Drakoria: Guardians of the Silver Dragon

By Jonathan Sohriakoff All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


Exodus stone, they christened it…the men were shivering with excitement as they lugged it from the chest. The stone was roughly the size of a cannon ball and just as heavy.

For months they had sailed. Through the sea of Picorus along the straights of Yumora they went onward towards what was known as Red Dragon Island. The Exodus stone was more than just any rock you see, its beauty and wealth was more than most men could handle as if the sirens themselves were trapped within it. The stone was blood red, though it sparkled in the sun as bright as a diamond. This was the largest known ruby in the entire world. Although unknown to most, it’s beauty and wealth was dwarfed in comparison to its power.

Heathens by very nature these men were outfitted in the most scraggly attire. Torn garments and filthy faces were obviously none of their concern. Every man on the ship bared the insignia of the Red Dragon on his right forearm. Their ship sailed in shoddy repair and was literally falling apart. They were armed to the teeth, these men sailed under the flag of skull and crossbones. These were The Pirate Vikings of Drakoria.

“Bring it here!” yelled the Captain. Squirming through the crowd of men, one of them came. Handing him the stone with disdain he said, “Should we feed him to the fish’s captain? He knows too much now.” “Send him overboard” the captain said as he pointed at the very unfortunate man tied to the mast. Untying him from the mast the men grabbed him by his arms and tossed him towards the plank as he was knocked unconscious by the blunt end of a sword.

His name is Drake Corinth, only 22 years old, born and raised as guardian of the Silver dragon. His heritage is thus; his father was a guardian of the Silver dragon, so was his father’s father, and his father and father’s father, so on and on it goes for many generations. In fact his whole village has had this responsibility for generations. As a boy Drake’s father told him that being a Guardian of the Silver Dragon was not actually Guarding the Dragon itself, but a secret. It was at this time that Drake swore to the oath of the Silver Dragon.

Drake was born in the City of Drakoria, once holy city for all dragons and people alike. Growing up under the wing of a blacksmith Drake learned how to fight. Never ceasing to amaze his father, Drake learned to blacksmith. Picking up the father’s trade was common in these times. His father also taught him the importance of sword play.

It was very common to hear stories of ancient rituals in Drakoria, sorcery and magic were often accompanied, mystical ancients casting spells on men and dragons were favorites among the people.

One of which stories spoke of a man known as Exodus, the wisest man in all of the Draconic islands and the known world. Exodus was said to have cast a spell upon himself for the sake of the people of Drakoria. At that time an evil red dragon known as Lucius reigned over the city of Drakoria influencing its people with fear for his own selfish desires. Lucius warped their minds with perversions and it wasn’t long until most of the city was under his will. Wisdom was then a thing of the past and wickedness flourished as a plague. It is said that Exodus decided to save the people from their sinful ways. The story goes that Exodus sent his spirit into that of Lucius the adult red dragon and when doing so the dragon became silver in color. Containing the spirit of Exodus and the physical form of a Dragon they became known as Exodus the Silver Dragon. Lucius was then no more and soon Exodus the Silver Dragon became a symbol of Drakoria, holding everyone accountable for their actions, yet also providing wisdom for those who sought it; punishing the wicked and protecting the innocent. Until one day the Silver Dragon disappeared from sight never to be seen again. Although Lucius did not return the people once again gave into wickedness and wisdom again became a thing of the past, except for a few families devoted to the ways of the silver dragon.

This is a story about how a young man with a dream changes the world of dragons and becomes a legend. This is Drakoria & the Guardians of the Silver Dragon

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