish. Taking back slightly smug smile vanished Covon huffed lightly to himself sad to see the amusement to cease.

“The four mortals names were...Thorley, Siarra, Bane, and Calenhand...” Covon stated as he eyed the four lords in the room the direct descendants of the four fabled mortals long ago. The silent room had all but became the norm for the present as everyone processed the information. “Quit literally if we put this subject on a grander scale Scorn’s and Justice has been at war even after they left our world. Their followers to this day still rage on unaware of the rivalry or perhaps a deeper meaning to their very existence. Tell me Lords of Alistair why do you think your kingdom was founded?”

“We can discuss this later in a more private situation...” Ragnar interrupted trailing off in his words eying the lord of the castle in which they preside. Quickly averting his eyes to the group Odlareg nodded rather quickly as he stood up with a bow.

“Your journey was in haste and seeing how you requested a meeting before rest assures me of your fatigue.” Odlareg began as he clapped his hands and a few servants ran in eying the other lords in wonder. “Do show them to their rooms and make sure their envoys are treated fairly.” He finished as he sighed leaving the room in a quick peculiar haste.

“I think we should start calling him Sir Spineless Rat.” Atikus implied as he uncrossed his arms stretching as he felt Adeliza poke him in his ribs for being rude. Eying everyone stand up to leave he noticed Covon’s eyes on him as if studying his physique. The room began to slowly empty leaving Atikus to leave last passing by Covon giving him an odd glare. “How bout you paint a tapestry so you can save it.” He scoffed shaking his head at the odd mage.

Laughing lightly Covon cocked his head to the side and pulled out a small journal. “Atikus Bane, your are an interesting prospect... rumors have it you single handedly united the warmogs and turned the battle at the Silver Gate.” Atikus remained quiet standing shoulder to shoulder sizing up the slightly shorter man.

“And that you amassed into a living breathing demon something no magician has done in hundreds of years.” Covon went on as he read a quote from his book before putting it back into his jerkin. “But I must digress and inform you we both know everyone assumes its demonic energy, and the fact they keep you in our midst is out of a mutual respect.” Atikus was about to respond saying its not demonic but a celestial gift before he was immediately cut off from his train of thought.

“All demons are corrupt and eventually turn and when you finally do I will be there to dissect and learn how you can control it.” Covon implied with a smug smile before it vanished and a loud blood curdling scream echoed up to the room. It sounded masculine and rough the sound reverberating off the castle stone walls.

“We can talk about just how wrong you are mage but for now I smell a fight.” Atikus responded through gritted teeth as he ran past Covon and down the hall from which he heard the sound. Making sure he was far from peering eyes he opened both hands palms out as two blades black and red materialized into his hands. The sensation of draining began to wain on him as he ran down the corridor in search of the sound. He eventually came across a room filled with multiple people and his group of servants. Slowly walking in he seen the dead body of Odlareg on the floor blood oozing out from a deep chest wound. His eyes glazed as he held a transfixed stare at the door hinting at his untimely demise.

“Why did you kill him?” Atikus began as he raised his blades to the few servants tending to the dead man. The servants just began bawling incoherent except for one simple word. ‘Assassin’.

Atikus’s mind went dull for a moment as he eyed the room and seen no enemy present knowing he had already slipped past. Sighing he stabbed his blades into the floor of the room and clasped his hands in front of his face concentrating. Remembering he can feel for strong spiritual energy when he fought Chaos he would try and replicate it here. Pushing his energy into his mind he felt for any strong pressure or power. In but a moment he could feel four strong powered individuals on a lower floor of him and one toxic feeling pressure running down the hall in front of him. Opening his eyes he knew he found his target, holding his breath focusing on the scent of the foe he began running down the hallway chasing with both blades in hand.

The further he ran down the corridor the darker it became until he reached a spiral staircase that lead downward. Shaking his head he let one of his blades disappear as he grabbed for a barely lit torch on the nearby wall. Feeling the toxic presence just below him Atikus held out his torch and willed the fire to burn brighter. The flames licking and lapping over the torch wood in its vile hunger. Satisfied he began his descent downwards closing in on the presence he had been chasing. It took a good minute before his feet stepped into a low ceiling storage room. The place looked as though it has been unkempt and rarely used. Lifting his torch up he began walking past empty boxes and broken desks keeping his mind focusing on the toxic feeling all around him.

“You have the scent...”

Atikus stopped in his tracks as he heard the voice echo through the room ominous and grotesque as if his very soul was disfigured. “Show your self assassin my blade thirst and you have no where to run.” He began as he eyed the end of the room as a dark figure stood straight up as if preparing for an attack. Shaking his head he tossed the torch into one of the boxes willing it to burn quickly. Knowing it would take a moment he planed to erupt the room in fire to both illuminate and potentially capture his opponent. Were it not his limited affinity with fire Atikus would have most definitely won this encounter.

“The Scorn calls for the death of Odlareg for the treason at the silver gate battle. I am not here for you or the other traitor lords.” The voice implied as it began walking up to Atikus still ominous as if an echo with no gender signifying its nature.

