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Rise of Darth Hallow

By Jonathan Brown

Scifi / Fantasy


The Sith have returned in vast numbers, dark side users and Sith pretenders alike are united by a member of an ancient, extinct species, a red skinned Sith pure blood named Darth Sigmas. He united the dark side users and created the One Sith Empire to return the Sith to the glory they held in 1000's of years ago. The Galactic Alliance and the One Sith Empire signed a peace treaty and agreed to stay out of each other's territory and keep out of their internal affairs. For nearly 70 years, the galaxy was at peace, until a young and powerful Sith warrior rose from the ranks of the academy, raised an army of Sith warriors and Lords alike and set out to conquer the galaxy. With the peace treaty broken by a "rogue Sith faction" the One Sith Empire and the Galactic Alliance threaten war between them and end the time of peace.



245 years after the events of The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi, a new darkness surges across the galaxy and the balance of the Force has shifted once more. There are now thousands of Jedi and even more Sith aligned Force users in the galaxy, divided by the One Sith Empire and the Galactic Alliance. A Sith pure blood, Sigmas, from the age of the Old Republic has survived and remained hidden from the Force users in the galaxy until the year 280 ABY, when he emerged filled with the knowledge of old and the newfound knowledge of the last 275 years. He united the dark side aligned Force users under the organization of the One Sith and with his army of followers he created and an empire that spanned across the entire outer rim territories. The One Sith Empire was strong but not perfect and Sigmas knew that the galaxy needed a time of peace for what he had planned to do. So he, on behalf of the One Sith Empire, drafted a peace treaty with the representatives of the Galactic Alliance and made peace between the two factions.

67 years of peace was brought to an end when a Sith by the name, Darth Hallow, rose from the shadow of his master and raised an army to set out and conquer the galaxy. Sigmas blew it off like it was just a single rogue Sith Lord, but as the single skirmishes turned to total conquest of solar systems, he knew that this Sith was a threat to the peace he had secured. He still did nothing actively to stop Hallow and as days turned to years, the Galactic Alliance representatives delivered threat of war and the invalidation of the peace treaty. With the galaxy on the brink of a full scale war, both sides prepare their ranks of soldiers, generals and elite warriors.

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