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Heavenly Poison

By xXdemolitionloverXx All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


Damien and Sebastian are both Legens— a supernatural creature which only a select few know that even exists. After getting kicked out of their homes at a young age, and being considered “freaks” by their parents, Damien and Sebastian make it their business to find adventure and live life to the fullest. Despite the hate they carry towards Werewolves, they end up settling into a territory that is flooded with them. While Sebastian is trying to keep control of the order they had before and Damien is fighting the strange feelings he has for the Alpha’s daughter— they both get involved in the biggest Werewolf Pack battle the US has seen in centuries. In the end, who will win? Includes appearances from Blue Bloods, New Elite, Midnight Moon, Locus, and Imperial Pack.

Chapter 1

Damien and Sebastian are both Legens— a supernatural creature which only a select few know that even exists. After getting kicked out of their homes at a young age, and being considered “freaks” by their parents, Damien and Sebastian make it their business to find adventure and live life to the fullest. Despite the hate they carry towards Werewolves, they end up settling into a territory that is flooded with them. While Sebastian is trying to keep control of the order they had before and Damien is fighting the strange feelings he has for the Alpha’s daughter— they both get involved in the biggest Werewolf Pack battle the US has seen in centuries. In the end, who will win? Includes appearances from Blue Bloods, New Elite, Midnight Moon, Locus, and Imperial Pack.

Damien Gray

“Did we lose them?” I asked Sebastian, as we lowered ourselves to the ground.

“We lost them,” Sebastian said, as he retracted his wings inside his back. There were two slits in the back of his shirt, from when the wings had cut through.

“We need to be more careful. That was too close,” I said to him, heaving a sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry little cousin, I’ll protect you,” Sebastian said, putting his arm around my shoulder, and giving me a wide grin.

It was true though. Ever since we discovered what we were, Sebastian had been the only one to have my back.

I could say our problems started the day we crossed paths with some Rogue Werewolves. We weren’t careful, and flew too low to the ground.

The moment the Rogues caught sight of our wings, all hell broke loose. They came after us, but we were too smart. The mistake was corrected by going higher in the air, until we became invisible and blended in with the clouds.

After that, it was a matter of tracking down the four Rogues, and getting rid of them before they spilled their guts about what they saw.

Our wings were what had scared them. Werewolves were used to being the only supernatural species to exist. In one thing they were right- other than what Sebastian and me were- the only other supernatural species out there were Werewolves.

But to say that our problems began there, well that would be selling myself short. Our problems began the day both Sebastian and I turned 13 years old, when wings tore through our skin, and sprouted out of our backs.

First, it happened to Sebastian. We’d been skateboarding outside, when he collapsed to the ground from the pain. I did my best to carry him back home. I was younger than him by a few months, but we were about the same height.

When we arrived at his house, his parents didn’t know what was happening. They had no idea what was wrong with him.

A few days later, when his parents discovered the wings that sprouted from Sebastian’s back, they kicked him out. They said he was a freak.

Six months later, the same thing happened to me.

That was the faithful day my entire life changed. It was the day when I went from being a regular teenager, and turned into what I am today.

I am Damien Gray- the secHeavenond Legen to exist in centuries.

To describe what Sebastian and I were, well that was still mainly a mystery to us as well. After Sebastian got kicked out of his house, my dad took him in. My dad and Sebastian’s dad were brothers. When the wings came along, Sebastian’s parents kept everything on the down low. They were ashamed and scared of what he was.

My parents always wondered why Sebastian’s dad had kicked him out, but they never questioned me when I asked for Sebastian to come live with us.

When the transformation for me came along, my parents got the answer they had been searching for. Not only did they agree with what Sebastian’s parents thought, but they ended up kicking us out as well.

After that, we lived everywhere. It was hard at first, because we weren’t used to being on our own. Two months later, Sebastian found an abandoned warehouse. My parents were well off, so when we got kicked out, I got to take my savings, and few electronics that fit in mine and Sebastian’s back pack.

We had a total of three grand in cash, two PSPs, our iPods, my Xbox- which was the first thing Sebastian packed- and a few video games.

Starting off with money helped a lot. With how little either of us spent, it lasted us a while. I was always glad about having Sebastian with me. He was the one who got us the places to stay in, and he managed to win off free food.

The gifts that manifested as we grew up were a surprise though.

The thing with us is that we both heal, and we both have Telekinesis. One day, while we were passing through Louisiana, we stopped at an old book store, mainly out of Sebastian’s curiosity. There, we found the dumbest book, or what would have been the dumbest book- had we both been twelve years old. But, we weren’t.

The book not only gave us some background on Legens, it also answered a few questions we had. To anyone, it was only a book full of myths. To us, it was hope.

We had already discovered that flying high in the air made us invisible. But there were things neither of us had a clue in.

Other than the healing and moving objects with our mind, there were two more gifts in store for both of us. Legens all got an element and a feat- which was a power related with the weather.

I controlled rain, while Sebastian controlled lightning. Being that we were the only two living Legens, there was no way of knowing if anyone else had thunder, or hail, or the power to form rainbows.

Sebastian laughed for almost two days when he read that there had been Legens, whose feat was being able to control a rainbow. Though weak, it was considered a gift nonetheless.

Our element is the last one to kick in. It’s supposed to arise when we turn 17, since receiving our element is what makes us a full-fledged Legen. Sebastian got his a few months ago. It was air.

