The Dark Witch: Fallen (Avengers Fanfic)

By Aurelia Su

Action / Other


BOOK 2 The Dark Witch returns. No longer is she plagued by memories of her past. Instead she finds the more bigger demons lie in the unseen able future. The future only she could understand... With a group of people she considers her family running on high alert, she finds that the battle had only begun. This was a war with no means of stopping. And it was a war, she wasn't sure if she could win. Not with the voices whispering in her head. Not with the call of the Mad Titan, to return. Trust will be broken. Allies will be made. Which side will she choose? Her love? Or her family? Rise or fall? In the beginning she was Rising but at the end, she had Fallen.

The SEQUEL begins


Welcome to Book 2 of the Dark Witch series!

If you’re new, check out my first book,

The Dark Witch: Rising (Avengers Fanfic)

This book is completed and has gone through editing. There may be a few spelling mistakes but other then that, its all good.

Buckle up my fellow readers, its about to get crazy.

I do not own MARVEL, I only own my own characters.

P.S. This book is also on Wattpad

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