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Bleeding Lies

By Nymue All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Other


The old witch cackled delightedly as she hobbled around her bubbling cauldron while the shrieks of a woman behind her pierced the dark night. There was no moon in the sky for this malicious witch as she shuffled over to the bound woman who continued to wail in despair as the witch came ever closer to her. A wicked carving knife, curved in odd angles; glinted in the fire as the witch bent over the woman and began slicing her pale fair skin in precise cuts to spill ruby red liquid in a jar but not enough to drain the woman who was still screaming her head off. Suddenly the screams got shriller and grunts followed soon after.
“Ah, the child is to arrive, dear?” The woman was only able to glare at the witch as she cackled gleefully and limped to begin the delivery of the babe. The witch grunted as she kneeled down and wedged herself between the woman’s legs.

“Quit being so pig-headed, don’t want to hurt the babe; do we?” The old witch snickered at the woman who groaned as instinct kicked in and pushed.

The birth was a fairly short one but hard on the woman as she was not strong due to the blood loss. The witch did not care, for she had what she wanted - A pure bred vampire child sired by the most powerful vampire in existence. It was a rare occasion for a vampire’s seed to take hold inside a human woman’s womb. The witch relished in her discovery as a new wail took up the mother’s dying cries as she finally expelled the child from her womb. A shadow fell over the child as a chill made the old croon hiss and pull the babe close to her.

“I told you I would bring you the woman when I was finished!” She wailed in desperation as a hand curled around her shoulder, making her jump and shake in fear. The baby screeched and flailed it’s tiny fists from the cold that suddenly pooled like a dense fog at the witch’s feet. The fog then curled around the barely living woman as ragged breaths wheezed out of her slack mouth.

“I should have known better... Than to trust someone... like you, Eliza Moreau. You have slipped through many contracts that should have bound you to one family for centuries. You’re a terrifying woman.” A low voice throbbed with emotion through the fog, echoing and making it hard to pinpoint the location.

“Xanthus...” Eliza breathlessly clutched the now silent baby to her chest as she tried to place distance between herself and the nearly dead woman. She felt around for the jar of blood she had drained from her earlier but couldn’t seem to find it. The cold feel of glass pressed against her cheek and she froze as her eyes widened.

“Looking for something Eliza..?” Hissed Xanthus venomously as he raked his fingers through her hair to pull her head back and expose her neck to his fangs. “You really made this too easy for me, dear...”

Gasping for air, Eliza looked at Xanthus for the first time. His electric blue eyes seemed to pierce her soul and she screamed bloody murder, shattering every mirror and window; making him release her to cover his ears. He dropped the bottle of blood and it slid somewhere to the left of the vampire. The baby began wailing with her; adding to the noise. The baby’s cry was able to paralyze the near master status vampire with it’s uncontrolled vampiric powers. Wincing from the wails of the child in her arms, Eliza gathered what little energy she had and pulled all her magic to her. Xanthus knelt on the ground, his head bowed and hands clasped over his ears; growled in pain as blood streaked down his face. Eliza scrambled after the bottle of the woman’s blood and with it safely in her hands she triumphantly smiled at Xanthus. She placed the baby in front of him and poured her mother’s blood over her and around Xanthus.

She stopped her screams as she began to chant in an ancient language most witches would kill to have learned. The magic built into a fiery crescendo and she struggled to hold onto it; trying to savor her moments of victory over Xanthus. The vampire looked up at her; his eyes a deadly pure black. Startled; Eliza lost control of her magic as it burst forth and like a raging flame consumed everything within ten miles.

Eliza Moreau disappeared once again, no one knows if she lived or died. Everyone believes Xanthus died along with his human wife. No one was able to get close enough to find a trace of any evidence to prove otherwise; the all consuming burn of magic tore at the sanity of those who tried.

What was once a beautiful forest, is now a barren field of unstable magical energy that will kill anyone. No one can enter it for they will burn in slow agony as they lose their minds; even being on the edges of the place will make you lose your sanity...

We call it Barren Witch Valley.

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1. Prologue
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