He had been hoping for fire. After receiving air as his element, he was able to see just how strong a Legen with the element of air could be. I was impressed.

I’d be receiving my element in a few months. I, like him, was also hoping for fire.

Sebastian and I were training the other day, like we do most nights. I’d made it rain for two hours, because fighting in the water seemed to be my forte. I noticed then that having the element of fire, while also having access to water whenever I wished- it was a lethal combination.

“I like this town already,” Sebastian said, as he puts his back pack on. I had been carrying mine, plus the duffel bag.

“Of course you like it, you picked it,” I told him.

“Come on Damien, don’t be such a downer. It’s a good place to start over. Besides, the pack in this territory isn’t so big,” he said, again gracing me with a grin.

“I’d rather there be no Wolves at all,” I muttered.

Sebastian started laughing, like if my words had been a joke. Moments like those, were when I cursed our enhanced hearing.

Because having wings or supernatural gifts wasn’t enough to make us freaks. We also needed to have all of our senses enhanced.

“Wolves are fun,” he said. We had reached the edge of the woods.

Across from us, I could see the road, and the beginning of the town. We’d already done our research. Sebastian took care of buying the apartment. Our belongings were to be delivered in three days, and we only needed to get acquainted with the town.

My main problem with living in this town was the Werewolves. Out of the twelve packs that occupied the US, we were currently in the territory of one of them.

This was Mountain Peak territory, with Anthony Stark as Alpha. His territory covered the entire town, most of the woods in the area, and he had two hundred and twenty members. It wasn’t the biggest pack I’d heard of, but it had good numbers.

“Wolves are far from fun,” I replied.

I sped up my walk, wanting to get to the apartment faster.

“It’s fun to play with Wolves,” Sebastian replied, giving me one of his sinister smiles.

I joined along with him, knowing what that comment meant.

It was fun to play with Wolves at times, especially the Rogues. Playing with Wolves though, always led to killing them. Leaving them alive, after they saw what we were- it was a risk neither of us was willing to take.

We managed to figure out that Werewolves have a certain scent to them. It was interesting, but I knew it was because they were just like us- they were freaks.

It was different than the regular, boring scent of a human.

To our good fortune, Werewolves never saw us coming. No one we’d come across had ever heard of a Legen.

We’d noticed a streak with both humans and Wolves right after Sebastian turned 15. Both species were attracted to us. They found everything about us appealing- from our scent, to our looks, even our voice.

Sebastian claimed it was because we were perfect. My vanity only agreed with him to some extent.

The only book we had about Legens- which we both guarded with our lives- said that we were alluring creatures. It started with the way we looked, how enticing our scent was to everyone else, and the innocence that we seemed to exude.

Seeing someone with wings, you usually think of an angel. The truth about Sebastian and me, it was far from heavenly.

“Damien, are you running away from me?” Sebastian asked, keeping step with my fast pace.

“I’m tired,” I lied.

He shook his head, probably sensing my lie. I appreciated that he remained quiet for the rest of the walk.

It was almost midnight. I was lying down on one of the couches that the last owner had left in the apartment. It was much like a studio apartment that Sebastian and I lived in for a couple of months while we were in New York. I liked the quietness of this town a lot more though.

I had to admit the former owner of the apartment had good taste. Sebastian had bought the apartment with only the essentials in furniture. I wasn’t complaining at all. It was a big place, we both had king sized beds in our rooms, and the couch in the living room was comfortable.

“You could help me out with the TV, you know,” Sebastian said, as he connected cables.

Right after arriving, he’d gone to go buy what he considered were necessities. The fact that he couldn’t live without a TV almost worried me.

“You’re doing a good job,” I told him, while closing my eyes.

He grunted, and I could sense him scowling at me.

“I’ll also be doing a good job not sharing it with you,” he retorted.

I chuckled, but didn’t move from my comfortable spot on the couch.

“We’re starting school next Monday,” Sebastian commented casually.

My eyes shot open, and I sat up from the couch, staring at him like he’d just grown an extra pair of arms. Being what we were, I wouldn’t actually have been surprised if that had happened.

“I’m not starting school,” I bluntly stated.

“Yes, you are. We’re lucky we got here in August,” he said, continuing with connecting cables.

“I don’t see anything lucky in having to start school,” I told him, giving him my best glare.

“Damien, we’re almost finished. You’ll be a junior this year. Two more years, and I’ll stop pestering you about it,” he said.

“Easy for you to say. You graduate this year,” I told him, not willing to allow him to drag me for another year of school.

I found the education system, pathetic. In the three years we’d been living on our own, I learned more than I had in school.

“So what? Just because I graduate before you doesn’t mean I’m turning into a bum. I’ll follow-up with college, and so will you.”

I stayed quiet, but I was sure my look was showing him what I thought about his plans.

“We have a lot of money,” I reminded him, trying to play each and every card I had.

“It’s not about the money. I actually predict we’ll be earning more money on our own, than by having a career, or going to school. Money’s not the issue. If we want to fit in, we have to do what they do,” Sebastian said.

“Besides, this summer gave me time to breathe. I think I’m missing some humans and some pups,” he continued, proceeding to smirk.

I had no idea how he managed to be the grown up of the two, while also gambling when it came to the lives of Werewolves and humans.

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