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Celia could still feel the aftershocks hours after she had sneaked out of his bed and hopefully his life. Ax had been extremely attentive but the slight discomfort between her thighs could not be confused for anything other than what it truly was. He hadn't been gentle with her, not after the first time, anyway. She had dozed off, after a few hours that he had been playing with her body and when she had woken up, all she could think of was leaving as quickly as she could. In the darkness, she tried to find her clothes without waking him up but all she could find was her skirt and her shirt. Her underwear remained somewhere inside his room but she wasn't going to risk looking for them. She didn't want to have to deal with the embarrassment that would surely come if she happened to gaze up at him as she escaped.

Her whole body ached and all she wanted was a warm shower and a nap. She could almost feel the hot water burning her skin and yet soothing it, at the same time. It was only that promise that kept her committed to her task.

The walk to her home was agonizingly uncomfortable and for a minute she wondered why she hadn't let herself stay until the sun was shining and she could walk the streets without fearing that someone might appear and attack her. She had known all along that the town she had chosen to be her new home was being run by an M.C. and that the people in that M.C. were not angels, far from it ,actually. However, she couldn't resist that dark need inside of her that lead her to that town, in the first place.

Her leather boots clicked against the pavement and she kept looking behind her back.

She was becoming paranoid.

But to be crystal clear, just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not after you.

As soon as her little, two-story brick house came into view she broke into a sprint, forgetting the ache between her legs, albeit momentarily. She reached it in seconds.

Once she managed to get inside, her eyelids felt heavy and she dragged herself upstairs, where her bedroom was located. Once her body was on the soft mattress, she let out a dreamy sigh and slept.

Guess the shower will have to wait...

Ax woke up later that day due to the light shining through his bedroom windows. He closed his eyes, immediately, as they came in contact with the Sun and muttered the word "Shit," over and over again. He wondered why his mother hadn't deemed it necessary to install curtains when she had taken care of fixing the place up for him. But, in truth, he had been out of jail for a whole week, yet hadn't bothered doing it himself. Perhaps, he was a developing masochist or maybe he just did not care all that much.

Too much fucking sun.

He was growing more and more frustrated with each passing day and maybe, he wanted to punish himself for everything he had done in the past. The adjustment was, certainly, rough on him. One moment he was locked up, complaining about never seeing the Sun, anymore and the next, he was complaining about seeing it too much.

Aristotle had this whole theory of how scarcity and hyperbole were corrupting perfection while mediocrity preserved it. Ax could never settle for that though, he had always been intense in a way. He expressed his thoughts and feelings wholly or not at all.

He closed his eyes, again and reached out to grab the little spitfire, but he was met with cold sheets. A low chuckle rose from his throat and he withdrew his arm, bringing it to cover his eyes.

She had left like a thief in the middle of the night. How typical. Usually, he would be the one who told them to leave before the dark light of day changed the color of the sky. But this one hadn't waited long enough for that to happen. No, she had taken the initiative for that one.

But the thing is, Ax wouldn't have sent her on her way like he was known for. So what, he wasn't the type to cook breakfast, cuddle and do any of that shit for his conquests but she could have at least stayed until morning and he could have given her just a few last orgasms as a parting gift. For the time being, at least.

Did she really think that she could just run away from him? If so, then she surely could not have known who he was, and just what he was capable of.

He wanted nothing more than to find her and bring her back to his bed in order to teach her some damn manners. He wanted to see her smooth, creamy complexion turn bright red and her not being able to sit down properly for a few days. That would teach her not to disobey his orders. Ax wasn't usually so territorial, quite the opposite, in fact, but he had felt the chemistry between them, the beast inside him had been begging to be let loose from the moment he saw her and he was certain she had felt it too. Why else would she be so freaking reckless and follow a stranger?

He was going to get her but until that, he had some business to take care of.

The streets had been cleaned out since Ax had been locked up. The junkies that were hiding in the alleys, robbing people and doing all kinds of shit in order to buy their dose, were gone. The town itself looked cleaner, more family-friendly and that fact was unnerving Ax. A lot had changed since he had been gone. So much that he was beginning to feel like a stranger in his own hometown.

He didn't dare dwell on the fact for too long as he rode his bike to his old M.C.

The building itself was old. Nothing about it was worth mentioning, it easily blended in with the suburban houses of the area. Stone walls, brick terraces and all. It was the perfect cover.

Ax parked his bike and moved towards the inside. There were men, he didn't know, standing all around the building, tending to their motorbikes. Amongst them, were some vaguely familiar faces, yet, only one stood apart. Bruce, the Prez of the M.C. and the man who did not hesitate to use him as collateral to get the cops off his back, was standing against the entrance, staring at him dead in the eye.

