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The Keepers Secret

By aagsharp All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


The Council of the Elements is a five book series for young adults. The Keepers Secret, is the first book in the series and takes the reader in to the world of Mikaia, where humans and animoids live in relative harmony. The story follows the adventures of a boy and girl and is centred on the four natural elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire. A leader in the “Keeper” organisation discovers a young Elemental and he now believes his ambition to re-create the Council of the Elements can come true. Together, the “Keeper” and his band of devoted followers, journey across Mikaia in a bid to protect his new protégé from the High Centurion and the Head Master of the High School for Elementals. Another young Elemental is discovered when quite by accident they foil an assassination attempt on the High Prince of the East. The High Centurion will stop at nothing to have this young Elemental brought to the High School for Elementals to study under the watchful eyes of the Centurion Order. Meanwhile a menacing force is preparing to plunge the whole of Mikaia into another Animoid war.


A large dark figure stood absolutely still staring out into the night. He was standing on the edge of a forest that ran down to a beach. Winter had just passed but it was still a very cold crisp night. He was watching the full moon shining on the small waves as they rolled into the shore. He had been at this beach for two days waiting for a friend.

Suddenly a figure stood up in the surf and walked towards him. The figure was tall and slender. Her wet skin was glistening in the moonlight. She walked casually towards the dark figure on the edge of the sand and stopped a metre short.

“By the Elements. Do you have any word yet?” The dark figure asked in a low husky voice. The person that came from the water responded at first with some clicking sounds and a high squeak.

“Good to see you too.” She commented and then added.

“He is travelling to the mainland now and wants to meet the team in a couple of days south of Port Talba.” She added a few more clicks. “Plus he has three people with him. A couple and their son.”

She waited for a reply or comment. The dark figure uttered a low growl more like a rumble. She had to wait a little longer before he eventually answered.

“He is not alone.” He growled again before adding.

“I will inform the others and select a meeting place. Meet us by one of the rivers a day or so further south.”

He turned and walked back into the forest, leaving his friend on the beach.

“By the Elements. I love you too.” She added a cheeky squeak at the end, then turned and headed for the surf.

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