Shaking his head with a smile Atikus waved his hand over the burning box and let it jump to a few more assortments around the room to begin burning. Oddly enough the illumination was dull but the area where the foe stood remained darkened. Squinting his eyes to get a better look Atikus took some of the fire into his hand and applied to his blade. Pointing it directly at his enemy he shot it off his blade as if a projectile. Keeping track of it his face became astonished as the fire raced past a hunched over black behemoth with tar like skin and small tentacles across its body.

“I am not going to lie you are one ugly some bitch.” Atikus called out as he opened his other hand letting a blade materialize. “Lets dance.” He added as he charged towards the beast letting out a battle roar simultaneously the fire in the room boomed lightly giving off better illumination.

He raised his blades with a quick swipe as he neared his foe the stench of decaying flesh toxic fumes noticed. With what little vision Atikus had in the room he dodged before he could swipe as a large bladed limb swung above him as the foe sidestepped to decapitate his perpetrator. Grimacing Atikus raised both blades in a cross as he parried the block. Focusing in on the blade he noticed it was attached to the beasts arm large and crudely made. With a grunt Atikus dove for the foes leg and turning with his motion cut the lower extremity watching as red blood gushed out.

“Where am I ?”

Atikus stood up and watched as the beast with its new human masculine sounding voice called out as if confused. Raising one blade he reached one out to a nearby encroaching flame letting it attach itself onto his instrument of death. Waving it across his enemies large body he made out what appeared to be a humans face emerging from the tar eyes wry and confused as it searched the room.

“Thats right..” the voice began as the tar like substance began to cover its face. “I am Scorn!” it ended its voice returned to its ominous echo. Roaring and with inhuman strength he crushed the wall behind him letting the moonlight shine in the ripples of the lake become apparent with the intrusion of rumble. Horns immediately sounded off as the what might be the guard began barking orders to investigate below. Before Atikus could let his enemy escape he dove towards the beast grabbing him around the waist forcing him to the ground tumbling down to the beach of the lake outside.

Kicking with its good leg the beast knocked Atikus backwards onto a rock hitting his head in the process. Grimacing he stumbled back up but felt the fatigue begin to wear on him as one of his blades disappeared from his hands. Staring in shock he attempted to wrap his mind around the sudden change of events. ‘what I get for trusting power I have yet to understand’ he whispered to himself as he took his last blade with both hands. Shaking his head attempting to focus he concentrated on his spiritual presence and found it beginning to wane as if falling asleep. Standing up straight Atikus looked towards the beast who appeared more menacing now than before as he felt uncertainty in his midst.

“Tell me vile creature what are you?” Atikus began as he tried to calm his nerves in hopes his energy would slowly return. Letting out a slight sigh he awaited an answer but was met with an ill fated charge that appeared awkward as the beast gained up on him. Biting his lip Atikus revered onto his swordsmanship and ducked to the side as he slashed with his blade along the side of his oppressors body. Red blood coated his blade as the tar quickly mended over the wound covering its host further from harm. Smiling Atikus quickly stabbed the base of the beast foot and kicked at the knee joint popping it out with a loud crack from its own weight. The beast made no response of pain but glared eerily at Atikus as it swung his large arms knocking him backwards sending into the ruble of the castle.

Atikus watched with frustration as his body collided with the rumble his sword impaled into the monsters foot as if coaxing him to grab it. Another wave of fatigue rolled over him this time he felt it physically as his vision began to blur slightly as well as sweat beginning to pour from his brow. He held his concentration however as he watched as his last blade slowly dematerialize releasing the beast from its bond. With what vigor he still had Atikus stood up and breathed in a heavy sigh putting all his concentration into his legs and right arm. He felt his very spiritual connection to his body as he willed the last of his energy into his limbs for one final blow to this enemy.

“Give up mortal I have become a transcended being you can not defeat me” The beast began with its echoing ominous voice as it lifted a boulder from the ground high over its head. Atikus raised his fist eyes closed as a red hue began to envelop his hand in an unnatural way. A smile slowly crossed his face as he felt time it self slow down to his will. Opening his eyes they shown with a red glow as the fire themselves depleted in an instant behind him in a single extinguish. The beast held the rock above him confused as he eyed Atikus his very aura intoxicating with power.

“Never.” Atikus replied.

The beast cocked his head with confusion as the man disappeared before him and was no where to be seen. Looking down a hole the size of a shield was blasted through his chest as a red glowing hand emerged burning the tar like texture in the process. Eyes rolling back the beast dropped the rock and fell to its face in a broken heap. Standing over the body breathing heavy fist still poised Atikus shuddered as he fell to his knee his energy fully depleted.

“And here I was hoping you would have died.” A familiar voice sounded off in front of Atikus.

“Covon you vile mage, how long were you standing there” Atikus asked as he felt anger grow an octave higher before falling face first into the sand.

“Long enough to lend you that power I suppose.” Covon replied with a smirk as he took out his journal to record what he had seen.

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