she changed me

By pickle_such

Adventure / Romance


aurora dalton paul longwood Winston murphy Cassidy Carson

Chapter 1

everyone hates the feeling of being ignored but treated like that by your friends and family is the worst feeling ever so i decided to move out of my parents house , living independently is kinda hard since i got a job and go to school, " Mr. Longwood i'd advise you to pay attention or you'll be teaching next Monday " i sigh softly as i write down the notes that't on the board as i hear laughter from the class i mean as least some of the teachers notice.

school is over. no friends. no girlfriend so i guess that equals no life as i'm walking i stare up at the big blue sky wishing something exciting would happen for once in my life, i keep walking when i see a new gaming store called 'glame stop' " what a strange name" i said to myself. i enter seeing so many girls they all turn around like they haven't seen a boy in a video game store before i walk towards i table i sit down talking out a book " a book nerd at a video game store... that's new" i finish up reading a couple of words from the book looking up at a girl with black hair with blonde on the ends of her hair "yeah i guess it is" the weirdest thing is a girl talking to me "aren't you going to play anything" i shrug my shoulders not knowing how to keep a conversation going with a girl without ruining anything " uh sure. what do you recommend?" she strokes her two fingers on her chin thinking " since your a newbie just play 'Pac-man' she points where it is.
i walk towards a big box with the word 'Pac-man' i stare at the screen not knowing what to do, i hear a giggle behind me i turn around seeing the same girl i was just talking to "you have no idea how to play you?" as she puts one hand on her hips "nope" as the 'p' pop against my lips as i form a little smile.
spending time with a girl in a video game store was the best time of my life and kinda weird cause i never in my life spoken to a girl before except my mom which makes me a loser
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