The Dark Witch: Unknown (Avengers Fanfic)

By Aurelia Su

Action / Other


BOOK 3 People change. That's what happened to her. She never chose to suffer. Never chose to be tossed around like nothing but a rag doll. But she did choose to turn. She did, choose, not to go back. What was waiting for her back at home? Nothing. She never had a home, but now she did. Even if it was with the most powerful creatures in the universe. She's one of them now. And she's taken her place on the throne.

BOOK 3 (A/N)


BOOK 3, Ladies and Gentleman.

Book 3, is here and its been a long and hard journey.

Are you ready for more?

Are you ready to see the Dark Witch in action?

Until I’ve gotten enough comments on book 2 about updating chapters, I will decide whether or not to update regularly or just finish the book and send it out.

So, save this book to your library and follow me for updates!

Love you all~

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