Ax didn't waste a single moment as he headed straight in his direction. One moment he was in perfect control of his body, yet, the next a fog had crossed his mind and he was seeing red. A few seconds later, his fist collided with Bruce's nose. The blood ran freely from his face and clothes to the pavement and Ax stared at the sight with satisfaction. It wasn't nearly enough to erase what he had done, but it would have to do for now.

Some of the men that had also been outside charged at him as they saw him 'attack' their Prez. Bruce kept staring at him intently while using the sleeve of his plaid shirt to wipe the blood from his face and calling off his loyal dogs. His expression did not change in the slightest, it almost felt like he was expecting it. Fucking hell, maybe he was but, even then, that wouldn't be a problem.

"Is that how you greet your family after not seeing them for five motherfucking years, son?" He inquired with amusement coating his words.

Ax simply arched an eyebrow and graced him with his infamous smirk. You are not my family, he wanted to scream, you have never been my family and you never will be. But he couldn't risk being on Bruce's bad side. Even one wrong movement could jeopardize the whole plan.

Bruce believed that he was in control and Ax wasn't about to burst his bubble.

"It's good to have you back." He continued once he realized that Ax wasn't going to give an answer.

"It's good to be back." Ax replied, finally. His tone was curt but his eyes danced mischievously.

Bruce moved away from the wall and placed an arm on Ax's shoulder, steering him towards the inside of the clubhouse. However, before they even moved a metre, Bruce who stood over six feet two, a whole inch shorter than the younger man, went to whisper in his ear.

"But don't you forget about everything you've done, because that's on you boy. The drugs, the dealing, the murders, they are on you. So don't you dare blame others for your sins and don't let me find out you spoke to the cops about what happened, because then there will be consequences." He threatened him, his malicious tone not escaping from Ax's ears.

Bruce may have claimed that he saw Ax as his own son but he would never hesitate to put a bullet between his eyes if he was given the chance.

"My sins? Do you even hear yourself, old man?" He asked and let a mocking shudder to pass through his body. "Did you happen to find Jesus while I was away, Bruce? I'm terribly sorry I missed that." He tried to stay calm and indifferent but sarcasm was a second nature to him and so, its use was inevitable.

"I distinctly remember a time when you did everything in your power to join this motherfucking club. So unless they fucked your pretty boy brains so hard in jail that you can't remember who the fuck it is that you are talking to, I am expecting some fucking respect." Bruce chuckled. "Is that the case, Ax? Could I help you with something? Some mental treatment, perhaps?"

He was begging to cause a reaction from the younger man but he wasn't going to act foolishly, those days were long gone. He did, however, give him a show. Ax grabbed Bruce by the collar of his shirt and shoved him against the wall he had been leaning against, a few minutes ago. He threw another punch in his direction, this time hitting him in the eye, causing it to swell, in seconds. Ax was smiling and by the time he had finished, his knuckles were raw and covered in blood.

And they say dreams don't come true.

He was thrown away from Bruce by his minions but that did not faze him, he saw the proud look the Prez had thrown his way. "You have not changed one bit, son." He commented and Ax observed in disappointment that his attack had left his vocal cords seemingly intact. I could fix that, it would only take a second. He thought and smiled maliciously, something that Bruce believed was his acceptance of the situation.

"Just be careful with your choices, Alexander, you wouldn't want to me or my friends as enemies." By 'friends' Bruce did not mean the extremely nice lads that had restrained Ax from causing more harm but the members of the cartel he had been collaborating with for almost twenty years.

"And what exactly is my other choice?"

He shrugged, as if he was not interested in that whole ordeal. "Come back here. We are your family and you better remember that. Fast." He moved further away from Ax and opened the door to the clubhouse.

"I will be waiting, son." He said. He did not let him reply before walking inside and shutting the door. Bruce was known for having a flair for the theatrics.

After that walk down memory lane he went to his shop and tried to release all of his frustration into his work but not even that was possible, seeing that his thoughts were divided in two. One of the parts was solely focused on his revenge and how he was going to bring Bruce down. The other one, did not seem to be able to deter away from the black haired woman that had sneaked out without him even realising. Perhaps, his ego had been hurt, he wasn't too sure at that point.

All he knew was that he couldn't wait to go to the bridge after he had finished with his work and see if she would dare to appear. And that's what he did, eventually.

But little Celia had not shown up.

Ax wasn't going to give up, though. He continued going to the bridge every single night for a week. He had also fixed her car, in the meantime, but surprise surprise she hadn't come to pick it up. He wondered if she was too embarrassed to face him.

