Traveller - Mr. Blue

By Zak Standridge

Scifi / Adventure


The TRAVELLER returns in a brand-new form with a brand-new Time Machine, and Jade has plenty of questions, the first: Did the accidental Lord of Time REALLY just destroy the ENTIRE solar system?

Chapter 1

“No. I don’t think so.” Jade crossed her arms. She felt the absence of her power. Jade was immensely drained as she witnessed the horrendous battle between Cornelius, the X8′s and some wrathful angels on the opposite side of the gigantic control room. Which was now tinted in every possible shade of blue. She was starving and tired and still terrified. And had to pee.

The stranger in cobalt kept staring at her, ignoring the blasting and shrieking in the background. It was getting on her nerves.

Suddenly he started shouting at her. Incoherent yelling. Eyes as wide as saucers, blue marbles madly careening around in his eye sockets.

Jade slapped him, “Purge! Tell me what is wrong with him, is this really Traveller?” The man in blue was spun round away from her, facing the battle inside Perg.

“Looks like.” Purge answered uncharacteristically quickly, “I told you it was an illogical thing to try. He wasn’t born genetically to become a Time Lord. Wasn’t groomed, doesn’t have the chromosomal imprimatur.”

Jade placed her hand to her forehead, looked up at the ceiling and closed her eyes solemnly, “So...what, does that mean like he’s retarded or something?”

“Or something!” Purge snapped in her authoritarian echo overhead. Another tremor.

The stranger in blue returned his gaze to Jade, began a sprint toward her. He held out his hands toward her, fingers wide. He was going to choke her!

“What is wrong with him? Seriously?” Jade was freaked out. “Help him!” Purge shouted at her.

Jade was struck by the bitchiness of the time machine’s intercom, “How?” she demanded. “I don’t know, figure it out. This wasn’t my idea!” came Purge’s harsh echo.

Just as the stranger in azure was to grip Jade’s windpipe, she pointed a finger at him and screamed, “Stop! NOW!”

He was taken aback. Blinked rapidly.

“Be GOOD!” Jade instructed like a pissed-off mother.

Traveller shook his head, squinted at her, “Be good? What, WHAT?” he opened his mouth, then closed it, then opened it again. “Be...”

He excitedly pointed a finger right back at her, standing on tiptoes, grinning, psychotically, “Be...” Traveller had just figured something out, “Be GOOD!”

It didn’t take long and the time lord in blue was harnessing his energy once more. Residual regeneration energy. Limitless power. He began by expelling strange bolts of loud, bright, thunderous streams of intense electricity. Every blast was followed by a clap of sound, a small sonic boom. X8′s were melted into the floor, wrathful angels became dust. Which was good, as Cornelius... had just fallen. The silent golden dragon had taken too much punishment.

Within minutes Traveller set about restoring order inside his time machine. Now in dark blue he was armed with a righteous rage Jade had never before seen displayed on his visage. Which was also very...different. Angry and delighted with the profound violence, the stranger in blue evaporated and destroyed every trespasser in his domain. Some one at a time, others in packs which the angry time lord delighted in.

Cornelius shrunk to his normal size, began attending to his wounds as he curled up on a chair. Jade could hear and see and feel the explosive ire as Traveller tore through every place in Purge that had been infected.

“Please explain ALL....of this to me.” Jade asked Purge as she collapsed on her favorite sketching chair. Purge materialized a white russian next to her. Jade took a sip.

“As he...finishes up, I may as well,” Purge intoned. The time machine clearly was developing a personality. Most likely now because Traveller had changed. Mutated. Evolved. “That fob watch contained all the necessary components to turn a similar life form into a Time Lord.” Purge stated, “Traveller cheated. Again. I don’t know how he’s going to turn out...” the time machine seemed to sigh, “At least you aimed him in the right direction.”

Jade drained the beverage, slammed down the glass, “Thanks. So. Much.” Purge made her another white russian.

“So can I become a time lord?” Jade inquired, sipping this time. “Humans evolved from apes. Time Lords evolved from vampires.” Jade spit out her drink, “Really? Vampires? Are you fu-”

“FOR real.” came the booming overhead voice. “That’s not what I was going to say.”

“I know,” Purge replied impatiently, “Shut up.” “Dammit, Purge, I -”

“For real. Shut up. Listen.” the time machine demanded.

Jade threw down a wadded up napkin, “I don’t hear anything.” “Exactly.”

There was a beat of silence as Jade stood and reapplied some lipstick. She took in all the freakin’ blue and sky blue and azure and cerulean and good god, smurf-tastic new damn time machine, “Yeah. I got you, he’s done.” Jade concluded.

Purge had no time to reply as Traveller re-entered the re-colored control room in his re-colored suit and blue coat and re-colored hair. And eyes. Jade was actually envious of this chameleon ability.

“Wish I could do that.” She said to him.

“Wha?” he asked. He was British now. He was cockney. GREAT, Jade thought. Hair shorter, his frame shorter, strange beard.

She shook her head, “Change everything like that.” she pointed at his face. Traveller shrugged and frowned, “I haven’t changed!”

Jade’s eyes widened. She grabbed a compact from her nearby purse.

“No, don’t, you see-” Purge warned Jade but it was too late. Traveller looked at himself and then shouted some more. Blood-curdling, I’m going to die, freaking the hell out, shitting his pants yelling.

Jade slapped him once more and shook him, “What is wrong with you?”

“He is still in post-regenerative phase.” Purge warned, “He has the power of the eye of harmony. The power of a supernova collapsing into a black hole, for the next 20 to 44 hours, he has the power of a god.”

Traveller seemed to compose himself, “Oy. Right.” he gently placed a hand to his face, rubbed it. Then seemed entranced by his hand. It was emitting a faint luminescence. Not just his hands, his entire body. Light, energy, power were just barely held back by his physical form. He was literally glowing. As if irradiated.

“And he’s unstable, is what you’re telling me.” Jade smiled as she straightened his tie. Smoothed out his shoulders. “What else is new?”

“I’ve regenerated.” Traveller announced. Very english. Very doofus.

“Good for you!” she ruthlessly mocked him then kissed his cheek. “I AM good.” He stared at her, bewildered.

Jade pulled away to look at him sternly, “Now, are you gonna clean all this shit up?”

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