The nights grew longer, day after day. His body was craving the comfort of being buried between a woman's thighs but the thought of some bimbo touching him was unappealing.

So, he resulted in every middle schooler's favorite past time. He jerked off to memories of the night he had shared with the small woman. He pictured the tattoos that covered portions of her body. Various designs created a half sleeve and covered part of the left side of her body, close to her ribcage. He also imagined how responsive she had been for him. In just seconds, she had been ready for him. He thought about the moans and the whimpers that came out of her.

He was being fucking pathetic.

He was in Apollo's shop, the tattoo parlor, by the time he was able to get his head out of the gutter. Rachel, the receptionist, looked at him as if he was some kind of object, but he was used to it.

"Nice to see you again, mister." Rachel's high pitched voice used to annoy Ax but he had grown used to it now, maybe it would be safe to say that he had even missed it. It was a part of the reality that was stolen from him and no matter how ridiculous it sounded he felt grateful that he could still hear it.

"Hello, Rachel." Her eyes widened as he spoke her name.

She seemed to be in a trance-like state as she continued to swallow him whole with her greedy brown eyes. He returned the stare making her cheeks turn as red as her hair and only them did she seems to snap out of it.

"The bossman is inside, working. I'll go tell him you're here." She muttered softly, almost stuttering the words out, but not quite.

"You do that." He agreed and let her scurry off to the main part of Apollo's establishment.

Ax made himself comfortable as he let his body weight fall carelessly on a leather chair. He didn't know exactly what he could do about the issues that bothered him but he knew that as long as he could rely on his brothers, he'd be alright.

Rachel stepped out a few seconds later, looking even more flustered than she had when he was talking to her. "He'll be right out." She muttered and went back to her desk, playing games on her phone.

Apollo didn't show up for another half hour. And when he did show his face, he looked exhausted. His long blond hair had been tied back in a low bun and his eyes were half closed. His grey t-shirt was plastered with sweat. Over all, he looked as tired as Ax felt.

"I'm guessing this is a bad time for you."

"God, what gave it away? Don't tell me. Was it that my eyes can't stay open for more than two seconds before I bump into a fucking wall?" He asked sarcastically and quirked an eyebrow, staring his brother dead in the eye.

"Fuck, you're being more pissy than I remember." He replied and got up from his seat.

"Yeah well, try having some asshole in there for twelve fucking hours complaining about the needles. He asked me if I could be more gentle, can you believe that?" Ax gave a low whistle and a chuckle. Damn... He thought and hit his brother on the back sympathetically, even though Ax would rather have difficult customers over life threats any day. However, universe doesn't work that way. You don't get what you wish for and if you do, then hope to get out in one piece.

"Sounds like a handful." He commented. "Is the root of evil someone I know?" He asked tentatively.

"Of course he is. Does the name Nikolai ring any bells?"

At the sound of the name, Ax grinned wildly. "He did it to aggravate you, you know that right?" He asked. "With his pain tolerance, he could have been shot and not feel it." He has been shot and he hasn't felt it, he didn't add.

Apollo nodded grimly. Oh, how he had missed the asshole. Nikolai was Eros' best friend but he had always been close with all of them, literally all of them. He had even been flirting with their mother just to make their father react and that had earned him a black eye and a warning, yet he still hadn't stopped. He had always been an idiot, that one.

But he was family.

And it was part of his charm. That, and they couldn't get rid of him even if they tried.

"Is he gone?" Ax asked after looking at the door from where Apollo had shown up.

Apollo nodded and tried to stifle a yawn but failed miserably.

"I'm going home, Ax. See you tomorrow." He said.

"Yeah, that's okay. I have to wake up early tomorrow anyway, Nathan is making me speak to his class." Ax rolled his eyes, already hating the fact that he had made that particular promise.

Apollo gave him a shudder. "Well," He said, finally. "It sucks to be you." And moved towards the back where his car was parked, leaving him alone.

Before he walked out the door, he turned to Rachel. "Goodnight." And disappeared.

Rachel's eyes lifted from her phone. It had been a quiet day in the shop and her help hadn't been needed, so she kept her eyes directly at the outdated iPhone she was holding, trying not to stare too intently at the specimen that was sitting across from her. She had always been attracted to Ax but ever since he had gotten out from jail it was like he had turned even more sinful. His eyes held a threatening gleam and even his smile seemed sinister, but despite that, she still would love to be under him. Despite that. Ax wanted someone that would want him because of that.

"Goodnight." She replied, hoping he would turn around and grab her by the neck before smashing his lips against hers. Wishful thinking was turning into a favorite past time for the redhead.

But his strong body had exited the shop before the words dared to leave her mouth.

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